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It is a tradition now! The public is invited to vote for the best psychics and mediums in the United States and the world. The first vote/election (Last year) was a spectacular success, and more than 500,000 people from around the globe participated with intense interest.Send your nominations for the best 5 psychics/mediums/lightworkers for any category, to J. Goldsmith at The vote/nomination begin on August 26, 2012 and ends on October 26, 2012 at midnight, New York time. The results will be published in the forthcoming issue of ART, UFOS & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE and in the new edition of “Register of the United States and World’s Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order”.


The Register of the United States and World's Best and Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012



Book: America’s Best & Worst Psychics & Healers in Nat’l Rank Order

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a civilized and polite forum for civilized and polite people. We will never allow character defamation and character assassination. Those who read vicious articles and mean blogs are as bad and as villain as those who wrote them.  ASK THE EXPERTS IN THE FIELD AND GET THEIR ANSWERS FREE OF CHARGE!!!




52-What an event!  But only one winner thanked us!

Photo: Allison Hayes "The Rock Girl", the Queen of Psychics and winner of the 1st Annual Election of America's Best Psychics-Mediums 2012. What a LADY!! Fans and readers who are writing to us are now calling Allison: Ms. America - Best Psychic USA.

I bet you have received tons of congratulations from the public and the winners on your wonderful event. It was something. You have done a great service to psychics who worked hard on their career. My lord what a success it was. Do it again next year. Best of Luck. Lucette Lebrun, Paris, France.

USM: Thank you for your lovely words. Indeed it was a huge success and we have received lots of congrats from so many people around the world. But only one winner wrote to us to thank us for organizing the event and our efforts: Miss  Allison Hayes did email us to express her gratitude. We did not hear a word or got a thank-you note from the others.  Ms. Hayes has spiritual gifts, a heart, brains....and good manners. But hey! That's life.


53-I can't believe it. Nobody thanked you?????

Are you telling us none of the ladies and gentleman psychic winners of the contest thanked you for what you have done for them? Terrible. Hamzi Abaza, Egypt.

USM: Only one did: ALLISON HAYES, and nobody else.

54-Not even Shellee Hale?

You must have received something from Shellee Hale, first winner category most popular psychic? Jay Stephanides

USM: No sir! Not even from Mrs. Halle. C'est La vie.

55-Was Michelle Whitedove disappointed?

Was Michelle Whitedove disappointed by the results of the election? Did she tell you anything? Aida Shbat

USM: We did not receive a word from Ms. Whitedove. We don't known, but we do understand how she must have felt about the outcome/results of the election. She had tough competitors.

Photo: Outstanding author, Dr. Lynne Kitei.

56-Lynne Kitei is Great

I am Happy to see Lynne Kitei author of the Phoenix Lights on the list of winners. Her book is sensational. Allan, Arizona

USM: Dr. Lynne Kitei is a national treasure. She is among the finest authors in the field of ufology. And yes her book is extraordinary. Did you know she made the cover of Issue 2 of UFOs & Supernatural Magazine? Read our interview with her. She was spectacular as usual.

57-Fake Credentials of Psychics

Did you take into consideration the false claims and fake credentials of psychics and mediums who were elected in the national vote? I am not accusing anybody but asking an innocent question. I asked this because I know for a fact that many psychics display on their websites phony papers and tell their clients that they have earned prestigious awards and academic degrees in metaphysics and religion. I can give you the names of at least 5 psychics who bought their credentials from diploma mills and fake churches which sell a doctorate degree in divinity and religion for a donation of $100 Dollars. Did you check their credentials? Jamil Akram, Bahrain


USM: We are fully aware of that situation. Indeed few have exaggerated in their claims and no less than 10 psychics got their degrees and especially Ph.D. from non-existing institutions of higher learning and/or diploma mills/fly-by-night schools. We have addressed this issue during the National Election Committee Conference, and as a matter of fact we have contacted a lawyer who recommended one of the contestants to inquire if in fact it was her who sent the recommendation, because we had some concerns about the credentials of her favorite psychic, subject of her email.  We spoke to the attorney for approx. 14 minutes and asked her if in fact it was her who sent the recommendation. We also addressed the issue of the credentials of the person she recommended and voted for. Her answer was crystal clear: The general public is voting not you. Credentials of contestants and winners are irrelevant. What counts is the decision of the general public and how people have voted for this or that psychic. The Committee decided that elections criteria should not interfere with contestants/winners/losers personal claims and credentials. After all it was not the Committee members who elected the winners but the general public. This is why UFOs & Supernatural Magazine does not endorse any candidate, winner, psychic or medium in any shape or form. We have simply counted and reported the votes. And we are not in the business of hurting people names, business, character and reputation. (Photo courtesy of Actionharm)

Comment of Tom K.: You are dead wrong, psychics with phony credentials should be disqualified. I know you are not now investigating people but rather collecting votes and monitoring the election process. But after the election you should go back and do your homework. Find out who is real and who is phony. If you want us to trust you and buy your magazine you MUST be above reproaches and tell the truth. Phony psychics are a threat to our society. I totally disagree with you. I want to see a list of names of false psychics, tarot readers, mediums and everything. Are you going to do it or not? Tom K., Boca Raton, Florida

USM: NO! Let the local authorities and FBI take care of the problem.

58-Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar is not an ufologist. He is a whistleblower. Why did you elect him? J.H. Nevada

USM: He is both. And we did not elect him. The public did!

Comment of Arnold Musgrove on J.H. comment: Bob Lazar deserves plenty of credits. He is the one who put UFOs on the map. Arnold Musgrove.

Comment of Luis Mondragon on Arnold Musgrove comment: I agree with Arnold Musgrove. Bob Lazar was the first to inform on Area 51 and aliens technology. He is the man. Luis Mondagron. Mexico

Tell that to S. Friedman. John Sands


59-Listing of Psychics in Psychics Directory. BIG DEAL!!!!!!!

Don’t be fooled by psychics who brag about being listed in psychics directories and on psychics PR agencies. Give me 50 bucks sweetheart and I will list you everywhere. Be warned.  Jose Bruant, Maryland

60-So your madonnas and primadonnas psychics winners have no manners!

Do you feel you wasted your time organizing the national election? And why did you do it in the first place. So your madonnas and primadonnas psychics winners have no manners!  I know from my personal experience such event takes lots of time. It took me 5 full days to put up my garage sale. Anyway it was fun and totally unexpected. I wish you a continuous success, your mag is fabulous. Henry D., Washington, DC

 61-No cash prize for the top spot?

Almost all major contests and national elections of any sort give a cash prize for the first winner. I am not comparing you to Miss America…I know major corporations, fancy furs stores, jewelers, airplanes companies, car dealerships give money and expensive gifts to Miss America. This is a billion Dollar enterprise. A nice token would do the trick. What do you think? Emilio Z. Miami Florida

USM: Psychics PR companies, agencies and Psychics-Mediums Association don’t give a damn!! Emilio, we are responding soon. We are looking for a document; a letter we sent in which we asked major Psychics Organizations and Agencies to contribute to the cash prize of the 1st National Election of America’s Best Psychics. We did not ask much from them, not at all, but none had the courtesy to respond. In other words they ignored our humble request. In this racket, each one is for himself. I will try to find that damned letter and post it here soon. So stand by.

I found it, here it is ( It was emailed on: 1/5/2012 7:21:37 AM Eastern Standard Time):

Did they respond? NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't care!!

In other words, they don't give a s..t! Emanuelle, New York, New York

Then, don't hide their names. Let psychics and mediums who paid them membership fees know their true color. L. Herman, New York, NY

62-Important Follow-up on Item 52-What an event!  But only one winner thanked us!

FOR THE RECORD: We received the following emails from:

Shellee Hale, on /7/2012 9:27:35 PM Eastern Standard Time:  To Everyone at UFO's & Supernatural Magazine, I wanted to thank all of you for the time and effort you have put into writing about me and my work and for including me in your recent poll on American Psychic's.  The honor of just being included among the list but to have a support system that took the time to email and even add a comment was humbling.  I am sure it was a great effort to do this and I appreciate all of your work.  I hope to spread the word about your magazine and build your membership base to return back what you have done for me and my work. Thank you again for this prestigious award.  May blessing come to all of you in 2012 and my wish is that the best of your dreams come true. Shellee Hale, Managing Partner Camandago, Inc., Founder - Psychic Crime Fighter, 227 Bellevue Way NE #80, Bellevue, WA 98004, WA PI LIC 1669 and 3018

And this email from Shellee Hale on 1/7/2012 9:54:40 PM Eastern Standard Time: To Everyone at UFO's & Supernatural Magazine, Thank you so much for all you did and including me in your recent edition of UFOs & Supernatural and for the great honor of being awarded a top spot in two of your psychic categories in your recent poll.  This honor starts my 2012 with a bang.  I can't thank you all of you enough for this gift of recognition.  I can only hope that you will feel the energy I send to bless you with great success in 2012 and see the fruit of that positive flow from me to you. Thank you for this wonderful privilege and honor. PS - I hope I didn't miss an email and I want all of the staff to know I include them in this big THANK YOU! Shellee Hale, Managing Partner Camandago, Inc.

And the following email from Patti Negri on 1/7/2012 7:49:28 PM Eastern Standard Time:  I just saw your blog about being thanked by the psychics...  I am SO sorry if I neglected to do so.  I thought I did so in that very first email - in fact, in almost every email I have sent you!  I am so honored - and blown away - by what you and your magazine have done here, I am eternally grateful - so truly, deeply, honestly, THANK YOU!  ;o)  xox Patti Negri




And the following email from Sunhee & Chinhee Park on1/7/2012 8:56:51 PM Eastern Standard Time: My sister and I have been fighting the flu, and we found out by Nia Peeples that we ranked #5, we were so excited that we forgot to send in our grattitude for this. It will be very cool for a credential for our sizzle reel. We want to keep in touch with you guys because you are GIVERS! We love having givers in our life, and we would love to promote your magazine on all the radio shows that we will be on, that are syndicated shows. We are also going to mention you in our t.v. show, and any new endeavors that we get. Thanks for having our backs too with the press that was not so positive, we really appreciate it!Allison Hayes and all of the psychics that made top, deserve it to! It is also nice that we just worked for a magazine that did not appreciate us, and you guys found us, YOU HEALED US! All of the people over there are healers and of good energy, thank you a million times and from the bottom of our hearts, you must have worked so hard!!!!!!! big hugs, Sunhee and Chinhee


And the following email from Danielle Egnew on 1/7/2012 11:34:45 PM Eastern Standard Time: Heya Peggy -- I'm just out of the studio, getting caught up on my wall of emails here waiting for me, and I wanted to send along a big congratulations, and a big thanks to you guys, for putting all that work into the nation's first metaphysical poll!! I can't imagine the amount of work that was, and it was really an honor to see that over 22,000 people took the time to email you guys on my behalf. Wow!So *thank you* so much for giving people the opportunity to reach out and pick their favorites -- what a labor of love -- and I was honored to be among them, in the top three, no less :)! And, thanks for reaching out :) -- I appreciate ya'll more than you know!!You guys rock! All the best –Danielle,Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


63-Response/Comments of Shellee Hale to:

Item #39-Serious concern about psychics training, practices and claims: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Hi there. I have been reading your latest issue and find it quite lovely. Your article on the best psychics is very interesting and I have enjoyed reading about each one you have highlighted. I have taken some time to visit the websites of each psychic and they are all very unique. I do have a question/concern, though. As a practicing sexual assault and domestic violence caseworker for over 20 years, I have extensive training and experience in these types of cases. I noticed on the website of Sunhee and Chinhee Park that they claim to offer "help" for all types of abuse, including sexual abuse. I am wondering exactly what qualifications these "professionals" claim to have to be able to offer advice on these very serious matters. In researching their website further, I could find no professional training and zero credentials to substantiate their abilities as psychics or healers. I am sure these ladies are good at what they do; however, it is extremely irresponsible and downright unethical for them to be offering any type of counseling to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or other abuse. Qualified professionals must complete years of training and actually earn degrees in order to "help" with these cases. I find it very concerning that seemingly self-appointed psychics/healers are claiming to assist with matters that are this serious. If nothing else, they are opening the door for substantial law suits against them. So my question to Ms. Sunhee and Ms. Chinhee is - could you please share your professional training and qualifications with your audience? This may be something you should really put on your website. Thank you,
Geraldine Metcalf, Brooklyn, NY

 USM: Ms. Metcalf; We have sent your email to the Park sisters. Psychics. We could not locate any pertinent information about you as "A practicing sexual assault and domestic violence caseworker." Gladly, we will post your comments, and mention the names of the two psychics you referred to in your email, once you have provided us with an idea about your practice? A website, perhaps? We want to make sure that we have INDEED received an email from Ms. Geraldine Metcalf, an accredited caseworker. We are delighted you have addressed this issue. Thank you.

Comment from Ruth P. "Geraldine Metcalf is right on. Psychics who practice any form of health/mental profession must be licensed. I appreciate what you have done....hiding the names of the two psychics subject of the email of Metcalf. But I insist that those two psychics come clean and show us their credentials."  Ruth P, New York, New York

I personally have received 100's of hours in training including 40 hours  from the National Organization of Victims Assistance and  have just finished all of my requirements and waiting to receive my intermediate credential from NOVA, which is actually the most recognized in victims advocacy work.  You can actually view my licenses with the state on their website or most of them are scanned in on Also, last night in addition to this great recognition from all of you, we lost our family dog Rusty Trigger Hale, 14 1/2.  I am very sorry that I did not send an  email thanking the staff of UFOs & Supernatural (until tonight).    It is my personal belief that the best way to send a thank you note is to hand write it and send it snail mail - email is way too impersonal and unprofessional, this is according to the experts who say it is "almost never acceptable" to email a thank you note. I am a little old fashioned. reference: Shellee Hale, Managing Partner Camandago, Inc.

64-Response/Comments of Shellee Hale to Item # 57-Fake Credentials of Psychics: None from the papermill - LOL. Each of my certifications and my education came from very hard work.  If you are wanting official transcripts with grades, I guess I could load those up too for review. Shellee Hale, Managing Partner, Camandago, Inc.

USM: Mrs. Hale is the REAL thing. All her credentials and degrees are bona fide. She is one of the very very very few psychics-mediums in America who has earned TRUE degrees from respectable institutions, organizations and colleges. This is a lady we can fully trust!


65-Question for Shellee Halle: VALIDITY OF PSYCHICS' CREDENTIALS. Good Evening Madame Halle. I am Frenchman from Paris who has studied all sorts of metaphysical schools in France, Madame Blavatski, Alain Cardec, Le Spiritisme. I am intrigued and confused by the way psychics mediums and psychics-healers operate in America. In France, the government issues legal papers for all the people who register themselves as psychics. The most important side of this is the police recognition for some well known psychics in France who have solved crimes mysteries. If a psychic is a true psychic, I think official papers are not needed to make a living. My major question for you is how come you are the only psychic in America who has official documentations and certificates from the government and other serious organizations? Do you respect or trust other psychics who claim to be crime psychics and missing people psychics like you and who don’t have proper certification? I want your FRANK opinion and please don’t try to be diplomate, tell me the honest truth. Jean Louis Carpentier, Paris, France

Answer of Shellee Hale: Jean Louis Carpentier, I don't believe in a certification for being psychic,  we get that acknowledgement with our birth certificate and actually before, read research on in-utero hearing that happens through bones and skin transmittals, this is our first experience with telepathy when as a growing fetus in our Mother's belly we are connecting to the external world. I have credentials because cognitive training helps me with my expressive language skills so I can better share all that comes in through the right brain.  Most importantly many of the jobs that I do require this education and training.  I am a naturalist, born very in tune with the world, I don't live or work only in the right brain and my left brain linear thinking is terrible because I move back and forth constantly.  You don' need a credential to play at Wimbledon or the Masters, to dance on Broadway or to compete in the Olympics but you do need to prove yourself and if people are going to pay to watch you play, you better be good. I am not traditional at all.  I work in the real world where real scholarly requirements exist.  Psychic Information is absolute truth, I am not sure how anyone would credential ones thoughts;  but,  bankers, lawyers, doctors, stock brokers, car salesman, etc.  they all have licenses too and many are not trustworthy.  The licensing is more about revenue and regulation so that the person's in this field of work can provide services to the public appropriate to a definition made by the licensing authority and the licensee can be held accountable for their actions. 

A follow-up by Shellee Hale: I think that the argument here is if you are psychic you can't be anything else.  In the United States asking about our religion, sexual orientation or even our race would be racist and discriminatory practice.  I am not engaged in all these things because I am "just" a psychic, I am qualified in these areas because of my scholarly work.  My psychic brain is a tool in a very big tool box that includes a lot of other things. In regards to psychics working to solve crimes or find missing persons - I only care if they are right on the case they are working, even if it is only one time over all.  Psychic tips should not be treated any differently than any other tip.  But, before deploying resources I believe in the protocol that I have to weigh the credibility of the information with other collected factual information that police may have, some tips will be better than others because of the absolute and probability analysis.

Comment of N. Bernardini: Mrs. trapped yourself!!!!!!! Pay attention to what you have just said: "I am "just" a psychic, I am qualified in these areas because of my scholarly work." SCHOLARLY.....SCHOLARLY.....SCHOLARLY..... meaning STUDIES!!!!!!- MEANING EARNING CREDENTIALS.- N. Bernardini, New York, New York

Comment of Scott L on Bernardini comment: Right on Bernardini or Mussolini. Hale shot herself in the foot. hurts. Scott L. New York, New York

Comment  of Flo Gaspard on Scott L. comment: Wait Zombie...she will put you in the Zoo Scott L.- Flo Gaspard, NY. NY.

Comment of Scott L on Flo Gaspard: Realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly! I am not impressed by her FBI DIPLOMA. It means nothing to me.....Watch out with a diploma like that she will report anyone to the FBI in a heart beat!!!!- Scott L. NY. NY.

Comment of Roberta Anatoli on Scott L. comments: If you are missing get lost-Roberta.

Comment of Alfred B. on Scott L. comment: Shellee Hale is a descent lady. She is not an informer.-Alfred B. New York, New York.

Comment of Marna Wells on Scott L: You are a real Zombie! A certified one, you don't need a diploma. As....le-Marna Wells.


USM: Dear Mr. Carpentier: Superb questions.  Unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.

Comment of "ZORRRO" on the question of Mr. Carpentier: Because she takes her profession seriously and she is honest. She does not play games. No gimmicks here Frenchy. "Zorrro", Los Angeles, California


Comment of Roberto R. : Does Miss America-Ms. Best Psychic in America, the Rock Girl [Allison Hayes] have official certificates of medium? She said she is a priestess ...good...ask her  about the seminary or theology school which ordained her. Is she also "REVEREND" or "DOCTOR IN DIVINITY"? I love the ways she looks, she is very attractive. Roberto R., San Francisco, California

USM: Dear Mr. Roberto. R:  Unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics.  We ceased to be delivery-boy and Post Service messengers. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.



Statement by Shellee Hale received on 1/8/2012 12:50:47 AM Eastern Standard Time: You can also view my name on this link as I am the Victims Advocate for the State of Washington representing NAMUS.GOV - the National Missing and Unidentified Person System. I am also a Lifetime Member at NOVA and OVCTTAC trained (40 hours) I was also an advocate trainer at the 2010 CASA State Meeting. (attached recognition) and there are testimonials from participants like: I was impressed by your presentation at the WaCASA conference Saturday, October 9, at the Bellevue Hiatt Hotel.  Thank you again for the information you shared with us yesterday.-Ben--------Thank you so much for coming and sharing with us your wealth of information!   I was really interested in everything you said.   Out of all the speakers, you were the best!-Lori-------I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop at the conference.  Although we as CASA’s may not do very in-depth research, it is fabulous to have the tools for when we do need them!  Thank you so much!-Sally-----Shellee Hale, Managing Partner, Camandago, Inc. Founder - Psychic Crime Fighter

You are the real thing Shellee. I told my mother not to worry if I disappear or something should happen me...Shellee Hale will find me. True. "Zorrro", Los Angeles, California

***   ***   ***

66-Aliens Symbols on a retrieved UFO in Roswell

Mr. M delafayette: Is it true the United States Army found extraterrestrial symbols on the UFO they captured in Roswell? In what language the symbols were written? In your book you mentioned Jesse Marcel Jr. symbols his father showed him when he was 5 year old. Soso, Republic of Georgia.

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Soso, I have written on this subject at length in my book. Here are some excerpts: Linguists and code decipherers at an intelligence agency, the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), Harvard-Smithsonian Institution, and a government security agency worked on parchments from ancient scriptures and scrolls, believed to be part of Book of Rama, aka the Book of Ramadosh, which was either found in Damascus, and/or sold by an Arab dealer to a spy stationed in Istanbul. Their comparative study and findings summary of the early Phoenicians manuscripts, the Byblos script, and the Babylonian tablets on astronomy, algebra and mathematics ushered in, a new era of philosophical and scientific interpretations of ancient extraterrestrial symbols. Some of these symbols appeared on retrieved aliens’ spacecrafts that crashed in the United States and Mexico. At the time, they were studying those extraordinary documents, civilian linguists were not notified that they were working on retrieved aliens scripts and symbols. But the military linguists and code decipherers who where transferred to the NSA and NRO knew what was going on. It is well-evidenced that many of the Phoenician linguists and early creators of their Alphabet (Byblos Script) borrowed many words and expressions from the higher class of the Anunnaki, who have established their earliest colonies in Tyre (Sour), Sidon (Saida), Byblos (Jbeil), Afka, Turkey, and Mesopotamia. Archaic Phoenician texts and poems from Byblos, Sidon, Tyre and Carthage included reference to symbols and words taken from the written language of Baalshamroot’s upper class of the Anunnaki.  Code decipherers working for intelligence agencies cracked some of the extraterrestrials-Phoenician linguistic and code symbols. Tesla notebook and footnotes on the “Death Ray” and “Cosmic Energy” included a considerable number of aliens’ symbols. The Delta Triangle insignia that appeared on the suits of military scientists and security guards at secret military bases, and labs co-administered by leading universities and the military, is a replica of the Zaviya, which is an extraterrestrial symbol, often illustrated as a triangle. My personal opinion: Accurate.


Drawing by Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. of the aliens’ symbols he saw on the wreckage or debris of a UFO that crashed near Roswell.

My personal opinion: Dr. Marcel, to the best of his ability, told what he conceived to be the truth. He did not lie. We all understand that in some instances, a good memory fades away. However, important/particular details or characteristics of an exceptional or unusual event leave marks on us, and within us, that time could never erase.






Written statement by Dr. Marcel. It reads: “Seen & copied from memory- not hypnotically retrieved.” Submitted by J. Marcel, M.D.

 My personal opinion: Dr. Marcel gave us an honest statement.


67-Mu and Atlantis

 Why did you call Mu by the name of Zara. Is Mu Atlantis. Mr. Maximillien?- Elaine Boulanger, Paris, France.

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: I addressed this issue in my book on Black operations. Allow to repeat what I have explained in my book: “ Zara is an Ana’kh/Ulemite noun. Zara is an Ulemite Sephr, meaning a chapter on vanished civilizations that included Atlantis and Mu “Lumeria”. A large portion of the Sephr gave fascinating details on Mu. Here are some excerpts from Zara, concerning Mu: According to the legend and esoteric myths, Mu was a large continent of an advanced civilization. It sunk in the ocean many thousands of years ago. The story or Myth of Mu appeared for the first time in the 19th century, thanks to the writings of Augustus Le Plongeon (1825-1908), who claimed that the survivors of Mu went to the Americas and established the Mayan Empire. Then, in the first half of the 20th century, the prolific writer and visionary extraordinaire James Churchward popularized the story of Mu in a series of books he wrote:The Children of Mu” published in 1931; “The Lost Continent of Mu” published in 1933, and “The Sacred Symbols of Mu”, published in 1935.  And  in the 1930’s, Kamal Atatürk (Baba Kamal) then leader of Turkey, your majestic country, generously funded an academic and scientific research on Mu. The great Turkish leader thought, that maybe, he will be able to establish a direct link or some sort of connection betweek Turkey and the word’s first civilizations that could include the Aztec, and the Maya. Unfortunately, all attempts to prove the existence of MU failed. First of all, you have to remember that the Anunnaki were not first and only in Mesopotamia. The first expedition of the Anunnaki to Earth  occurred some 449,000 B.C. They landed in the Near East (Phoenicia) and explored the territories of Madagascar, Brazil, Central Africa,  Turkey (Anatolia) etc., and finally, they established their kingdom in Mesopotamia. The continent of MU was already in existence, long, long before the Mesopotamian civilization.

A map of Pangaea.

And Atlantis was the bridge between the remnants of Mu, the pre-historic civilization of Crete, Phoenicia (Modern day Lebanon), Ugarit, Arwad, Egypt, Mesopotamia, the lands of the Hittites in Anatolia, and Cyprus. Mu was established some 14,000 to 20,000 years ago, and its civilization was destoyed some 9,500 to 10,000 years ago, but MU itself did not "sink" under the ocean, as many have claimed, simply because scientifically speaking, continents do not sink; they might shift, drift, and break into two, three or several parts, but this is a very very long  geolocial process that takes hundreds of millions of years. Except for Pangaea, history, archeology, anthropology, and oceanography tell us that continents have maintained their original position. Thus, for the continent of MU to change its original position as a continent, or to sink to the bottom of the ocean, these events and changes should have occurred at the time Pangaea shifted some 250 millions years ago, or even during the shift of Pannotia, that was formed on Earth some 600 million years ago, or Rodinia (formed some 1.2 billion years ago) which has totally shifted some 750 million years ago. Yet, and once again, geography, natural history, oceanography, anthropology, the study of fossils, and the history of comparative civilizations have not provided any proof that a new shift has ever occurred after those dates. Thus, the idea that an early advanced civilization has existed hundreds of millions of years ago on a vanished continent is a pure fantasy, ridiculed by science. In conclusion, the civilization of MU must have existed around 14,000 to 20,000 years ago, and during that period, no continent has ever shifted. Therefore, the sinking of MU to the bottom of the ocean is an impossibility.



Map of Santorini.

The Anunnaki-Ulema views: Ulema have suggested that MU and Atlantis were one and the same; a community, instead of a continent. This makes it more logical to assume that a migration of a community to another part of the world, including Baalbeck, Tyre, Sidon, Turkey, Anatolia, the Near East/the Middle East could have occurred. In addition, this migration could also explain the sudden emergence of an advanced civilization, we know little about. The early community of Mu or Atlantis or both, since they were considered epistemologically and anthropologically the same, had a highly advanced civilization and well-structured societies, “implanted” by an extraterrestrial race. And the only extraterrestrial race that has left some historical and mythological documents and records on Earth was the Anunnaki. This is the only and most logical link we can attach to the people of MU/Atlantis. Anunnaki-Ulema Sadek ben Alia Al Bakri stated verbatim: “The Anunnaki had a direct contact with those people, and taught them science, technology, language, and the use of advanced  learning techniques and tools. They went to the Near/Middle East and established their new colonies, always under the supervision of the Anunnaki.”Ulema Sharif Al Takki Al Zubyani (1797-1877) stated that Mu did exist some 50,000 years ago-Ulemite calendar (14,000-20,000 years in our calendar). He added that the original name of Mu was Mari, and it was inhabited by people who were very advanced in  “Ilm Al Falak”, meaning space science. An enormous explosion happened on the continent, caused by the reflections of lights and rays emitted by gigantic “Miraya”, which means mirrors, triggered by a huge volcano eruption. Coincidentally or strangely enough, the Anunnaki and Ulemite literature referred to Miraya as a galactic tool used to receive and emit cosmic messages, a sort of beam (Possibly atomic or laser), as well as to record and decode events from the past, the present and the future. Al Zubyani added: “Those mirrors were also used as weapons, and if they are not handled properly, they could destroy a whole country.” Those who know Arabic, including the archaic dialect of the Arab Peninsula, and Ana’kh will find out that there is a very close relation (Perhaps linguistically only) between the Name Mari and the Arabic, pre-Islamic word Mir’aat (Mir’-aat and Miraya) which means in both languages (Ana’kh and Arabic) mirror. Strangely enough, the French word “Miroir” and the English word mirror derive directly from the Ana’kh (Anunnaki language) Miraya. So here we have a million year old Anunnaki word “Miraya”, a 50,000 year old name “Mari”, a 7,000 year old Ulemite word “Mirra-ya”, and a 5,000 year old Arabic word Miraya! Any connection? So, what did we learn from all this? We have learned the following:

1-The continent of MU did not sink to the bottom of the ocean, because scientifically, continents do not sink.

68-From Psychic Rev. Claire Braddock:  Dear Peggy. This week has been quite an overwhelming week with unexpected honored acknowledgements from various organizations. I wish to take this opportunity and thank you for the work you and the entire magazine, put in to organizing the 1st Annual Public Poll.  It came with great shock to find my name listed at number 16 for the top 25 Best Psychics in America.  I am so truly honored to see that others thought of me to acknowledge the authenticity of my psychic work.  I never once asked for a single vote.  Instead, I took the opportunity to spread the word of the event by forwarding the below advertisement I had received in this email.  If you would be so kind as to help me find a way to thank those who voted for me, I would appreciate it.  My sincere thanks and gratitude is deserving to those who voted me into the top 25.  TRUST, Claire Rev Claire Braddock, HPS C.Ht. (760) 569 – 6465

Claire Braddock

USM: Claire, you are a lovely person and gifted. We received so many emails praising your talent and good character. We were pleased and even amused  (In a good way) by a "recommendation" from one lady from Iowa who called you "The Mother Theresa of Psychics." We like people like you!

69-Can the Triangle of Life Technique bring good luck?

Dear Mr. Max De Lafayette. Can Gudabari Esoteric Technique of the Anunnaki Ulema bring me good life and enhance my living conditions? I tried so many magical techniques from Shams Al Maaref Al Kubra but nothing seems to work as explained in the book. Thank you thank you. Hamid Zahra, Baghdad, Iraq

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The lovely people who have read my books on the Anunnaki and Anunnaki Ulema are familiar with Gubada-Ari. I will explain it briefly in this forum. How this technique will enhance your life: With the help of the triangle, you will be able to find the perfect areas on earth where your health, success, and peace of mind will be at their optimum.  You can work it on a large scale and find out the best countries to live in, or on a small scale, which would give you the best neighbourhoods in your own city or county.

I. Synopsis of the Theory:

II. Materials:

III. The Technique:

 “Triangle A” was drawn as an equilateral triangle.

“Triangle B” was drawn by extending the lines on top of triangle A, and then closing these lines and thus creating a second triangle of the same size exactly.













“Triangle A” was moved up and centered exactly on Triangle B. By doing this, we have created a six pointed star. We have numbered the four small triangles created on the sides of the star, as 1, 2, 3, and 4.












 The Anunnaki-Ulema Triangle is a complex concept.  Perhaps, to better understand its essence, revisiting Ulema Mordechai, and listening to him explaining to his student Germain Lumiere is a must. Excerpt from his dialogue with Lumiere. Ulema Mordechai and Germain Lumiere Dialogue:  “We are going to apply the value of the triangle shape to real life and to the organization we call the Pères du Triangle. I am not sure if you are aware of it, but there are six Triangles on earth. Actually, they rule the earth.” Lumiere: “Are they political? Secret? Are they part of existing governments?” I asked. “They are more important, far more so, than mere governments. Can you define for me what are the most important things in life?” “Life itself?” I said. “Yes, this is right within itself, but it does not answer the question.” I was annoyed. Here we go again, I said to myself. I am arguing with an old Jewish Rabbi. They always go round and round, using semantics that get you nowhere. “How can I be right and wrong at the same time?” I asked. “Well, we will go about it in a different way,” said Rabbi Mordechai. “What is the meaning of life on earth?” “Family? Friends?” I said, knowing full well that he will argue again, and I was right.“Family and friends make our life meaningful, of course,” said Rabbi Mordechai, but they are not the meaning of life. The meaning of life is based on the fact that life is, in itself, a triangle. One corner of the triangle represents health. The second represents success. The third represents peace of mind. Visualize it like that.” And he demonstrated by joining his two thumbs and his two forefingers, creating a triangle.  “You find meaning by placing this triangle on the world.” He leaned his hands on the large globe. “But the all important thing is to find the right spot to put the triangle on.” “I am not sure I follow,” I said, dubiously. “So let’s demonstrate it with some props,” said Rabbi Mordechai. He gave me paper, pencil, a ruler, and a pair of scissors. “Now,” he said, “draw and cut a more or less equilateral triangle from this peace of paper.” I did, trying my best to make an exact drawing, and cut it carefully. “Now,” he said, “put it anywhere on the globe.” I took the paper, and feeling like a fool tried to place the paper on the globe, knowing that it will fall off since I used no glue. Of course it fell, several times, until Rabbi Mordechai smiled rather cynically, an expression I have never seen on his face before. “Put it on again,” he said, giving the globe a piercing look. I did, and the paper stuck to the globe. Another trick, I thought. I was tired of tricks. “Spin the globe,” he said. The triangle stuck and the globe was spinning. “As this is happening,” said Rabbi Mordechai, “realize that if the lines of the triangle were somehow continued, they would represent lines of energy around the world. Let’s concentrate on the lines that occur when you extend the Health corner at the top of the triangle. This energy flows in currents, both negative and positive, mostly underground, traversing the globe.” This was beginning to make sense to me. I span the globe again, the paper stuck, and I tried to imagine the continued lines that would follow the entire world. I was beginning to see the pattern. “Those who live above the positive lines, will have good health. Those who live above the negative lines, will have bad health. But let’s elaborate a little. Look at the drawing I am about to make.” He drew a triangle, wrote Health on the top of it, and said, “This is Triangle A.”  Then, he extended the lines. “Close these lines and thus create a second triangle of the same size exactly, which we call Triangle B. Everything inside Triangle B will have good health. Now, make a copy, of an exact size, of Triangle A. Move it up and center it exactly on Triangle B. By doing this, you have created a six pointed Star of David.” By now I realized we were not doing any tricks, but studying a most fascinating and helpful technique. “How do we proceed?” I asked, poring over the drawing. “We will number the four small triangles created on the sides of the Star of David 1, 2, 3, and 4. All countries located inside these four small triangles are good for health. Should you have a health issue, or a desire to live in the more healthy places, these are your choices.” “So I imagine that you can do the same for Success and Peace of Mind, to find the best of each quality?” “Correct,” said Rabbi Mordechai.  “Ah, but there still one problem here. Where do I put the triangle? How do I choose the original location? “I asked. Rabbi Mordechai laughed. “For once, son, I encourage you to consider yourself the center of the world. You put the triangle wherever you are.” “However, Rabbi Mordechai, another question remains. At this moment I am in Budapest. I put the triangle on the map of Hungary and learn of my best locations. But next week, or next month, I am going back to France. Then, should I put it on the map of France?” “Yes, of course,” said Rabbi Mordechai.  “This technique is working within the dictates of the moment. Wherever you are, the triangle follows. And it always works.” “I am a little surprised to see the Star of David involved in Ulema teachings,” I said.  “Not at all,” said Rabbi Mordechai. “You must realize that the Kabalists share many of the Ulema techniques. There is much more to it, as this is only one of the seven great secrets of the Star of David,” said Rabbi Mordechai. “The Kabalists have been using it to great advantage for centuries.” “But the Triangle is used by the Pères du Triangle, so it is a universal symbol,” I said. “Good point. As you can imagine, the presence of the Star of David caused the usual Anti Semitic comments that the Jews are ruling the financial world. But this is sheer nonsense. The Pères du Triangle includes people from all religions and nations, and they have very little affiliation to either.  The Star of David, even though it signifies in Judaism and is placed on the flag of the state of Israel, is entirely universal and many scholars claim its origin is Anunnaki.” Indeed, so much of the Ulema knowledge comes from the Anunnaki, that it did not surprise me.” Part of this art appeared in a book I co-authored with Dr. Arbel

Response of Shellee Hale (Recently, Nationally Elected “Most Famous/Most Popular Psychic in America 2012):The triangle is universal in its representation of balance, many different definitions of each side exist (Mind, Body, Spirit; Mother, Father, Child; Past, Present, Future) but all come to one conclusion if all three are in balance you are "centered" in the now and existence becomes a blended fluid moment (Then comes the argument about time and space).  Healing is often one place where the triangle is significant in approach.  When there is a large group of people that have been traumatized not all will find that center balance easy; experience has taught us that returning their external objects to pre-tragic existence is the most helpful but those that can't move on tend to be stuck in the past (the event) and too worried about the future (the what-if's) to experience the "now" moment of balanced peace in the mind.  Marketing geniuses play on the out of balanced living, social engineers find the weakness and capitalize on ones vulnerabilities, i.e.  they make you think things are rare, special, absolutely needed and that you better buy as much as you can now before it is gone, or they change the price on the two most likely items you buy moving one up and the other down so your happy about the deal and don't realize the loss.  In fact, the casinos, grocery stores, banks, stock managers all make money off of the imbalance and are often angry when someone exposes their scheme and puts the balance back.  Futurist (scientific and psychic) have always been key in our life development but now futurist ideas and theories are being put to the test i.e. The Forecasting World Events Project to see if a machine can replace man in predicting. I've read some judgment and skepticism here and I am one to accept and respond to that as best I can.  One thing I know for sure, some people have a caveman mentality and could never have imagined the evolution of life and where we are today.  The caveman or lower evolved persons living hundreds of years ago (and today) would not accepted the truth because it wasn't proven yet and often would put to death those that could think or see into the future because it contradicted their personal beliefs. (Thousands of years of religious wars) Those type of persons still exist and pursue the dichotomy of argument through logical fallacies or false dilemmas (purposefully redundant) based only on their capacity of current knowledge.  For there to be good and evil, don't you think that good and evil must co-exist?  Some believe NO, that evil must be destroyed completely (Islam vs. Christianity) and history has taught us that this division of people constant in argument about everything have a very difficult time co-existing in peace.  I choose to embrace all sides of life's triangle mine and yours so we can coexist and all those triangles together can make some really beautiful objects.  Shellee

 Comment from Emanuelle: Impressive! - Emanuelle, New York, New York

Comment of Scott L. on Emanuelle's comment: I knew you were going to say that. -Scott L. New York, New York.


#71-Information about Psychics and Healers: I'd like to know what information you are seeking for you book? Information you'd like for psychics and healers? Conscious Publicity, Rita White President

USM: We need all sorts of information, data and stories (Good and bad) about all kinds of psychics and healers in the United States. Recommendations and complaints, successes and failures, clients-psychics-healers stories, testimonies, biographies and accomplishments of psychics and healers; the whole nine yards. We will keep the identity of any person who submits vital and verifiable INFO about psychics and healers, CONFIDENTIAL. Click on the link Book: America’s Best & Worst Psychics & Healers in Nat’l Rank Order

72-Celebrity Sex Psychic Belinda Bentley (Photo, left): I am writing you in regards to Celebrity Sex Psychic Belinda Bentley. In 2002 I was at the San Jose, CA Psychic fair. I walked around the exhibit booths and walked by every Psychic booth 3 times feeling in the mood and the energy of the psychics & every time I was drawn to this one table in particular she had no Big Signs, No Pamphlets. Nothing to offer but her psychic services every time I walked by she had this smile on her face & her energy felt peaceful & inviting. Not to mention that every time I walked by she had a new person getting a reading with her & a few people in line. So I put my name on her waiting list and waited. At the time I wanted to know when I was gonna get pregnant again and move out of state. She was very sweet & HONEST. She didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear she actually told me some important things I NEEDED to hear Like I was actually in need of some medical treatment that’s why I wasn’t able to get pregnant & that in all honesty she seen babies coming in to my life but they weren’t mine they were others. (That year my brother in law had twins, as well as my sister in law had a baby & my friend had a son & my cousin had a daughter) Many kids but none for me as predicted. She also told me she didn’t see me moving out of state for many years. This didn’t set well with me because I had already been trying to leave the state since 1995. She told me she seen me moving to get a New apartment in California and seeing me moving away from family. Which by the way All has came to pass. Fast forward to now I am still a client of Belinda Bentley I get a reading from her at least 3 times a year & get a free question answered when I catch her on her weekly radio show (Disturbed Paranormal radio). Belinda's reading have become more in-depth & she is truly my personal In-depth spiritual advisor. She has guided me, advised me in numerous aspects of my life. Been there for me in the rough times, sad times & even Happy times. She helped be supportive in getting me to follow my true dreams & getting over fears & seeing what i needed to see for my self even when I was afraid to see it. So I had the pleasure of having in person readings, over the phone & group setting readings. As well as being lucky enough to say she helped me voice outward my abilities of being psychic & not hiding in the closet about it. So to me she truly has been a wonderful life coach, teacher, Psychic advisor. I recommend her all the time. Her website info is  I also know you can find some feedback on her at and I know she is on Facebook too. Thank you Rubbie Salinas (San Jose, CA)

Wowwwwwwwwww!!! Sex therapy or Sex orientation or what? How can she help. Scott, L. (Yeah, it's me again), NY.

USM: Scott,  unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics.  We ceased to be delivery-boy and Post Service messengers. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.

OK, can she find out if my wife is cheating on me. I will pay her anything. I can no more afford private detectives. Jim

USM: Jim,  unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics.  We ceased to be delivery-boy and Post Service messengers. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.

Belinda can you help without an actual appointment. I live far away. Actually I live in Cyprus. A.P

USM: A.P.,  unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics.  We ceased to be delivery-boy and Post Service messengers. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.

Sex psychic??????????????????????????????????Common....what is she going to do or see. Belinda I have a question for you, do you solicit the help of spirits in your practice? Is it possible!!!!!!I thought spirits are sexless. Everyday we learn something new but I can't figure out how a sex psychic can actually help clients with medium reading. T. Khan Mirza, Pakistan

USM: Khan Mirza, unfortunately we no longer forward emails to psychics.  We ceased to be delivery-boy and Post Service messengers. First, it is time consuming, and second, we strongly believe that a considerable number of psychics are by now reading our forum, thus if they are interested in answering readers’ questions when they are addressed to them, they can always and directly send their answers to us at , and gladly we will post their answers on the pages of the forum.

I can help…I can help… Hear me out desperate men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To all the men who need help, to the victims of wives-cheating I CAN HELP you free of charge. Tell me where you live, I will pick you up in my truck all of you and take you to my secret donjon. It is a nice and secret place…underground located under a fancy gays-lesbians joint in Manhattan, New Yorrrrrrk. You are safe with me. I am serious. I will summon the spirits and the devils of Goddess Ishtar…she knows everything. It wouldn’t cost you a penny, just bring six-pack of Budweiser, two sheets or Armenian bastrami or soujock. Let’s make magic. You don’t need sex psychics. Try me once…you will get addicted. I am the real McCoy- Sincerely, Abradacabroo The Great Priest of finding out Everything. PS: I am ordained minister and Reverend of the Honorable Salvation Church of Sex Appeal from Zimbabwe. Really. One more PS: If my truck runs out of gas, I will bring my UFO. So don't panic. I forgot another PS: Let's have sex with aliens.

Cover of the book "Sex with Aliens"

Comment from Darwich on "Abradacabroo The Great Priest of finding out Everything.": Sex with aliens, I know all about it. If you need an assistant, just blow your whistle. I will be there. Hey Grand Master did you read Sex with Aliens? It is the story of an American Jazz singer who had steamy sex affairs with an alien. Serious. Get it at I am Mr. Darwich. Read the book description: This book is one wild ride. Young Macy gets more than she ever could imagine on one lonely night at home. This story is part of a 3 part book series by the legendary author Nightshade. He is well-known in other genres for his erotic thrillers with a cult-like following. Follow these two young women as they take you to a place you might never forget and definitely won't find boring. All things are possible in this love match! Sex With Aliens has been a bestseller in the horror/erotic section of Amazon, and this critically acclaimed book is sure to continue to attract more readers as the series continues! from amazon




73-From Rubbizfire: Thank you to UFOs and Supernatural Magazine & staff for creating the Poll and for allowing me to partake in your Poll.  I appreciate being mentioned and am very grateful and excited to be #23. I have thanked everyone on Facebook for their VOTES. I am very sorry it has taken me so long to THANK you personally! Thank you so much!!!! Blessings and all wishes to you and your staff for a prosperous 2012.  Rubbizfire. Happy New Year from Rubbizfire R U B B I Z F I R E  Psychic & Tarot readings 1 (888) 436 - 5497

USM: Well, you were the people choice in the 1st National Vote/Election of America's Best Psychics and Medium 2012. Congrats!

Rubbizfire is the best the best the best. She deserves a higher rank than 23. -Jorge Salinas, Arizona

Yes sir AMEN. She is first class and UFOs Super Mag should write an article about her. Rubbizfire is very modest woman with zillions of spiritual gifts. -Marina, New Mexico

I second the motion. Go for it UFO Supernatural!!-Barb Antonelli

Do you endorse Rubbizfire as a genuine tarot reader? -Scott (Still me, I know I am a pain in the butt, but I love to ask questions and get REAL answers)....................................USM: We will endorse ONLY those who submit themselves and their "talents/gifts" to a test administered by Mr. Maximillien de Lafayette, our Editor-in-Chief who wrote over 100 books about mediums and the supernatural. Psychics must prove themselves in a practical manner before they receive UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE full endorsement. There are thousands of false psychics around the 4 corners of the globe. So be careful. Check with us before you spend a penny on psyching reading.


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