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Selections of his writings from his book: The Essential Maximillien de Lafayette. Part 2

Abbreviation of Yahweh  (The Name of GOD)

“Jah”, “Yah”

I. Definition: Jah “Yah” is an abbreviation of Jehovah. It is derived from the Ana’kh word Ha-yah, which means life. In Hebrew, it means to be, come to pass.

II. In the Kabalah: Kabbalah Sephirot stated, “In the Kabala, Jah is the divine name of the Sephirah Hochmah; also the masculine manifestation, and/or male aspect of the hermaphrodite conception of Yahweh.” Thus it becomes the supreme and ultimate Divine Name. It is the Jah, which is the name-title of the Creator, the chief of the angels, Cherubiim, Supreme Beings, the Gods, and/or Extraterrestrial Anunnaki-Nephilim.

 III. In Ana’kh/Ulemite literature: In Ana’kh/Ulemite literature, Jah also means, the galactic source of all living beings. In other words, the primordial cosmic life-being in the whole universe, and its multiple dimensions. Yah “Jah” is also one of the creators of the Anunnaki. The world is not a divine creation that happened in six days, as described in the Bible, and the Scriptures. Our world was created outside the landscape and perimeter of the physically measurable cosmos. What we see on Earth, in our skies, heavens, planets, and galaxies, stars, and far beyond what we can see, originated in another dimension, and this other dimension also originated from another one. Some of the copies of the universe, including ours, our Earth, and ourselves were created according to non-physical blueprints of many “Supreme Architects”, who existed in other planes, billions of years, before God’s name and existence were invented by humans, whether in their imagination, in caves, in temples, or in epics. Ulema Stanbouli confirmed this point. Ulema Naphtali said verbatim, “Humans were not created in the image of God. We were created genetically from Turab, an Earth’s substance and the DNA of an advanced extraterrestrial race called Annaki or Al Anna’kh (Anunnaki). And the Annaki were “fashioned” according to Jah’s specific formula. Parts of this formula are:

 Note: The Ulema have never called extraterrestrials “Aliens”, “EBE”, or creatures from outer space. Ulema Mordechai ben Zvi said verbatim, “I find it amusing when I hear people calling them “aliens”. In fact we humans, are the aliens. And after all, what do we mean by aliens? Aliens to whom, and to what? And by what standards and criteria are they “aliens”? They have existed for millions of years on Earth, they were the original inhabitants of this planet. We came much much later to co-inhabit Earth with them. And as such, we are the aliens. Jah created them. And they created us. And as humans, we also create things, including ideas and products, and the creation process in any shape or form continues ad infinitum.” Creation begets creation.

  Do Anunnaki believe in “God?

 I. Anunnaki’s god is not the same “God” we worship on Earth: The grand leader of the Anunnaki (Called the creator of energy), and other Anunnaki kings and commanders of the first three expeditions to Earth were worshiped by the early human races as gods. The Anunnaki do not believe in a God in the same way we do, even though they were the ones who created and originated the early forms of all our religions on Earth. However, those Anunnaki who brought religion to Earth were of a lower class of the Ana’kh (Anunnaki). The god (Yah-Weh) they brought to Earth and planted in the mind of primitive humans, was a vengeful and terrifying god; a fact the Gnostics and early scholars of the Coptic Church in Egypt were fully aware of. Their doctrines show their disdain for such a god, and consequently, they called him the ‘Creator of Evil and Darkness.’

 II. The Gnostics: Earth was not created by the God of the Church, but rather by an evil demi-god: Later on in history, the Gnostics began to spread the word that Earth was not created by the God of the Church, but rather by an evil demi-god. The more advanced human beings who interacted with the Anunnaki shared similar beliefs. Today, if humans would learn about all this, the religious aspect of our beliefs would be most difficult to reconcile. Members of an early Anunnaki expedition to Phoenicia taught the Phoenicians how to develop their language, and revealed to them the secret powerful names and attributes of Baalshalimroot, and the “Divine Source of Creation”. They instructed them not to use these words for ill purposes. Particularly, the word ‘Baalazamhour-Il’ is never to be pronounced or written. Later on in history, the Habiru (Hebrew) religiously observed this instruction, and thus, pronouncing the name of God became forbidden in Jewish tradition. However, the Anunnaki did reveal to the Phoenicians and Sumerians seven positive and powerful names/attributes of the Grand Leader (Call him God in terrestrial terms). If well used, these words can bring prosperity, good health, and salvation in moments of difficulty and despair. The prophet Mohammad learned these seven words from an early Christian ascetic, a Sahara hermit called Raheb Bouhayra. Today, Muslims all over the world are aware of these seven words or names. They call them in written Arabic ‘Asma’ Al Lah Al Sabha’ Al Housna,’ meaning the seven lovely names of God. These names do not have numerical value or secret meanings as many scholars claim, simply because they were not originally written in a geometrical form, and did not correspond to a “true god”. 

(Note: None of these words appeared on the alleged hieroglyphic measuring tape that the Americans found at the UFO crash site in Roswell. The symbols and geometrical signs Americans found in Roswell were biochemical symbols.)

 III. The early names of the Hebrew God were of an extraterrestrial origin: It is true that the ancient Sumerian texts and records mentioned names of some of the Anunnaki leaders such as Utu, Ningishzida, Ninki, Marduk, Enki, Enlil, Inanna, but the greatest name of all was Baalshalimroot, also referred to as “Baalshalimroot-An’kgh.” He was not depicted by the Anunnaki as a god. Terah, the father of Abraham, mistakenly worshiped Baalshalimroot-An’kgh as “God”. Early Semites made the same mistake when they worshiped the leaders of the Anunnaki as gods, later to be called Bene Ha-Elohim, meaning the children of the gods. The Anunnaki never introduced themselves as gods. The Jewish words “El Elyon” and “Yahweh” (Jehovah) were taken directly from the Anunnaki’s written language. The original word was “Yah’weh-El’ Ankh” and El Elyon was “Il Ilayon-imroot.” Some scholars equated the Anunnaki with the Nephilim. This is not totally correct.  The lower class of the Anunnaki are the Nephilim, although many historians call them sometimes Ana-KIm or Elohim. Elohim was interpreted by the early human race including the Hebrew as “GOD” or “My Lord”. Elohim is the plural of Eli.  And Eli became “god” in many Semitic languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic. It has the same meaning in Aramaic, Hebrew, Phoenician, Akkadian and Arabic. And it was frequently used in reference to God. Even Jesus Christ used it. On the cross, Jesus said in Aramaic: “Eli, Eli, Lama Shabaktani”, meaning: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? The higher class of the Anunnaki (Rafaath) is ruled by Baalshalimroot, and his followers or subjects are called the ‘Shtaroout-Hxall Ain,’ meaning the inhabitants of the house of knowledge, (Mistakenly, the Aramaic and Hebrew texts refer to as: House of God) or “those who see clearly.” At one point in ancient times, the Anunnaki told the Phoenicians that there is no god (One God) ruling over the entire universe. However, the high priest of Melkart (Chief god in Tyre, Carthage and many regions in the Near and Middle East) instructed the temple’s priests to mislead the people, and spread the word that the Anunnaki were celestial gods visiting Earth and were constantly working with the Phoenician gods. In the early tales about Kadmos (Kadmus), the Phoenician prince who lived around 2,000 B.C. according to Herodotus of Halicarnassus (482-B.C.-426 B.C.), the concept of one god instead of many gods began to surface. It was based upon the belief that the Anunnaki followed one supreme leader who created the entire human race. But even then, the term “god” did not mean the “God” we worship today. Kadmos was the first Phoenician scholar and thinker who knew that “God” did not create mankind, and that the universe was not created by the supreme god or gods of the Phoenicians, the neighboring Near Eastern civilizations or the Anunnaki. Kadmos was and still is one of the brightest minds in the history of humanity; he was recognized by the ancient Greeks (Hellenes) as the creator of the Alphabet. Kadmos founded the legendary city of Thebes and built the first acropolis in ancient Greece. The Greeks called him Kadmos, and to honor him, they called the city of Thebes “Kademeia” (From Kadmos) after him. Many words and letters from the Phoenician alphabet derived from the Anunnaki language (Anak’h). Kadmos wrote down its final format according to the instructions of the Anunnaki. So, he knew what he was talking about; he knew from the Anunnaki that there is no such thing as one god (Judeo-Christian God) who created Adam, Eve, and all of us, because he was one of their students.

On Teleportation (Barka-kirama)

 I. Definition: Barka-kirama is a blessing or an enlightenment (Tanwir) technique that develops teleportation. It is composed of two words:

 II. In ancient Middle Eastern literature: Barka-kirama is a very important and a primordial Anunnaki’s expression, because it is closely and directly related to Tay Al Ard, and Tay Al Makan, which mean teleportation. Tay Al Ard is an Ulemite/Arabic word. It is a metaphysical experience that produces a teleportation phenomenon; a secret esoteric practice of the Ulema and Allamah.

From Barka, derived:

From Kirama, derived:

 III. The concept: At one time, Barka-kirama, Tay Al Ard, and Tay Al Makan, were an arcane mixture of elements and esoteric substances used by Quelthulian ritualists in their trance-visions, and teleportation experiences and experiments. The Ulema claim that they have learned its secret and how its works from the Rou-hi-yin who are supreme beings from the Fifth dimension. When Islam became a major religion in the Near East, and the Middle East, Tay Al Ard was banned by Prophet Muhammad, who called its practitioners “Min Ahl Al Nar”, meaning verbatim: Those who are from fire. Fire meant hell, or the kingdom of Al Shaytan (Satan, the devil).The Arabic pre-Islamic word Ulema was replaced by the Arabic Islamic word Allamah or Al Hallama. However, the Ulema and the Allamah were very different from each other in many ways. The Ulema remained the custodians of the Anunnaki’s secret knowledge and esoteric powers, while the Allamah were considered as the “Alamin”, the learned ones and leading figures of letters, literature, science and religion. Nevertheless, many Muslim teachers and spiritualists remain Ulema at heart. Many of them - secretly of course - joined the circle of the non-Muslim Ulema to learn the ultimate knowledge acquired from non-terrestrial beings. The Suphists were the first to join the Non-Muslim Ulema. Worth mentioning, that around, 850 A.D., Ulema and Allamah were semantically overlapping each other. And both words came to mean or express the same thing in the eye of Arab scholars, and in the Islamic world. Many Soufiyyin (Sufis) by joining the Ulema, learned some of the secrets of TayAl-Ard. They called it: “Tay Al Makan”, meaning the folding of space. It is composed of two Arabic words:

 The Sufis replaced the word Al Makan with the word Al Ard. The general meaning of Tay Al Ard or Tay Al Makan is to traverse the earth without moving. Al Munawarin claim that instead of physically moving from one place to another, an enlightened person can bring to himself, to where he is standing, the place he wanted to reach. In other words, the earth of the place to reach has been displaced under the enlightened one’s feet. Ironically, this pre-Islamic concept is now fully accepted by Muslim clerks, Cheiks and teachers of the Islamic Shari’a and Fuk’h, grouped together under the umbrella of Al Allamah. Ulema or Allamah Qadhi, previously one of the leading figures of Allameh Tabatabaei explained Tay Al Ard as the termination of matter itself in the original location, and its re-appearance, manifestation, and re-creation in its final location, the place one wished to reach. The Iranian Dehkhoda dictionary defined Tay Al Ard  as: “An aspect of Keramat “Kiramat” (Extraordinary deeds of saints and holy people) in which instead of going toward a destination by taking a step forward, the earth turns itself toward the traverser rapidly, in a blink of an eye, regardless of how far the destination is." Ulema Ibn Al Nadim bin Ishaq al-Nadim (a.k.a. Al Warrak died on September 17, 995. He wrote the Kitab al-Fihrist.) explained this phenomenon by citing verses from the Quran, taken from Chapter Al Naml; Verse: 27:38: Solomon said to his men: “O Chiefs, which of you can bring me the throne of Queen of Sheba before she and her envoys come to me in submission?” Verse 27: 39: "Said an 'Ifrit of Al Jinns: “I will bring it to thee before thou rise from thy council. In fact, I have full power for this purpose, and may be trusted.”Verse 27:40: “Said one who had knowledge of the Book: “I will bring it to thee within a blink of any eye!” Then when the sage Solomon saw it placed right before him, he said: “This was done by the authority of God all mighty, my Lord.” Some Middle Eastern sages and teachers of religious esoteric dogmas suggested that according to these verses, the Ulema Asif ibn Al Birkhia teleported the throne of Queen of Sheba almost instantaneously, in a blink of an eye. This was confirmed in a Hadith (Dialogue, a chat, or a discourse) by Jaafar Al Sadiq. Allamah have explained this teleportation phenomenon very differently. They claimed that the teleportation occurred because Ulema Asif ibn Birkhia used one of the secret “Asma Al Allah Al Sab’a Al Husma.” (One of the seven secret names of God.) The knowledge and use of one of the secret holy and lovely names of God allowed Ulema Asif ibn Birkhia to teleport the throne.  The Ulema, students of the Anunnaki, briefly explained this phenomenon. Ulema Cheik Al Kabir said (Verbatim): “Time is represented with 2 lines not perfectly aligned; one for you, the other for what is not you. Also space is represented with two circles; one for you, the other for what is not you. If you manage to place yourself between one of the two lines and one of the two circles without touching the other line and the other circle, you will conquer time-space.” The Taj Baba explains Tay Al Ard as “the elapse of time and distances in the vicinity, and to reach far distant places in a flick of an eye. It also means the transport for others to get there, and to call far distant things to become close at hands through the Karamat. It is a tradition and ritual practice related to Aulia Allah (Friends and favourites of God) that allow them to reach any place in the world instantly. The distance-time and places are wrapped up in a flick of second, and cross all that at once.” For the literature genre, see Acts of the Apostles (genre). ...

IV. The Tay Al Ard, self-teleportation and concept of the Alkiramat “Keramat”:

Alkiramat “Keramat” is a Farsi (Iranian) and Arabic term meaning holy deeds that allow teleportation. Literally (Folding up of the earth) is the name for thaumaturgical teleportation in the mystical aspect of Islamic religious, esoteric, metaphysical and philosophical traditions. In 2004, in a report to the United States Air Force (Dubbed: AFRL-PR-ED-TR-2003-0034), Dr. Eric W. Davis recommended the study of teleportation, which he defined as “The conveyance of persons or inanimate objects by psychic means. Being an allegedly esoteric knowledge by nature, it is not known exactly how it takes place, but theories and explanations abound. The most prevalent theory has to do with the concept of consciousness and will. The person wishes to be some place, and he is then simply there an instant later. This view can perhaps be understood from the perspective of Western philosophical idealism where esse est percipi: If space does not have an objective reality, and reality itself is thought of as observer- -based and a subjective entity, then ideas such as moving in space without actually physically moving are no longer unchartered possibilities.” In addition, the jinn are believed to possess this knowledge of transportation, however in a limited amount, according to the Allamah. Famous Sheikhs, Imams, and prominent figures such as Abusaeid Abolkheir or Rumi or Ak-Khidr, were believed to possess kiramat, and writings from medieval Islam are full of stories and reports of certain individuals possessing such a trait. For example, Idries Shah and Robert Graves  mention the case where senior members of the Azimia order were reputed to appear, like many of the ancient Sheikhs at different places at one and the same time. Many other examples can be found in Attar's Tadhkirat Al-Awliya (Biographies of the Saints) or the works of Ibn Arabi, as well as other similar chronicles. However, no one for sure knew the number and identity of all those who possess such knowledge, since according to Hujviri, those who hold such knowledge “do not know one another, and are not aware of the other's state of excellence, and are hidden from themselves and from mankind.” One of the most discussed phenomena of this supposedly esoteric knowledge is the event of traveling without actually moving. Islamic texts and records from the mystics are full of such accounts from various eras.

 2. On Foreseeing the Future and Rewinding Time.

 An Anunnaki Ulema tried to explain to his students, in simple language, how foreseeing the future is possible. During the session (Q&A), he was interrupted many times by his novices. These interruptions were frequent, and could distract you from the track of thoughts and explanations of the Master’s track of thought and explanation. But quite often, the Master returns to where he started, and brings the discussion back on the right track. So, the reader must be patient and willing to go along with these interruptions, because even though they deviated from the original path of the Master’s Kira’at, they provided an added dimension to his teaching. In this Kira’at, the Master used as an example, a train, as a tool or vehicle to enter the zone of the future.

Excerpts from a Q&A session between an Ulema and his new students.

 I. Why mediums, psychics and channelers can’t predict the future? The Ulema said, that in order to foresee your future, you have to get there, and that is the problem, humans are facing. The so-called psychics and mediums will never be able to predict anything, as long as they are sitting where they are, in time and space, such as Walla Walla, New Jersey, Amsterdam, and in the year 1945, 1995, 2005, and so on, because they will be limited by time and space. They must escape from the bondage of the time and space that they live in. What he meant by that, is as long as they try to foresee the future from the present time that they live in, they will never be able to jump in time to predict what is going to happen in the near future, and the distant future. The enlightened Anunnaki Ulema Master added: “These mediums are really confused, and/or only pretending to be able to see the future.  Here they are sitting in their apartment or stores in New York, Iowa or Wisconsin, and telling you “I am going to tell you what is going to happen to you in the future.” That is their biggest mistake. So, when they tell you here is what is going to happen in 2007, 2009…the market is going to crash, this or that president is going to be assassinated, this might happen or not, and if part of their so-called predictions happen, it is pure coincidence. This is similar to answering a multiple choice paper in your driving test, or your college exam. The correct answer is already there, as one of the three. Three answers are given in the test, two are wrong, and one is right. Your chances are one out of three that you picked the right one. In fact, you did not know the right answer, you just picked it, because that is the only way you could answer a question. This is not predicting the future. Now, if the test did not give you three answers to choose from, and you had to come up with the right answer on your own, then your answer might be an indication that you know what in fact is going to happen. And even if your answer is the correct one, this does not mean that you are a psychic or a medium. Because guessing or coincidence are not a sign of a psychic ability.

 II. The future is not defined and/or measured by time and space: The enlightened master then added that you must be transported, or transposed into the future, sit in the realm of the future, and then come back to the present. Well, this seems to be a possibility, if we know how to do it. But how can we do it? How can we reach a destination in the future and begin to see what is going on, and afterward, return to Earth, to the present, and talk about it? The enlightened Master explained in a few words. He said verbatim, “Stay where you are, physically, you can’t do a thing. Your brain will transport you to the realm of the future. And there is a pertinent technique explained in the Book of Ramadosh. Without visiting the future, you can’t understand it, you can’t see it, and you can’t witness events that will occur in the future. The future which is part of your past and present, contains everything that has happened, is currently happening, and is going to happen any time.” And he concluded his explanation by saying, “If you stay in the present, you will not be able to see the future, simply because you are not yet in the zone of the future; a zone free of time and space. Things that are happening in the future do exist in the future without being defined and measured by distance, space, time, and speed. When these events are explained to us, or told about in our Earth languages, these future events become physical occurrences defined by duration, distance, space and time.  On Earth, everything is measured by time, space, distance, speed, size and weight. In parallel dimensions, and in the sphere of the future, the future escapes any physical measurement, because it is not defined by time and space.”

 III. How do the Anunnaki Ulema transport you in the future and rewind time? How the Masters, the Mounawiriin, and the Anunnaki Ulema transpose you from the present to the future? Answer: Our brain cannot understand the concept of time-space-future. It is a very difficult concept to grasp. One of the Masters said verbatim, “Let me make it easy on you, I will give you an example. You are boarding a train with friends, and the train will make many stops. Some of your friends will get out of the train at station a, others at station b, and others at station c, so on. You stay on the train. You do not exit at station a, b, or c. You stay inside the train, until the train reaches the last destination. That’s the last stop of the station. By staying inside the train and not getting out of the train at any stop until the last one, you have seen much more than all of your friends did. Note: The Master is interrupted by a question from a novice. Question: Basically you stopped along the way at each train station, but you did not get off the train until the last stop, or final destination of the train.  So all you saw on your journey, because you did not get off and explore is various train stations for a few minutes. Answer of the Master: That’s correct, but it does not matter whether you have stayed inside the train, or got off and saw what was going on at each station. You have assumed that the person who stayed inside the train, and did not get off the train, and did not explore what was going on at each station, has a limited knowledge or no knowledge at all of what happened at each station. This is how human beings reason and rationalize things. But this is the wrong way to explain things, because you are thinking geographically, and in linear time. Don’t tell yourself that because you didn’t get off the train, therefore, you have missed lots of things and did not see what was going on at each stop. On a linear chronology of time-distance-space, it is true. Now think like this: You have reached the last stop, the final destination of the train. At this last station, you can rewind your journey on the train backward. And there is a technique to rewind yourself and the time you have spent on the train, a technique you can learn from the Anunnaki Ulema. It is neither the right time, nor the right place to talk about this technique. Instead, focus on what I am about to tell you. In your mind, try to remember all the stations, and all the stops the train made. It is a very simple exercise. What you are doing now is rewinding your trip backward. And you are going to be amazed, that this simple exercise will make your mind remember everything or at least many things you have seen briefly at each station. But in fact, your brain is going to reveal much more than that. Your brain or more precisely your symmetric mind has a much bigger memory. A symmetric mind is the original copy of your physical brain. And it is part of your double or astral body. The symmetric mind records and stores everything you saw. And if your Conduit is active or open, it will remind you of everything you have seen, felt or learned. Do not get confused with the concept of the symmetric mind. Forget it for now. But remember, or try to accept the idea, that while you are not aware of the existence of a symmetric mind that you have had since you were born, your symmetric mind is a magnificent recording device, and a very powerful camera. Your symmetric mind has gathered information from every stop, almost everything you have not seen or heard. Who is rewinding back your journey on the train? Is it your memory? You mind? Yourself ? Or something else? None of the above. It is your symmetric mind. Once again, don’t worry about your symmetric mind. Let’s go back to the last stop of the train. You are there now. Good. Let’s now equate this last station with a date, a time frame, a year, a certain time, any time you want. For example, let’s choose the year 2021. This year represents the 7th station – the final stop of the train. If you go back in time, (in fact we are going back into the future), we will return to the 1st station. And let’s call this first station, the year 2015. Note: Once again, the Master was interrupted by a novice who asked this question: Why did you choose 7 stops? Why not 5 stops? The Master answered the question and continued his explanation. He said that it is just an example; it does not matter whether we choose 7 stops or 5 stops. It does not make any difference at all. You can also assign any year to any station, as long as you do it chronologically. He continued by saying: Let’s go back now to the 7th station, and continue to regress to the 6th station, the 5th station, and so on.

Note: Once again, the Master was interrupted by a novice who asked this question: As we regress, do we record down what we are doing? Do we write down the number of the station and corresponding year? 

 The Honorable Master answered the question and continued his explanation. He said, no, you do not. Your mind is going to take care of this. But before he had finished his answer, a student asked the Master this question: Are we seeing the stations as a film? How are we seeing this regression and station by station? Is it like a movie? Are we zooming ourselves into the future like a time machine? The Master answered the question and continued his explanation. He said, no, it is not like that. If the Conduit is active, a huge reading screen will be displayed within the mind. And the brain will instantly read what it is displayed and written on the screen. The screen is not to be understood as a physical screen like the one we see in movie theaters. It is a mental projection of everything the Conduit has stored inside our brain. The screen can be seen through introspection. To understand this, think about your memory; how you remember things, and how you see them in your mind. You don’t have to tell yourself, I have to project everything I saw or knew before my eyes, on a huge screen, and look at the screen to see if I can find what I want to remember, and that particular event that happened a long time ago, but I can’t remember everything about it. Your brain does it for you, and you don’t need to know how your brain does it, to remember things, and that event you were interested in. The same thing applies here with your Conduit and the screen it projects before you eyes. In fact, it does not project events on a screen before your eyes, but right inside your brain. Do we zoom ourselves into the future like a time machine? No. Then, a student asked: If he didn’t need a spaceship, a Merkaba, or something, nothing then is required to zoom into the future? The Master answered: A spaceship is needed if you want to physically enter another dimension, or visit a parallel world, where time-space memory remains intact, and all information is preserved. Nothing is lost in the future, not even in the Black Holes. Spatial memory and time memory are not lost, because they constitute cosmic information. And information and data are never lost in the universe. Yes, a spaceship is needed to explore the universe. But it is not required if you want to see the future and/or zoom in a zone where all events from the past, present and future are recorded and preserved. In our case, your Conduit or symmetric brain is your spaceship. Do you want to go to Jupiter or to Mars? Well then you need a spaceship. But this becomes a physical means. When you zoom into the future using your Conduit, this zooming or travel is mental. And the area you reach is also mental. But if your brain remains attached to where you are (Sitting in a physical place), you can’t go to the future. Humans see the future through distance, time, and space. We call this the “Wheel of the universe.” And we must be outside the wheel of time to see the future. A student asked: “So, we are seeing time as a wheel? And by doing so, could we see the future? The Master replied: There are two wheels. The wheel of the universe, which is called the Macro wheel, and a smaller wheel called the Micro wheel, which represents us, human beings, here on earth, and our time cycle here on earth. It is a wheel within the universe. Humans can’t see the Macro wheel, but it does exist on a large scale. As long as, we are on the inside of the Micro wheel, we will never be able to see the future. The future belongs to the Macro wheel. In the Macro wheel, everything is stored, the past, the present and the future. You can physically reach the Macro wheel, either by using a spaceship that can bend or alter time-space, or by using your Conduit. The Anunnaki Ulema and the enlightened masters can easily reach the Macro wheel physically and mentally by getting outside the Micro wheel, while others (the rest of us), only mentally.  Another student asked this question: And how do we get outside the wheel? The Master replied: There is a technique only known to the enlightened ones (Tahiriin, masters, some Rouhaniyiin, and the Anunnaki Ulema). This technique is part of the secret teachings of the Anunnaki Ulema. It is never revealed to outsiders. They teach it only to their students in the Ma’had. It is one of their most powerful faculties. The Ulema would say, we don’t predict the future, we don’t see the future, we read the future. A student asked: Is it because the future is already there? The Master replied: Yes, the future is already there. The future is already Maktoub (what is written). And the Anunnaki Ulema can read anything that is Maktoub. In the Maktoub, you will find everything and anything that is closely related to your fate and future. And there is nothing you can do to change it or alter it. Your future has been decided upon, the day, the hour, you were born. However, you can modify the results, outcomes and consequences of events to occur in your future. We shall talk about this in another Kira’at. Let’s go back now to what we were talking about: How to see a projected future that is occurring in the present.

 IV. A projected future occurring in the present.

Let me give you an example. There are two movie theaters in town. People went to a movie theater at 6:00 PM. Let’s call this theater “Theater A.”  The film ends for example at 8:00 PM at theater A. The projectionist is projecting the film on the big screen from the end, meaning backward. At “Theater B”, people are watching the same movie. But at theater B, the projectionist is projecting the film from the beginning, like projectionists do all the time. Also at theater B, the film ends at 8:00 PM. Both viewers will spend two hours at either theater, but here we have something very special and irregular, because the people who are watching the film at two different theaters are not seeing the same frames (Scenes from the film) chronologically. Those who are seeing the film from the end are already ahead of those who are watching the film from the beginning; yet, both have spent the same amount of time at the movies theaters. But at a certain point, they will arrive at the same time where they will be seeing the same frame, whether the film is projected from the beginning or from the end. This is very possible, if the time of projecting the film in theater A, and theater B is synchronized. Otherwise, it will not happen. And this moment is very crucial, because it determines the time-space that separates the past from the future. But don’t get confused now with this very specific moment, because you are going to understand it as I keep talking to you. Those who watched the film beginning from the end, already knew the end of the film, which could be compared to the “future” of the film. Those who watched the film from the very beginning are not there yet, as they have not yet reached the end of the film, which we have called the “future” of the film, because the end of the film is going to happen in the future, even though this future is less than two hours away.

Anunnaki Ulema Mordachai said, let’s call the people who are at theater A, Anunnaki or Anunnaki Ulema. And those who went to theater B, let’s call them human beings. These two theaters can be located anywhere, Paris, Boston, Budapest, the location is irrelevant, only TIME is a major factor here. Now, the Anunnaki or Anunnaki Ulema at theater A, ask the projectionist to fast-forward/project the film very very fast, as fast as he can, and if he can do it in seconds, it would be much better. And then, they ask the projectionist to re-project the film from the beginning to the end equally as fast. This means, that they have rapidly seen the whole film from the end to the beginning, and from the beginning to the end. They saw the future of the film (the End), and revisited the end of the film (in their future) in the same seating. Think about it for a few seconds. There is also a third scenario, more fascinating than the previous one. The Anunnaki and the Anunnaki Ulema do not need to go to theater B and rewind the film (Equated with time-Space) backward to reach the future and revisit the beginning and the end of the film (Equated with time-Distance), because they are already there, at the end of the film, which can be equated with the FUTURE, a zone where the past, present and future co-exist concurrently, separately, continuously, and instantly. They are already THERE, because time for them is not a line of distance, space, and speed, and how much it would take to reach the end of the line. Being outside the line (Outside the Wheel of Time), the Anunnaki can see everything that is happening inside and outside the wheel. Once you are outside the wheel, time and distance cease to exist separately. And when this happens, you are immediately within the future. And since the future is a continuation of the present, and the present is a continuation of the past, you are now simultaneously in the past, the present and the future at the same time. At first, it is very difficult for our mind to understand this concept. The more you think about time as measured by distance, and vice versa, the more you distance yourself for a readable future you can foresee, read, and understand.