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It is a tradition now! The public is invited to vote for the best psychics and mediums in the United States and the world. The first vote/election (Last year) was a spectacular success, and more than 500,000 people from around the globe participated with intense interest.Send your nominations for the best 5 psychics/mediums/lightworkers for any category, to J. Goldsmith at The vote/nomination begin on August 26, 2012 and ends on October 26, 2012 at midnight, New York time. The results will be published in the forthcoming issue of ART, UFOS & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE and in the new edition of “Register of the United States and World’s Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order”.


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41-Gifted psychics

As the Founder of Shay Parker's Best American Psychics, I am so very proud of my 4 team members who were featured in your latest issue!  Each of these incredibly humble, gifted psychics have proven their abilities and have "made the cut" on my directory.  For those who may not be familiar with Best American Psychics, we offer our clients a wide variety of psychic professionals – all of whom have been tested as legitimate by our staff as well as by volunteer clients. Our psychics must undergo 2 separate test readings for professionalism, reading accuracy, training, ethics and integrity. I am very proud of Patti Negri, Shellee Hale, Michelle Whitedove, and the cover girl – Allison Hayes.  Each of you shine an incredible light upon the world with your warmth, professionalism, and tremendous gifts.  I am very honored to have each of you as Featured, Tested Psychics on my directory!  Each of you exudes humility and class that deserves recognition.  I'm looking forward to an amazing 2012 with you! Readers also stay tuned for an upcoming article about Shellee Hale in the amazing OM Times Magazine, being released tomorrow! Happy New Year to all! Shay Parker, Founder Best American Psychics  Best American Healers  CBS Radio Host – Metaphysical Minds & Best of the Best

Question for Shay Parker: Do you accept psychics from Algeria? A. Abdel Wahab. Algeria

Answer of Shay Parker: Hello and thank you for your inquiry.  We do accept psychics from other countries as long as they are able to adequately serve the US.  You must be able to speak English clearly and also must be able to have our customers contact you without costing them anything in long distance telephone charges.  Our practicing psychics that are not based in the US use Skype as a means of communication.  We also offer call buttons that you are welcome to use even if you are in another country.  In these ways, we are able to open the directory up to global psychics!

Question for Shay Parker: Never heard of OM Times Magazine. Where do I find it? R. Sullivan, Virginia 

Answer of Shay Parker: Hello R. Sullivan!  Please visit  It is a conscious living magazine and I am one of the editors.  Between UFO & Supernatural Magazine and OM Times, you will be able to cover ALL metaphysical topics!


Question for Shay Parker: Who is who in the pics? Thank you. Jennifer L. ,Wisconsin

Cover of OM Times magazine.

Answer of Shay Parker: Hey Jennifer!  The photo contains 4 psychics that were featured in Issue 5 of UFO & Supernatural Magazine.  

Please see the issue here:   The magazine interviewed 6 psychics and 4 of them are members of my directory, Best American Psychics.  We TEST each of our psychics for professionalism, accuracy, integrity, training, ethics and more.  The 4 team members shown in the photo you asked about are Allison Hayes (The Rock Girl), Michelle Whitedove, Shellee Hale, and Patti Negri – 4 amazing women!  

42-A question to all the psychics: WHO IS SATAN? The psychics you featured in Issue 5, and the three others in Issue 4 of your magazine never said a word about the dark forces. They spoke very eloquently about the ascended masters, beings of higher dimension, God and the angels. That’s fine with me. But how come they never talk about Satan? After all the most famous ones are witches. The Rockgirl is a HIGH PRIESTESS, Patti Negri admitted to be a witch and Danielle Egnew was called a witch.  Do they know who is Satan? Could you ask them please, thank you. Jamil Zayed, Baghdad, Iraq

USM: We sent your email to Patti Negri, The Rock Girl, Eugenia Macer-Story, and Danielle Egnew.

Comment from Francis Bernardino: Silly, you live in Iraq and you don’t know who is Satan? Let me tell you buddy who is satan. Saddam Hussein is one. Bin Laden another one. Do you need more satans? Please oblige. There is no satan properly speaking. It is a myth, a big lie created by organized religions and I am not targeting Christianity. The Inquisition was the biggest satan of all time. Read Luther. Read Calvin. Psychics do not deal with satanic rituals to know who is satan.  Francis Bernardino, Malta

Photo: Author, artist and social thinker, Eugenia Macer-Story.

Comment from  Adrian Mendoza: Of course they do. Didn’t you hear about the California Church of Satan? It was created by a medium and a demonic psychic who practiced black magic. All witches according to the Holy Scriptures are the brides of Satan. Adrian Mendoza, Vera Cruz, Mexico

Comment of Anthony Brownlow: Sadam Hussein was not satan, he was the anti-Christ. The Rapture said so. Nostradamus mentioned Sadam Hussein in his quadrains. Psychics who did not study theology can't address the issue. Anthony Brownlow

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: Yes: as I had previously indicated, there will be a more complex description of the deceptive nature of Cytron/ Zeena in the third installment of "Cytron Returns" as this has actually happened.  But I am describing a specific encounter with the entity presenting itself as "Cytron". There have been entire books written describing the Satanic force. But some of these books are stuck within the author's pre-conditioning by specific religious beliefs. In my experience, and I have as a practitioner faced several cases of possession by extremely ferocious spirit entities, the "Satanic" force is cleverly deceptive and can reverse a "sweet" come-on in a viciously bestial way. Several times when focusing  as a psyshic on a murder/ missing person case I have seen that the perpetrator is part of a "Satanic" group when actually it might have been a single "satan" possessing the individual. For the Devil is capable of a number of charades and is best described in the specific case. One of the tricks of an evil force or person is to hide within generalities or abstract political concepts. Best--Eugenia Macer-Story


Photo: The legendary Allison Hayes.

Answer of Allison  Hayes, The Rock Girl: Hi Jamil, Thank you for your question...Although I embrace many Earth Based Traditions, I am not a practicing Wiccan. However, here is a link to an article that may be able to shed some light on how the Pagan's "Horned God" can often be mistaken for Satan: RE: the dark forces you asked about in your question above....The term Priest or Priestess actually means ‘of service’, thus I am of service to the Stones and Mother Earth. I took a vow to help pass this knowledge onto others and founded The Rock Girl Sacred Stone School  ( As a High Priestess of Stones, I am attuned to the vibrational frequency and wisdom buried within the stones (very similar to Reiki), and can therefore attune others to this frequency as well. In doing so, I help people connect to the part of their soul that needs healing from Mother Earth. When this happens, it allows them to channel more energy from The Divine, or Spirit, if you will. When working in the psychic and healing realms, indeed there are certain negative energies/entities that can be released from spirits, people, places, things etc. Examples of these are negative emotions, thoughts, behaviors, dull and heavy energy lodged in between the realms or old patterns that are no longer needed, and therefore, must be cleared away. Once released, new and healthy patterns and energy can develop and thrive, resulting in Personal Growth and Spiritual Transformation. 

There are many ways to clean out the negative energy and also protect oneself and others and if you would like to learn more about this, I mention a few techniques in the following podcasts: HOW TO CLEANSE AND CARE FOR YOUR STONES: PSYCHIC PROTECTION WITH THE ROCK GIRL: Mighty Blessings! Allison ~ The Rock Girl

Patti Negri’s response to Jamil, Iraq :Hi Jamil!  Thanks for your wonderful question.  Yes, I am a witch.  Contrary to popular belief though, Witchcraft has NOTHING to do with Satan or Satanism.  Absolutely nothing!   Sadly, people are often mislead by movies or TV which somehow combine Witchcraft and Satanism – which is completely untrue.  Witchcraft, as with other earth based religions (like Native Americans) is a life-affirming, earth and nature-oriented pagan belief system which sees all life as sacred and interconnected.  Witchcraft is a spiritual system that fosters the free thought and will of the individual, encourages learning and an understanding of the earth and nature thereby affirming the divinity in all living things.  We acknowledge the cycles of nature, the lunar phases and the seasons to celebrate our spirituality and to worship the divine. It is a belief system that allows us to work with, not in supplication to deities with the intent of living in harmony and achieving balance with all things. Wiccans believe that the spirit of the One, Goddess and God exist in all things. In the trees, rain, flowers, the sea, in each other and all of natures creatures. This means that we must treat "all things" of the Earth as aspects of the divine. We attempt to honor and respect life in all its many manifestations both seen and unseen.  Though I believe there are certainly light and dark energies and beings, and “choices” we all must make to stay in the light or not – and face the consequences / karma therein.  I think the horned, ugly, red faced Satan is more a fear tactic created by man / the early church than a true representation of evil.  But, that’s just MY point of view!  I believe everyone should find their own truth within themselves! For more information about me and my belief systems go to 

Answer of Danielle Egnew: Hi Mr. Zayed! Thank you for your question, and you brought an interesting discussion point forward, so thank you! Firstly, though it has been true I have been called a witch, I am not Wiccan, which is an earth-based religion and has nothing to do with Satanism, and out of respect to my colleagues whose belief systems encapsulate those practices, I am not a "witch", practicing or non-practicing. Regrettably, there are many here in the United States who, based on their Christian religious backgrounds, wrongly title the work of Psychics and Mediums, as they do not understand those spiritual aptitudes even though they are documented in the Bible, and mistake the Psychic abilities for negative Occult practices. To your question on Satan: I have dealt with both Angels and Demons in my work. Chaotic Darkness - "Evil" - is as real as The Light. However, it is not my priority in my work to cast a spotlight on a modality such as evil. In fact, to do so would be in direct opposition to my work in casting focus on the healing capacities of The Light. A doctor who works to cure cancer rarely speaks with the patient about the actual dynamics of the cancer as it eats one's internal organs, but instead, speaks to the patient about the overall process of hope, in healing. However, in addressing your question, Evil, or Chaotic Darkness, is much like a cancer that attempts to reoccur in people's lives, and through Light, we are able to eradicate that cancer everyday. To ask "who" Satan is would be much like asking "who" God is. If you are asking whether or not an actual "Satan" exists, my experience would be - yes. And it has many names, but the horns and red tail are humanity's fanciful additions. Evil, or Chaotic Darkness, has a rank structure, just as the Angelic world does. Demons are created by the dimension of Darkness. They are not "people" who have made mistakes and "gone to hell". They have never been people, and they never will be, though some of them take up residence in people to one degree or another. There are lower level demons, and the evil equivalent of Arc Angels. Though I don't believe in giving the Devil any press, so to speak, as It gets Itself enough press - in direct answer to your question, Satan, or Lucifer, was once the most beautiful creature in all of creation. One religious text refers to It as "The Bright Morning Star". Others refers to It as "The Fallen One" with "Fallen" meaning "Having Left Perfection", which meant that at one time, the Entity Itself was Perfect. Lucifer's choice of SELF over ONENESS was what defined It's path of separation, which lead to Darkness, from that point forward. (It's not my experience that neither God nor Satan has a gender.)  Satan's choice of separation is nothing to feel empathy toward. It was not a choice through principles, but through self-absorption. "Sympathy for the Devil" should go no further than the wonderful Rolling Stones song. Though I'm certain that Darkness must serve some purpose in the grand scheme of all creation, I'm not a fan of Satan's work. It harms people just to harm. It's been my experience that Darkness is little more than a parasite in this dimension. More like an infestation of cockroaches which requires regular eradication, but able to spread disease in between roach bombs.  Darkness - Satan - and all of It's emissaries, are the perfect Sociopathic Predators. Satan is known in many cultures by many names, such as the Great Deceiver. Native American cultures refer to Satan as "The Trickster".  There is absolutely nothing at all that Darkness has in common with humanity, except that humanity has a weakness for It's wiles. Demons cause chaos for the sake of chaos, and that is not something that humanity is able to grasp, even though we think we have a handle on it, as we originate from Light. Neither are we able to grasp the type of torment that Evil is capable of, though human beings have mirrored evil on many occasions - Adolph Hitler is among the most notorious. Even our best attempt at "evil", as humans, pales in comparison to what these entities are capable of. Demons seek those in pain, who are in weak spaces in their lives, either from illness, or emotional issues, and they torment them in order to "eat" the energy of pain that comes from them. They are bullies, and cowards, and they see humanity as a food source --  nothing more. There is nothing "noble" in Darkness. Satan is loyal only to Itself. It is incapable of Oneness or Communion, yet demands complete dedication. Humans who choose to align with Darkness begin to take on this attribute as well. Human beings are, literally, the only place that Light, and Dark, can exist in the same place, at the exact same time. In Spiritual Physics, Light is far more dense, and eradicates Darkness simply by its incredibly high vibration, or presence - much like how a high-vibrating ultra-sonic toothbrush works -- which is why it takes four to five demons to possess one Human Being, a creature of Light. We, as humans, need not fear Darkness, or "Satan", because to do so grants It far more power than it is worth, or has earned. However, Evil has permeated many religious institutions, where Evil, or Satan, is lauded as "all-powerful", so humanity should "cling to God" as a default against the "all-powerful Satan".  The latter concept is truly laughable. Darkness is an inferior energy signature, from Spiritual Physics on down.  There is a reason that numerous religious texts have decreed: "Fear no evil". Yes, Darkness is part of the spiritual equation. And it's a learning tool for humanity. And there are those who work in my field that do not believe an actual "Satan", or even "Demons" exist. However, that is simply not my experience after years in the trenches, and I can only speak from my own first-hand experience in this field. Satan, or any concept of Satan, isn't worth anyone's time, that I can tell you. Thank you for your question, and I hope this sheds some "Light" on the subject!



RIYA-MARJANA: Extraterrestrial Tablet, Alien Grays and the Anunnaki Woman Who Loved Me


RIYA-MARJANA: Extraterrestrial Tablet, Alien Grays and the Anunnaki Woman Who Loved MePublished by UFOs & Supernatural Magazine, and De Lafayette World Media. THE ORIGINAL EXPLOSIVE SCRIPT. The 2000 edition/book was taken off the market. Riya-Marjana created a fury in some circles, and high places. Here is the UNCENSORED copy!!! In Script form. There is no other script or book under the sun that describes in detail, the horrors and atrocities committed by the Alien Grays in America, like Riya-Marjana. Based upon factual and dramatized events, international bestselling author Maximillien de Lafayette depicts the frightening world of alien abduction, collaboration and conspiracies of government’s officials, officers and scientists who worked with the atrocious aliens, betrayed our trust and violated the Constitution of the United States. You will never put it down. De Lafayette World Media.








43.Extraterrestrials and aliens. Mr. de Lafayette what is the difference between the aliens intraterrestrials and the aliens extraterrestrials? Ahmet Ozyurt, Istanbul, Turkey

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Intraterrestrials: A race of non-humans with highly advanced and sophisticated intelligence, living on Earth. The ones who are known to us as the Grays (Greys), who originally came from Zeta Reticuli. They are called intra-terrestrials, because they live inside (Intra) Earth, some  live underwater, and very few on the surface. The genetic race they created, the hybrids live with them in their habitats underwater, as well as on land in remote areas. Some were adopted by families who have a perfectly normal life. The intraterrestrials are the ones who pilot that UFOs and the USOs. Extraterrestrials: Any intelligent being of any nature, physical, non-physical, organic, bio-organic, biological, and para-biological nature outside planet Earth. And some are from the future, and/or time-space dimensions. The most popular ones are the Anunnaki, the Igigi, the Lyrans and the Nordics.


44-Earliest photo of a UFO: Do you have a genuine photo of the first sighting of a UFO over the United States? C. Jacobi? Boca Raton, FL

USM: Here you go: One of the earliest genuine photographs of an unidentified flying object (UFO), taken somewhere in the United States during the 1920s.(Left)

45-Replica of a NAZI UFO: Question for Max de Lafayette: Dear Max, did Boeing duplicate a prototype of a NAZI UFO which looked like a crescent aircraft known as Horten?

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Northop Grumman did.



Photo, left: A German UFO Horten 229 (aka Hitler's stealth fighter) replica, re-designed and manufactured in late 2008, by engineers from Northrop Grumman.








Photo, left: Front of the anti-radar German Horten 229, as reconstructed  in the United States by Northop Grumman. Engineers at Northop Grumman studied the remains of the only surviving German wonder-plane, Horten 229, re-designed it, rebuilt it, and tested its astonishing avant garde stealth capabilities, and later on, displayed it in public for a short time.








Photo, left: The German Horten Wing UFO: Northrop Grumman Corporation, the San Diego Air and Space Museum, and the National Geographic Channel teamed up to build a full scale of the German Horten 229 Flying Wing (Germany-World War UFO)

46-Aliens Djinns living in Turkey

A question for Mr. de Lafayette: Did any race of aliens or Djinns live underground in ancient Turkey? Was it Turkey or Armenia? Sarkis Mamoulian, Yerevan, Armenia

Answer of Mr. de Lafayette: The Anunnaki Ulema stated in the Book of Ramadosh that Afrits (Djinns) lived in underground cities in Anatolia/Ancient Turkey. See photos below.



Cappadocia, Turkey. An area known to be inhabited by Djinns and Afrit. The intraterrestrials said, it was inhabited by quasi-humans.















Cappadocia, Turkey. According to modern archeology, these caves/towers were constructed as early as 9000 B.C.















Derinkuyu - Magarasi, the Underground City. There are large underground cities in Cappadocia which have only been opened to the public during the 1960s. Some Ulema have said that these caves were inhabited by the Afrit, creatures and entities created by the Anunnaki.  The intraterrestrials said exactly the very same thing.








 Photos from L to R: Jewish Sanhedrin, Mr. Simcha Jacobovici.

47-Simcha Jacobovici, presenter of NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is confused-intentionally!! What does he know about Christianity? You posted this: “We have an enormous admiration for Mr. Simcha Jacobovici. And FYI, we are featuring him in a forthcoming issue of UFOs & Supernatural Magazine. NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is indeed a fabulous show.” You better check your facts before you feature him in your magazine. In a recently aired episode, Jacobovici said that St. Paul (SAUL) was a Roman spy and he went after the early Christians and Jesus disciples. This is wrong. Paul was a bounty hunter, Christians hunter hired by the Jewish chief priest and the Jewish Sanhedrin. Everybody knows that and the New Testament made it clear that Paul before he converted to Christianity was sent by the Jews to catch Christians and bring them to Palestine for trial before the tribunal of the Jewish Sanhedrin. As I see it, Simcha Jacobovici got it wrong. And I have a new name for him which suits him perfectly, Simcha Jacobovici the NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST, because he is totally naked when it comes to historical facts. I am not surprised to hear distortion of biblical facts because Simcha Jacobovici is Jewish and by faking or ignoring historical facts is protecting the Jews. As simple as that. Nabil Achkar, Beirut, Lebanon

Photo: Conversion of St. Paul on the Road to Damascus. Painting by Hans Speckaert. During that period, St. Paul’s original name was Saul, and he was hired by the Sanhedrin to catch Christians living in Syria and bring them before the Sanhedrin court presided by the Jews Chief Priest.

Comment of David Singer on Nabil Achkar’s comment: You are wrong Nabil. Paul was a Roman citizen not a Jew. David Singer, Tel Aviv, Israel

Comment of Marie Haddad: St. Paul was a citizen of Rome, but while living in Palestine worked as a spy for the Sanhedrin. And his main duty was to catch Christians who lived in Syria and bring them to Palestine to stand trial.  Featuring Mr. Jacobovici in your magazine is a great idea. Go for it. Marie Haddad, Damascus, Syria.






48-Cat Stevens…Muslim Psychics…Christian Psychics…Jewish Psychics. Who is right and who is wrong?

Photos from L to R: Cat Stevens, psychic Melissa Stamps, psychic Maureen Hancock, psychics and healers Sunhee and Chinhee Park.

Cat Stevens converted to Islam because a spirit appeared to him in his sleep and told him to become Muslim. A few weeks later, Cat Stevens was introduced to a psychic who gave him a reading. It was reported that the psychic who is Muslim advised him to convert to Islam. This bothers me a lot. Does religion influence the religious beliefs of a psychic. I would assume that a Christian psychic sees things as a Christian, and a Muslim psychic would interpret visions and messages as a Muslim. If this is the case then psychics are easily influenced. Should Christians go to Christian psychics and Muslims go to Muslim psychics and Jews go to Jewish psychics? Melissa Stamps the psychic you interviewed spoke about Hindu gods and goddesses. Danielle Egnew a psychic and jazz singer works with angels. Are they the angels of the Koran or the Bible? I read her column THE LIGHT, it is great but why does she need angels if she can tap in the mind of her clients and paranormal realm as she claims?  Michelle Whitedove works with angel Gabriel.  I can't understand this. What if angel Gabriel is busy working with another psychic? Does she wait until he finishes his business with the other psychic or is it possible for angel Gabriel to appear at the same time to two different psychics? You see how confusing is this  psychic business. The Park Twin psychics, Sunhee and Chinhee did not mention God or angels, and this is a great relief to me. Maureen Hancock spoke about the spirits of dead people. Patti Negri works with Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, maybe with Rudolph Valentino too? Where do we stand here? Who is right and who is wrong? Ernesto, Delaware

Photos from L to R: The very distinguished Hollywood star and psychic, Patti Negri,  columnist, poet, producer and psychic Danielle Egnew "Psychic of the Year", and Michelle Whitedove, noted author and nationally famous psychic-medium.

USM: We sent your email to Ms. Danielle Egnew, Ms. Melissa Stamps, Mrs. Patti Negri, Ms. Michelle Whitedove, Ms. Sunhee Park, Ms. Chinhee Park, Mrs. Maureen Hancock.


Patti Negri response to Ernesto, Delaware: Hi Ernesto, thanks for your great question.  First off I do not see it as a “who’s right and who’s wrong” question at all!  There are many paths and many roads to get to the same place!   To your comment about seeing psychics within your own belief system, I actually think in some cases that is a really good idea.  If you have a strong belief system or faith is one particular path, you often will be most comfortable working with someone who is at least respectful or understanding of that belief system… Though, in my personal experience – most ethical psychics ARE respectful of peoples belief systems and do not try to convert anyone to another way of thinking.   In my personal Wiccan belief system, we do not look at our path as the only way to achieve spirituality, but as one path among many to the same end. We are not a missionary religion out to convert new members to think the same as we do. We are willing to share our experience and knowledge with those who seek our wisdom and perspective however. We believe that anyone who is meant for this path will find it through their own search as the Goddess speaks to each of us in her time and way. Wiccan practice tolerance and acceptance toward all other religions as long as those faiths do not persecute others or violate the tenant of "Harm None."  So a Christian, Muslim, Jew or person of any belief system coming to me for help should have no conflict of faith. To your comment to me about “working with Elvis and Marilyn”… well, to clarify – it is not like they are my “spiritual leaders or guides” or anything to that matter.  ;o) I did indeed contact  them for a television show.  Marilyn DID show up and gave us some simple information about her life in Hollywood.  (We did not get into her spirituality in any form, since this was a cooking show!)  Sadly, Elvis didn’t appear at all. For more information about me and my belief systems go to  

Answer of Danielle Egnew: Hi Ernesto! Those are some great questions, and I can understand how it might all seem a little confusing! There really is no "right or wrong" in how we all function, as spiritual liaisons. Everyone's gifts are a little different, and unique to them, which is why there are so many wonderful Practitioners available to assist everyone! To your question on whether I spoke with angels from the Bible or the Koran: These entities are not bound by the same religious institutions that we are. They are simply Angels. If a fish swims off the coast of Africa, it does not necessarily make the fish African. The fish is simply a fish, swimming in waters that touch all continents. Angels do not adhere to one religion or another. Religion is something that we, as a human species, have designed so that we may find a common ground on which to understand God, to the best of our ability. Angels don't require our same quantification system in order to understand Creation. As such, they are not religious, yet they are spiritual, and creatures of spirit, just as we are. And, it is not required of any of us to have a religious stance at all to commune with Creation, or to have a sense of spirituality. I'm part Native American - Lakota and Cherokee --  and the spiritual indigenous post-missionary spiritual belief system for the American Plains Indians Tribes has much more in common with Indigenous Celtic religion - experiencing Creation through nature -- from which Wiccan practices have derived. So the man-made institution of religion truly has nothing to do with the dynamics of spirituality, past the technical administration of God to the masses through a doctrine designed by the religion itself. As far as your question on my communication with Angels, to assist you in understanding how all the spiritual aptitudes tie together: I don't actually rely on the Angels in order to "activate" my Psychic sense, which is indigenous to me. Rather, the Angels tend to come forward in a client's reading to offer additional information on what I am receiving for the client, and that is always incredibly welcome. I'm all about working with these entities, or any other light-based guide who comes forward on the client's behalf.  The communication with Angelic life, or any other spirit life, actually falls in the Mediumship / Channeling category, which is slightly different in how it functions than my Clairvoyant  / Psychic skill set, which I also use on a regular basis, especially when working with law enforcement. I write about Angelic life in my work because it's been my experience that we, as a species, not only stand to learn a great deal about unconditional love from these entities, but that we are a shirt-tail relative of theirs, in the spiritual sense. I enjoy my work with them greatly.  And, in the spirit of full disclosure, as much as I would love to be a jazz singer, and enjoying singing jazz standards on occasion, my music career encapsulates pop, rock, Americana, and folk. (I'd be saddened if my friends who have worked so hard to be seasoned and accomplished jazz musicians felt that I was misrepresenting myself ;). However, I can definitely understand how it can all be confusing, right down to the musical genres ;), and so I thank you for the opportunity to expand on these topics through your questions, and I hope you're staying warm in Delaware!


Answer of Melissa Stamps: Thanks, Ernesto, for a very interesting question. Often when a person is seeking a way of connecting spiritually and energetically- he/she may look for beings or deities known to them through their faith or culture, Jesus or Buddha and others. I feel all Goddesses, Light Beings, God, avatars; Spirit Beings come from Source as people can best experience them. In higher awareness, there is no right and wrong. Source and Cosmos are infinite. What someone experiences as an Angel, might be Quan Yin to another. For someone else, it is the beauty of the Milky Way galaxy on a clear night. Psychic experiences can exist   without reference to organized religion.  As far as Muslims going to a Muslim psychic, Christian going to a   Christian psychic that would depend on what the person needs from a reading. If they want to stay within their culture and religion- it is a choice. If you (and others) want to transcend doctrinal religious beliefs and connect to Spirit being who may have important information or awareness for you (and others) - just staying open to what the medium, clairvoyant or psychics receive will be an adventure! Source manifests in many forms and guises!


 49-Recognition and certification for American Psychics. Is it legal?

Photo: Shay Parker.

Dear Sir/Madam. In Greece, psychics are regulated by the government but it is not always  enforced. Basically the Greek government created a law not to monitor mediums but to find out how much they are earning. It is the government way to impose taxes on psychics and mediums. In Greece, we do not have an official organization that gives diplomas for psychics. There is one group in Athens, another one in Salonica who work with psychics but it is not official. Your magazine created my curiosity in this topic. After I finished reading your magazine latest issue, I googled these words Psychics, Psychics in America, Diplomas for psychics and American psychics. I found two organizations which CERTIFY and RECOGNIZE psychics. Are these organizations recognized in America? Are they legitimate? I will give you their names, Best American Psychics. This group has a website which included the following announcement “We offer our clients a wide variety of psychic professionals – all of whom have been tested as legitimate by our staff as well as by volunteer clients. We are here to provide you with links to credible and ethical professionals.” My question for this group is how they administer the tests and what kind of tests? The other group is Star Healing Intergalactic Energy’sTM Practitioner Certification Renewal process. The president is Kelly Hampton. This group has a policy for recognizing psychics. But it is strange in some way. Kelly Hampton in welcoming members said “thank you for your prior work in spreading Archangel Michael’s divine healing system from the Star Galaxy.” What kind of psychic organization is this. Archangel Michael is teaching there? How do you want me to believe this? What it is written on their diplomas and who signed the diplomas? I need to know. Thank you very much. I hope you give me an answer before tomorrow, I have personal reasons. Alexander Touliatos, Athens, Greece

USM: Here is the email we received from Kelly Hampton: Gosh, after reading the skepticism about my two books from AAMichael, naw, don't think so. If you haven't' read them, maybe your editorial staff should. I invite your readers and your minds to consider an entirely NEW HEALING SYSTEM given to me by AAMichael and Ashtar. That should get you talking for awhile :))) star healing intergalactic energy, ascended spaces. healing all over the world, practitioners list growing all over the world. In the light. I guess some press is better than none:)  Blessings. Kelly Hampton.

Comment from Jules Yazbeck on Kelly Hampton's claims: From the description Kelly Hampton wrote about her books, I got the feeling that she is fully convinced that AAMichael communicated to her revelations of the first order. She claimed that AAMichael talked to her about a “new planet the angel calls Nebulon.” Nebulon does not exist, it is a fictional planet. Maybe it is a fully-grown planet but NASA and Harvard observatory did not discover yet. Others psychics also claim that they received messages from Nebulon. Every thing is possible. Zecharia Sitchin claimed that NIBIRU is the 12th planet, and by doing so he exposed himself to ridicule and mockery. Science and psychics prophecies don’t mix.-Jules Yazbeck, Washington, DC

Comment of Sabine G.: Here is something strange but interesting about Nebulon from Wikipedia: “In reality, Nebulon retreated to another dimension called Zaar, inhabited by the Ludberites. Nebulon adopted their philosophy of improving the lives of "lesser" beings, and returned to Earth to save its people from themselves. In the guise of "Mr. Nebul," he started a movement called Celestial Mind Control which promised to liberate the powers of the human mind, but actually robbed people of their free will. Nebulon recruited the Porcupine the original Eel, and a Plantman simulacrum as his agents. The Defenders became aware of this movement and tried to stop him.” Hampton did not discover Nebulon through angelic messages. As a matter of fact there are 3 books on Nebulon published long before Kelly Hampton published  her own.-Sabine G., Berlin, Germany

Photos from L to R: 1-Cover of Gene Doucette book "The OTHER Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: A Parody" , published in 2002. 2-Cover of the book "Transformers, the Ultimate Guide" by Simon Furman. 3-Cover of the book ""Spider's Torch Fumbled Field Trip" by Gina  Willner-Pardo and  Pietz. All these books mentioned Nebulon long before Kelly Hampton published her book on Nebulon which she claimed that she discovered this new planet through AAAMichael!????

Comment of Guy Sablon: Kelly Hampton wrote her book on Nebulon in 2007. Gene Doucette mentioned Nebulon in his book "The OTHER Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: A Parody" in 2002.  And Simon Furman wrote about Nebulon is his book "Transformers, the Ultimate Guide" in 2007.  Gina  Willner-Pardo and  Pietz mentioned Nebulon in their book "Spider's Torch Fumbled Field Trip" published in 1998. So Kelly Hampton's AAAMichael story is "Johnny Come Late". Guy Sablon, Paris, France.

Comment of C. Howard: Kelly Hampton is one of the best psychics in the world. You guys are mixing apples and oranges. Kelly wrote an entire book about Nebulon, a real book. I consider her gifts to be unique. Before you pass wild judgment, read her books. She is not born yesterday. She has practiced her profession for a very long time and acquired an amazing amount of knowledge. She is an inspirational speaker, a media personality and a great lady.-C. Howard, Delray Beach, Florida

Comment of Andrei Popov: For some reasons I felt that Ufo/Super. Mag. were against psychic K. Hampton. I mean the way they doubted the importance of her books. I don't know maybe I am wrong. They said they are going to buy and review her books but they said it in a threatening way as if they intended to give her a bad review. But again I am wrong because they always give good reviews, I read their reviews in Issue 4 and 5 and gave 5 stars to all the authors. During Bera and Stalin days everybody got a bad review, many authors were killed and our famous Russian authors escaped to France and Mexico. I have a question for Kelly Hampton: Why did you say, Gosh, after reading the skepticism about my two books from AAMichael," Do you believe they are skeptic? Andrei Popov, Moscow, Russia

Comment of Steve Mathews on Andrei Popov's comment: Snap out of it. Do you really think this woman will answer your question? She is bitter and confused. Steve Mathews, Virginia

Comment of Jay B. on the comment of Steve Mathews: No she is not bitter she is AAAMichael, whatever.-Jay B, Iowa

USM: This thread on Ms. Hampton is closed! Additional comments will not be posted!!

Answer of Shay Parker: Dear Alexander, you have great questions!  In the United States, there are no government laws governing mediums or psychics.  The only law is if they earn money, they must report their income on their tax returns and pay an "earned income" tax.  Otherwise, there is zero involvement from the government.  My company, Best American Psychics, is not governed by any laws, but we do test our psychics that work under our directory.  I myself am not a psychic and I do not profess to have any psychic gifts.  I am much more analytical and left-brained, and though I certainly to know that psychic ability exists, our psychics need to prove their abilities to us. How do we do this, you ask.  Every psychic on our directory must undergo two separate test readings.  These readings are done on the telephone only and each lasts 30 minutes.  One reading is set up with a Staff Tester, and the other is with a volunteer client.  We have many different members of our staff that act as Testers and many different volunteer clients.  If a psychic is interested in becoming part of our directory, they must apply through our online form and then they become an "Applying Psychic".  They are then contacted and we schedule their 2 test readings.  Here is how a test would go (in 2 parts):

  1. Staff Tester and Applying Psychic – Our Staff Tester calls the Applying Psychic at an agreed upon time and date.  The Staff Tester gives their first name only to the Applying Psychic.  The Applying Psychic then begins conducting a psychic reading on the Staff Tester, telling them any information that is coming forth.  The Staff Tester is allowed to confirm or deny hits and misses during the reading, but they are not allowed to give out any detailed information about themselves, which may "lead" the Applying Psychic one way or another.  This lasts for 30 minutes, then the call ends.
  2. Volunteer Client and Applying Psychic – The Applying Psychic calls the Volunteer Client at an agreed upon time and date.  The same process as above is followed exactly.

During the test sessions, both the Staff Tester and the Client have a checklist.  They grade each Applying Psychic based upon Accurate or Inaccurate "Hits" and they also grade for: Overall comfort level. Overall tone of reading. Ease of delivery. Professionalism. Eloquence. Ethics. Training. Professional Boundaries. Amount of Questions asked by Applying Psychic. Confidence level. Evidential information

We also include the following questions on the checklist: 1.Would you pay money to have a reading with this psychic? 2.Would you want another reading with this psychic? Finally, the checklist contains a section for Notes/Comments.  Once the two test readings are completed, the outcomes are compared and a decision is made as to whether to offer the Applying Psychic a membership approval or not.  Alexander, it is important to remember that many people out there are gifted with psychic and mediumship abilities, but not all of those people should be giving psychic advice or readings on a professional level because many are unethical, or simply have improper professional boundaries.  A perfect example – NO PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC should EVER read someone or tap into another's life without permission from that person.  This is a boundary violation and is completely unethical.  It is like walking through someone's front door without an invitation.  Be careful who you go to for psychic advice because there are many out there that are simply not healthy individuals.  The psychics on my directory are professional, humble, and always maintain their class, while still being outstanding psychics, mediums, and healers!

50-Aliens Technology and the United States Air force Zooming in time Technology: Question to Mr. M. de Lafayette, Dear Mr. De Lafayette, it is true the Aliens showed the United States Force how to zoom into a parallel dimension? Carmen Maria P., Madrid, Spain

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: In modern times, zooming into the past did occur accidentally, during one of the phases of Project Serpo. The original Serpo team consisted of ten members – nine men and one woman. The woman was released from the team project when the military found out that she was pregnant, thus only the nine men went through the Stargate initially. They zoomed into the future, into the realm of three star systems outside of our galaxy. The plan was to have traveled to the Grays’ Zeta Reticuli, but the stargate sent them somewhere else, for unknown reasons. The data entered to go through the stargate, had included seven planets that had atmospheres and climates similar to that of Planet Earth. The ship these men traveled in through the stargate was made for that trip by the Zeta Reticulan Grays. Unfortunately, they did not end up in the Zeta Reticulan star system, and while stuck there, ran out of food and supplies, causing the death of three of the men. This catastrophic mistake could have easily been avoided, had one of the pilots been a Zeta Reticulan, as was suggested by the Zeta Reticulan Grays.

Photo: Dr. Carl Sagan

The military refused since they did not fully trust the aliens, and decided to go only with the two human pilots, that had been trained on Gray ships for a period of just twelve months, on a secret base in Alaska. The reason for taking the pregnant woman off the team, was due to the fact that had she given birth in another planetary system, and in another time/dimension, her son would return far older than his mother (perhaps by a hundred thousand years) and military scientists were not yet ready to deal with such situations. The reasons for this being that her baby’s birth in another system, under different conditions/were born on Earth. There was no contact between Earth and the crew for three Earth years. A military scientist was told by one of the Grays that it had taken them (The Grays) only ten minutes to get there. Upon the return of the surviving six team members, and before the project was completely abandoned, Carl Sagan suggested another attempt be made to go to the Zeta Reticulan system, this time using one of the Gray pilots, in a second ship that had been built for this mission, with three other members added onto Project Serpo.  For the record, the Zeta Reticulan pilot’s name was Ramu.  Again, they went through the stargate, but this time were zoomed back in time and space here on Earth and into another dimension. It was at this point that Carl Sagan pointed out to the military, how this technology could be used against the human race, by the Zeta Reticulan Grays, having realized that both expeditions into the past and future were deliberate diversions on the part of the aliens.



51-Eisenhower and the Aliens: Dear Mr. Delafayette. In your book on black operations you reported briefly on an Aliens holographic projection that took place in a meeting between General Patton, Eisenhower and extraterrestrials. Was this projection holographic or transposing time-space? Gilbert Gambier, Belgium

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: In 1957 and 1958, the Gray aliens told President Eisenhower about the rewinding of time technology. The military scientists and President Eisenhower did not believe it is possible, until the Grays “rewound the tape of time” to the point where they were able to not only see a holographic projection of Jesus, but listen to his voice as well. General Marshall was present at this meeting, and decided to ask the Grays if they could re-project an event that occurred in World War II, known only to General Omar Bradley, General Patton, General Eisenhower and himself. He gave them the date and location of this event, and waited for the holographic projection. What they then saw before them, was accurate down to the very last detail. The Grays then went even one step further to reveal two letters within the holographic projection: One, a speech to be given by Eisenhower in the event of a successful storming of the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, and another speech to be given, in the event that this D-Day event was a failure. The existence and contents of the two letters were known only to General Bradley and Eisenhower. Also shown were the six draft letters written by Eisenhower and his secretary.

52-Aliens Navigation underwater…Russians encounter with extraterrestrials: Dear Ulema de Lafayette. I saw you on UFO Hunters hosted by Bill Birnes. You spoke about a PLASMA CORRIDOR the Grays use to navigate underwater. I read a blog on the Internet where a Russian author said Russian frogmen encountered aliens near their military base. I could not find more information on the PLASMA CORRIDOR. Is this corridor a passage to their secret bases? Ralph Stevens, New York.

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Aquatic Plasma Corridors: The Russians have a massive underwater base that was created in 1969, to study an extraterrestrial underwater navigation system called “Aquatic Plasma Corridors”. This corridor is undetectable by satellite, sonar or any other underwater detection system. Not all branches of the Russian Navy were aware of the creation/existence of this base. During one of their naval maneuvers just outside the perimeter of this Russian underwater base, six frogmen from one of the Russian submarines encountered three alien frogmen in metallic suits underneath a massive metallic object.  Both the Russian and alien frogmen were roughly at a depth of one hundred to one hundred and twenty feet. The alien frogmen were wearing what appeared underwater to be metallic suits of indeterminable and interchanging colors that morphed from a silvery white to bluish to grey. One of the Russian frogmen stated that when he tried to approach these three, he was blocked by what seemed to be an invisible underwater force-field, created by the alien frogmen as a protection shield. The Russian frogman’s oxygen tanks started to fail and he quickly lost consciousness and started sinking but was saved by one of his fellow divers. After being rescued, he described the alien frogmen as being 8ft to 11ft tall, as he saw them underwater. And none of them had any visible oxygen tanks/breathing apparatus attached to them.  In the secret debriefing that followed, the Russian diver who saved his fellow frogmen, said that when he too tried to approach this massive foreign submerged object, he encountered what felt like a solid transparent wall surrounding the object. He later described it as an oval glass box, surrounding this mysterious submerged object which also shielded it from contact with the ocean’s water. After the fall of the Berlin wall, and ensuing collapse of the Soviet Empire, rumors started circulating within the military and scientific community, that this bizarre event was in fact a joint Russian-extraterrestrial operation designed to explore the effects of the underwater plasma corridor on it’s environment in the ocean, and on humans, as well as their psychological and psychosomatic reaction to encountering the corridor and seeing the alien frogmen and the ship itself. 

Two decades later in Lake Baikal, other Russian navy frogmen encountered similar 9ft “silver swimmers” who also had no visible breathing apparatus. While these encounters are largely unknown to the general public, military scientists with top clearance are well aware of them, and have worked on similar projects in different underwater bases, These massive underwater military bases, whether they be Russian, or American or Chinese, look from the surface to be rectangular/traditional compound structures. However upon entering them underwater, they expand in all directions, and are extremely extensive. And all of them are joint human-alien operations. Starting from the second underwater level, compartments are divided into large operation rooms, separated by elaborate long corridors, curving at 90 degrees every hundred feet or so, with doors that can drop down from the ceiling to seal off segments in the event of radiation leakage, or any matter related to internal security. One of the interesting characteristics of these doors in the corridors is the circular porthole-like windows within what is a whitish metal of extraterrestrial origin. None of these metallic alloys are possible here due to earth’s gravity, and as such have to be done in orbit aboard the Space Shuttle. Interestingly enough, this technology has been shared by American, Russian and Israeli military scientists. At one time British and French scientists complained of being left out of the loop, to which the Americans responded very candidly “We don’t trust Europeans – especially the French!” To which the French retorted that they would withhold all information garnered from the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn. An American three star general was quick to respond by saying “This is not the first time you Europeans have withheld information from us. Remember the Belgian incident?” (Aurora) The mode of transportation down to the underwater base and within the base is also fascinating. From the surface, one enters a craft that looks like a silvery metallic spinning top, approximately 8ft in diameter, that can comfortably accommodate four passengers, and corkscrews its way downwards centrifugally around a rod using a form of magnetic propulsion for what seems to be a only a few seconds down to an unknown depth. From the second underwater level on down, the “Spinning Mobile Satellite” (SMS) travels horizontally and reaches its final destination at an undisclosed level of the base at which it again dives into water. It is at that level/destination that you will find the habitat and work center of the Grays.

Photo: Author, columnist  and UFOs & Supernatural Magazine News Editor in Hollywood, Mr. Tommy L. Garrett

53-Tommy Garrett's encounter of the third kind: Did Tommy Lightfoot Garrett talk to the aliens face to face? He did not explain the purpose of his encounter of the third kind? Usually contactees tell a lot about their experience with aliens. Was he abducted? I am writing to you from Cafe Internet, Kiev. Thank you. Sveltana, Kiev, Ukraine

Answer of Mr. Tommy L. Garrett: Dear Sveltana, Thank you for your comments and question.  The incident of abduction was quite fuzzy for many years. It's still all coming back to me. And yes, I was led out of my car and on to the space craft, but it was all done very much in telepathic ways.  I spoke to the aliens, but only one spoke back to me, using telepathy.  The incident has become clearer over the years.  But it's difficult for me to say that I behaved the same as anyone else who went through my experience, it was totally amazing and surreal to me.  Thank you so much! Tommy 

54-Feedback on Chinhee and Sunhee Park: Hi, I was just reading your article on Chinhee and Sunhee Park.  I just wanted to add my comments here.  I’ve talked to them both before and they are great.  They are easy and fun to talk to and will start spitting out information for you right away.  Also, another nice thing is that even though they are in high demand and have acquired a good reputation they still try to keep their prices reasonable in order to make themselves accessible to everyone.  I think that’s very nice of them and is very helpful.   All around I would definitely say go check them out.  We just wish they were still out here on the East Coast, but maybe they’ll visit us sometime, and I wish them well out West.  Check them out it’s worth it.- Shelia Turner

Sunhee & Chinhee Park reply: Sheila, thank you very much for your beautiful comment, we so appreciate you! We hope you had a Happy New Year, and we will see you on the east coast, we foresee ourselves doing a world tour and New York would be the top on our list to visit. Love and hugs, Sunhee & Chinhee Park


Photo, from L to R: Chinhee Park, Nia Peeples, Sunhee Park in California.

More good testimonies: I have read your article on the twin psychics with the heart of gold tonight. I am a client of theirs and I have to say, I was in beyond awe reading it. Prior to reading the article though, I must say that I have had readings from both. I have had email readings and a phone reading. I am currently a full time college student with only a part time job. I had gone through such a hard time that I needed some spiritual guidance so that's where my journey began. I have gone to so many "psychics" who have scammed me out of money. So when I have found these twins, I was floored. Remember, I have never met them so the readings were strictly through the computer or phone. They knew so much about me and my current situation. They definitely have some sort of super natural power of healing because when we had finished our session via phone, I had felt like all this weight was off my shoulders. I have felt the calmness and the reassurance that I had needed. These two are remarkable and I can't help but say only nice things about them. They really are spiritual healers & they do have an amazing gift. If it wasn't for them, I'd be running around in the same circle with my head buried in sand.- Lauren Park

Sunhee & Chinhee Park reply to Lauren Park: Happy New Year to you!  Thank you so much for your kind words and it's been a total pleasure reading you!  Both of us felt an instant "sister" connection to you and we know you will manifest all of your dreams and goals!  We know, because we are psychic:))) Much love to you!

USM: To whom it may concern: UFOs & Supernatural Magazine received 211 verifiable emails from individuals who gave excellent reference and positive testimonies for Sunhee and Chinchee Park. We were unable to post all of the received emails for obvious reason: Space on this forum.

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