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Selections of his writings from his book: The Essential Maximillien de Lafayette. Part 4

The Ability of Observing “Entities Fluctuation” (Idartari)

 I. Definition: Idartari is a term for the act of observing “Entities Fluctuation”. Anunnaki Ulema Al Baker explained (As is and unedited):  “Fluctuation is a signal that something or some living form is around you, but with your limited physical senses and faculties, you are unable to see it in its real appearance.

 II. Pets and children ability to see non-physical entities:

Pets like cats and dogs can see non-physical entities. But this is not limited only to animals. Children when they are little can also sense and see these entities, and in fact, they do enjoy watching these entities and conversing with them. Parents should not discourage or punish their children when they tell them stories about ghosts and “unseen friends”.  We can learn a lot from pets and children, just by watching how they react in the presence of these entities, and by taking notes. At the beginning, this would not make any sense to many of us, but we take notes, if we are patient, and we start to compare these notes following several events, our mind will open up, and a part of our “Conduit” will be activated. These entities are not the product of the imagination of a child. They do exist in multiple etheric and even plasmic form. But our eyes, more precisely our brain is unable to perceive them. Unfortunately, children lose this wonderful faculty as they grow up. Animals don’t.” And he added, “It is so beneficial to have pets at home. The time will come and you will realize that a presence of a pet in your home is in fact a blessing.”

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Folding-Unfolding the Earth “Hiraaba-safri”


Most people think, time goes straight from yesterday to tomorrow, through today, in one line, but they are wrong, and great thinkers understand the malleability of time and space. Sufis, Gnostics, pre-Islamic, Islamic, and Jewish scholars, all wrote about it. The Jewish Kabbalists, in particular, engaged themselves in the study of Tay Al Ard, but had a different name for it, in Hebrew. They called it Kefitzat Haderach, meaning, word by word, ‘the jumping of the road,’ but translated as the ability to jump instantaneously from one place to another or travel with unnatural speed. It was widely documented by them. Einstein discussed it in a number of his papers, and it was a component of his General Relativity Theory, relating to the warping of space-time enabled by the effects of gravity.” But how does the earth jump? The Ulema explained: “There are many explanations. None of them complete, since mysteries are sometimes only partially understood. Look at it this way. Newtonian physics, which did not allow such occurrences, were replaced long ago. Such things as wormholes, dark matter, and space-time fluidity allow much more flexibility in investigating teleportation. It is complicated. For example, quantum physics has proven that particles, such as photons and atoms, can appear instantaneously at a new place without traveling through space in any visible manner. Perhaps this phenomenon is possible by encoding information about an object, transmitting the information to another place, and creating a copy of the original in the new location. In this solution, the earth does not jump, but in both explanations the physical phenomenon is similar, as it is based on the disintegration of the atoms, those of the earth or those of the person, and their reassembly at the place of destination. I see no true conflict here. In Western science it is now assumed that space does not have an objective reality, and reality itself is thought of as observer-based and subjective entity. If so, then ideas such as traveling in space without actually physically moving are no longer so strange. In this way, Tay Al Ard (Folding-Unforlding the Earth) is viewed as the manipulation of reality by the person who wishes to travel from point one to point two in an environment that is subject to the traveler’s will.” 

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 Short Mental Projection of the Self : The KA

“Ka”, is a short mental projection of the “Self”. In Ana’kh, the “Self” is interpreted in numerous ways.

For instance:

·         a- Ka is one of the many holographic images of one’s thoughts. Meaning, that all thoughts, ideas and feelings can materialize quasi-physically. Ideas and inner feelings have frequencies and particular colors, visible to the enlightened ones. Seeing these holographic images is a process that can be learned and mastered, following an Ulema’s orientation program.

·         b- Ka is the materialized form/shape of one’s original copy, meaning the primordial substance and/or structure of a physical body. At first, a person is conceived as a non-physical substance, a sort of an idea, a creation’s blueprint.

·         c- Following various stages, Ka takes definition in a human-body shape, according to a prescribed design. This design contains everything that will play major role in one’s life, encompassing health, wealth, success, failure, luck, intelligence, etc.

·         d- Ka is also is the mirrored image of one’s double.

 ***   ***   ***

The Conduit

Interpretation of Messages Sent to the ConduitHaridu”, “Haridu-ilmu”

 I. Definition: Haridu”, “Haridu-ilmu” is the interpretation of messages sent to the “Conduit” in an Anunnaki’s or a human’s brain cell. Also, it applies to missing or misinterpreting a message by the Conduit.

 II. Haridu–Conduit Equation:

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The Anunnaki Ulema Supernatural and Mind Power Techniques: Entering a Parallel Dimension

ARAWADI: The supernatural power or faculty that allows initiated ones to halt or send away problems and mishaps to another time and another place

 What is Arawadi? And how does it work? Arawadi is an Anunnaki/Ulemite word which means the following: The supernatural power or faculty that allows initiated ones to halt or send away problems and mishaps to another time and another place.

 Entering a parallel dimension: A very complex concept that touches metaphysics, esoterism and quantum physics. Ulema Stephanos Lambrakis said that it is very possible to get rid of current problems by “transposing” them into a different time frame. He added that “all of us live in two separate dimensions so close to us. One we know and we call it our physical reality, the other is the adjacent dimension that surrounds our physical world, and we call the 4th dimension.” Enlightened ones visit that dimension quite frequently. It is a matter of a deep concentration, and perseverance.

 It is possible to enter that parallel dimension and leave there all your troubles? In fact, “it is possible to enter that parallel dimension and leave there all your troubles, and return to your physical world free of worries and problems…” said Ulema Kanaza. Ulema Micah Naphtali Irza said: To explain this concept is not an easy task. In essence, it works like this:

 Techniques from the Secret Doctrine of Anunnaki-Ulema:

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The Double, the Astral Body, The State of Oneness and the Enlightenment

 Understanding the concept and its terminology: The “Double” is a western term used to represent your other body that exists in the astral dimension. The “other body” is a replica of your physical body. The truth is, your physical body is a “physical projection” and a replica of your original body that existed before you were born. It is not so easy to explain this notion using ordinary words. Ulema teachers have their own terminology, but I will try to simplify the matter as much as I can. If you were born in the West, and you have developed an interest in spiritual subjects, you probably have already read about the astral body. In the United States of America, there is an immense interest in the occult, metaphysics and Eastern religions. Consequently, a vast literature on the subject is available to the readers. But for some reason, the nature and attributes of “Astral Double” were described very differently from the way spiritualists and Ulema described them in their Eastern teachings, readings (Kira’ah), and manuscripts.

 Then what’s next? What is happening now to the two bodies; the physical and non-physical at the time we are conceived?

 On the relation between the physical body and the non-physical body at the time we were born:

 What is the “Double of us”? Or simply “Our Double”, or “Copy of Ourselves”? What is the “Double of us”? Is it a sort of an angel protecting us or it is what the Hindu say an auric presence? How the Anunnaki explain this?

 a- A body that existed before you were born.

 b-The physical body you have; the one you and others see.

 The “Double” and one’s religion: Does my “Double” decide before I was born whether I am going to be a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or an Atheist?

 On the Double interaction with babies and children: Does my double interact with me while I am still a baby?

Unfortunately, many parents discouraged their small children from talking to their “imaginary friends”, or fantasizing about the visits of their imaginary friends. This is very common. But we have to be very careful here.

 Why these moments are so precious in our lives?

Can we communicate with our “Astral Body”? The initiated ones can; it is a matter of learning, practice and patience. However, you have to remember, that the living cannot contact the dead.  By reaching the sphere of your Double or Astral Body, you are reaching yourself, not a dead substance, a departed entity or a spirit. Untrained persons cannot contact their Double, but can be trained and taught by the Ulema.  And the training has nothing to do with magic, spiritism or religious trances and state of ecstasy. It is purely mental, intellectual, and scientific. Here, we will be talking about two situations:

 a-First situation: Your Double materializes before you on its own: Sometimes, the Astral Body materializes before you eyes, even though you did not try to contact it. This apparition has many meanings, and could be interpreted differently according to the circumstances. Sometimes, your Double appears to you to warn you against an imminent danger. Sometimes, to guide you in a moment of despair and difficulties. Some other times, when you “see yourself” as a fragile ectoplasmic thin substance like a fog for instance, your Double apparition is telling you, that a very important event is going to happen and it could change the course of your life. In rare instances, this apparition could mean that your days are numbered. Short after Lord Byron saw his Double he passed way.

b-Second Situation: When you initiate the contact with your Double: Now, you are trying to contact your Double. You initiate the contact. If you are not one of the enlightened persons, you would not know what to do, and where to start. Like everything in the universe, including speeches and lectures…everything begins with an introduction and ends with an epilogue. This is the right path. In contacting your Double, you must have an introduction that comes in the form of an entry or entrance into the “Al-Madkhal”.

 Al Madkhal is a state of mind that leads you toward the Ba’ab: In the Ulema vocabulary, Al Madkhal means verbatim: Entrance and/or where you step in. Ba’ab is a spatial place that exists around the physical dimension of our world. In the Anunnaki-Ulema vocabulary, Ba’ab means verbatim: Door. And from and through this door you enter the other dimension where your Astral Body (Your Double) exists. In the West, ufologists, and even space scientists nickname “Ba’ab” stargate.  It is not totally correct, because to them, stargate is a gate through which spaceships can travel through the infinity of space and conquer space-time, thus reducing the enormous distances between stars and planets, and reaching destinations in the universe at a speed greater than the speed of sound and light. For the Ulema, the Ba’ab can be used as a spatial stargate, and a mental means to reach the non-physical world as well; no spaceships are needed to communicate with your Double.

 Learning from our Double and acquiring supernatural faculties: What do we get from zooming into our Double?

·         1. The initiated and enlightened ones can zoom into their other bodies, and acquire Anunnaki’s supernatural faculties.

·         2. I have used the words supernatural faculties instead of supernatural powers, because the enlightened and initiated ones are peaceful, and do not use physical power, brutal force or any aggressive means to reach their objectives.

·         3. The use of violence against humans and animals, even aggressive thoughts and harmful intentions annihilate all chances to acquire Anunnaki’s extraordinary faculties.

·         4. Your Double can easily read your thoughts.

·         5. If your thoughts are malicious, your Double will prevent you from zooming yourself into its ethereal molecules.

6. Therefore, you have to control your temper, remain calm, and show serenity in your thoughts, intentions and actions.

·         7. You Double is very delicate, even though it can accomplish the toughest missions and penetrate the thickest barriers. Any indication of violence or ill intention triggers a pulse that blocks your passage to the ethereal sphere of your Double.

·         8. Once you enter your Double, you will be able to use it in so many beautiful and effective ways as:

a-A protective shield against danger,

b-An effective apparatus to protect yourself in hostile and dangerous situations,

c-A tool to develop your abilities to learn many languages, and enhance your artistic creativity,

d-A stimulus to increase the capacity of your memory,

e-Instrument to heal wounds and internal injuries. No, you will not become a surgeon, but you will be able to stop internal bleeding, and eliminate pain,

f-A vehicle to visit distant places and even enter restricted areas for good causes. In brief, the possibilities are endless.

·         9. Once you are in a perfect harmony with your Double, and your physical organism is elevated to a higher vibrational level through your union with your Double, you will be able to walk through solid substances such as walls, sheets of glasses and metal.

·         10. You become effective in controlling metal and de-fragmenting molecules of any substance. This will allow you to transmute, change and alter the properties of any object known to mankind.

·         11. But if you use these supernatural faculties to hurt others, or for personal and selfish gain, you will loose them for good, and you will be accountable for such malicious use in the other dimension. And this could delay your entrance through the Ba’ab.

 Ulema Albakri dematerializing and walking through a wall: During one of the readings, I saw with my own eyes, the honorable Ulema Al Bakri dematerializing and walking through a wall. Many of the students, including myself thought it was an illusion, a trick performed by the teacher. We became suspicious. We were wrong, because when we began to search for him inside the room, and check the thickness of the wall, we heard him calling us from outside the room. He was standing under a pomegranate tree in the garden. And in a blink of an eye, he materialized inside the room, as if he has never left us. We became speechless. One student asked him: How long it would take me to do this? Can I do what you did? And the honorable Ulema replied: “Only if you free your mind, and clean your thoughts. To cross over to the other side, you need to establish a direct rapport with your Double, and invite others to your heart…”

 The physical body is built on the double body: This is how Buddha and Apollonius of Tayana were seen at two places at the same time. The physical body is built on the double body which is enmeshed in the physical like the fibers of a mango in the mango pulp. In a trained seer, the astral body is so coherent that he can project the double out of the physical at a distance. This is how Buddha and Apollonius of Tayana were seen at two places at the same time. The real centres for hearing, seeing, smelling are in the astral body. These are used for astral perceptions. In clairvoyance, the image first falls on the astral eye and is then transmitted to the astral brain, then to the physical brain, and then the physical eye. (Source: Book of Rama-Dosh/Teosofia)


Materialization and dematerialization: The Ulema’s ability to materialize and dematerialize is a gift they received from the Anunnaki. And it can be taught to the initiated. These phenomena are not an Ulema’s monopoly. These extraordinary phenomena were known to the ancients who were not contaminated or corrupted by greed. The Bible referred to them in many passages, and in their articles and books, eminent scholars wrote about these phenomena at length. The Sumerian writings talk about the PALA, the kings’ coat and SU.GAR.RA – a term which literally means “that which makes you go far into the universe”. This was stated by Z. Sitchin in his book The Twelfth Planet.

In the Book of Daniel 3:25, there is an episode in which three young Jews were thrown in a burning oven and nothing happened to them. But an Elohim was also in the oven and, the moment they were about to be thrown in, he made the flames harmless in terms of thermal energy. The king Nebucadenzzar saw the Elohim materializing and said: Look! I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed, and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.” The incomplete materialization during Belshazzar’s feast in Daniel 5:5: “Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lamp stand in the royal palace. The king watched the hand as it wrote.”


2. On contacting the dead through your Double:

Can we contact our departed parents through our double? And is it dangerous to contact the dead?

·         1. No such contact is possible. However, few enlightened ones have succeeded in contacting the Mind of the deceased only during the first 40 days of the departure of the dead.

·         2. During the 40 days period, a contact could occur, if the deceased have not yet entered his Double.

·         3. Once the deceased has entered his Double, it becomes very difficult to sense the frequencies of the Mind.

·         4. It is very difficult but not impossible, especially if the deceased has a noble Mind, and that Mind either initiated a contact or was still on the perimeters of the physical and non physical dimensions.

·         5. Once the Mind enters the Fifth dimension, contacting the dead becomes impossibility.

·         6. The Anunnaki-Ulema are capable of contacting other Minds and non-physical entities in other dimensions, multiple universes, and parallel dimensions through the Miraya (Anunnaki cosmic monitor, also called mirror.)

·         7. A Double can contact another Double in the after-life, even if both of them live in different dimensions.

·         8. Sometimes, your Double tries to contact you while you are still alive. And because you are still alive on Earth, and your Double exists in a non-physical dimension, the contact occurs in many ways, forms and means. Poets call this contact inspiration. Psychics call it channeling. Spiritists call it communication with the dead. The truth is this:

·         a-No psychic, no spiritist, no living creature on this Earth can communicate with the dead.

·         b-You cannot command your Double to appear before you. Only the enlightened ones can.

·         c-Your Double can initiate a contact through telepathy, projection of thoughts, and ethereal apparition on smooth surfaces like mirror, glass, and limpid waters.

·         d-The Anunnaki can compose and de-compose the molecules and cells of the human body, and alter the first elements of your creation (In other words: DNA). This, allows them to project, materialize, teleport and duplicate so many Doubles, including yours.

·         e-When the Anunnaki created you, they have also created an original copy of yourself and stored it in their archives. This copy was stored and recorded as your blueprint.

·         f-The Anunnaki can project your blueprint on a holographic screen right before your eyes.

·         g-This projection allows you to see and read your past, present and future life illustrated in sequences.

·         h-Attempt to contact your Double could be harmful, if you are not initiated. It could cause:

·         (a) mental perturbation;

·         (b) psychological confusion;

·         (c) psychosomatic disequilibrium.

3. You Astral Body/Double Entry into Another Dimension (Kabari Idikhal)

 I. Definition: It refers to the act or process of entering another dimension. It is composed of two words:

 II. The phenomenon process:

Note: The Anunnaki have similar Conduit.

 Note: The Honorable teacher did not use the word “Programming”, but that is the most a propos word I can use to explain to you what he meant. The word he used is “Takarub”, which means getting closer to.