Parallel Worlds of Maximillien de Lafayette


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Selections of his writings from his book: The Essential Maximillien de Lafayette. Part 5

On parallel dimensions, multiple dimensions 
and stargates to other worlds

The Fourth Dimension “Chabkaradi”

 Is the Fourth Dimension the world beyond?

·         1. Not totally.

·         2. It is just the beginning of the world beyond.

·         3. As you progress in the after-life, you will discover new dimensions and new forms of life.

·         4. Human beings live simultaneously in two dimensions. One, which you are aware of, you sense it and you see it, the other, you could reach it and understand it through:

·        a- Your mind,

·         b- Communicating with your Double,

·         c- Mental introspection,

·         d- A pure diet,

·         e- Projection of thoughts,

·         f- A physical-mental retreat that opens your Conduit.

 Chabkaradi” is the name of the Fourth sphere on the cosmic net. So what is Chabkaraki?

This could cause loss of memory and blindness. It did happen, and we are mentioning it here for additional learning, but it is not useful to elaborate further on this situation.

This allows the spaceship to reach higher spheres at an incredible speed way beyond the comprehension of human beings. Behind the spaceship, time and space open and close up as soon as the spaceship exits from the time-space tunnel that allowed the spaceship to reach the 4th dimension, or the parallel one.

Abraa–Abru: Entering the 4th Dimension and Returning From the World Beyond

One particular subject that has preoccupied and dazzled the students of the Ulema is the Fourth dimension. As we all know, none of the illustrious figures of mankind’s history, including mighty Roman emperors, prophets, Popes, and inventors has ever returned to Earth to tell us “what is going on” after death, what is the Fourth dimension, and how dead people live in the world beyond. There is another topic that has challenged the intellect of novices and adepts, and made “their heads spin in all directions”, said a biographer of the Ulema, and this topic is “ what does happen to the mind and psyche of people who entered the Fourth dimension, and returned to earth?” he added.

 I. First and foremost: Is it possible to visit the world beyond? The Ulema biographer seems to suggest, that it is very possible to leave Earth, enter the dimension of the after-life, and return to our physical world. Is it really possible? “Only the honorable Ulema and very avant-garde quantum physics theorists could answer this question”, said an enlightened one. Assuming that it is possible to enter the world beyond and return to Earth, what effects such an extraordinary experience would have on us, on our beliefs systems, and the way we see and understand our physical world, an Ulema asked his student. The student did not know what to say. Evidently!

 II. The Ulema can enter the after-life dimension, and other parallel dimensions, and return to earth through a multitude of ways and means. In their Kira’ats, the Ulema told their students, that the honorable teachers can easily enter the after-life dimension, the sphere of the world beyond, and other parallel dimensions, and return to earth through a multitude of ways and means, to name a few:

 III. What would happen to us when we return to Earth after exiting the 4th dimension? My teachers did elaborate on the subject, however I do not remember everything the honorable Ulema have said in their Kira’at. This happened some fifty years ago. Below is a summary of their Kira’at and Dirasaat in a non particular order:

IV. What is the nature of this phenomenon? The Ulema have realized that not all of their students understood the nature of this phenomenon. Many students have asked obvious questions such as: a-Is it mental? Spiritual? Physical? Scientific? Or simply a state of mind? b-Do we enter the 4th dimension with our body, or simply by using our imagination? c-Who takes us there?  Our mind or our body? d-If it is our mind who takes us there, then what happens to our body? Do we leave our body on earth?  Alone? Is it protected? As you can see, all sorts of questions were asked. And it was not always too easy for the Ulema to answer these questions. Sometimes, the Ulema would not answer the students’ questions, instead they would explain the situation metaphorically. And the complicated metaphors were not always understood by the students.  An Ulema commented: “Because this phenomenon is of a very complicated scientific nature, not all students will fully understand how it works.”

 V. Yes! We can split time in two: Years later, I asked a professor of quantum physics whether it was possible to split time in two as the Ulema have told me fifty years ago, and he assured me that theoretically it is possible. He added that splitting time in two time-space dimensions could create two separate universes. Well? This is exactly what the Ulema have suggested thousands of years ago.

 VI. Excerpts from a Kira’at I gave some twenty years ago: I will try to explain this theory in a very simple language.

 Images in another dimension: “Lariba”, “Marda-iruch”:

I. Definition: Lariba is the animated pictures and images of usually immobile objects, you see when you enter another dimension.

 II. Explanation:

***   ***   ***

The Fifth Dimension

 The Fifth Dimension is a wonderful place, where all of you reach the state of quasi-perfection: There, fantastic phenomena occur, such as:a-Bending time, b-Bending space, c-Mental teleportation to the entire six dimensions, d-Reversing Spatial Memory, e-Creating new living creatures, f-Taking part in the creation of new universes; g-Shifting space’s frontiers; h-Superposing parallel dimensions; i-Inhabiting simultaneously multiple universes; j-Identifying all the Ba’abs and Madkals, k-Influencing destinies; l-Creating entities’ blueprints; m-Accelerating time; n-Reversing time; o-Halting time and distances’ dilatation, p-And of course interacting with living creatures in all the dimensions and Earth as well.This is how the purified and noble Mind (Soul to others), evolves, transmigrates and reincarnates in the world beyond. Reincarnation in the after-life is simply acquiring extraordinary knowledge and faculties, always according to the blueprint and ever-evolving nature of humans as created by the Anunnaki.

 On the collective mind’s transmigration phenomenon:

***   ***   ***

The “Kama Zone (Kamea) Dimension”: Also referred to as the “Manifestation Square”, meaning a zone where different forms of appearances, including beings and higher entities manifest themselves for multiple reasons. The Manifestation Square is indeed a physical area on Earth. Some Ulema suggested that this Square serves as a platform for the Ba’ab (See Ba’ab). The Earth is full of these Squares. However, they are not permanent, meaning they appear on Earth, each time a cosmic molecule or “Bubble” collides with another Bubble. This happens cosmically. However, the Manifestation Squares materialize on Earth, when two distinct yet very close dimension membranes “bump” into each other. Ulema Stanbouli added, “The whole universe was created in this way.” From Kama, derived the Hebrew word Kamea, which means a magic square. In esoterica and occult studies, Kama or Kamea are a place, or a zone used by Kabalists and occultists to communicate with non-human entities in order to accomplish magical acts. Kamah means the underground, thus referring to the habitat of lower entities, such as Afrit, Djinns, a category of the Ezraelim, even “lost spirits”. From Kamah, derived the Sumerian word Kimah, which means, a cemetery; a grave.

 The “Kalem Zone-Dimension”: Lines or graphs referred to as the invisible borders of multiple adjacent zones of existences, also called multiple dimensions, and/or parallel universes. These lines serve also as a path or a passage that lead to a higher sphere of knowledge.  From Kalem, derived the Hebrew word Kailem, which literally means, vessels or vehicles; the vases for the source of the Waters of Life, used in the Ten Sephiroth, and considered as the primeval nuclei of all Cosmic Forces. Some Kabalists and occulists stated that these lines or vessels appear in our world, through twenty two canals, which are represented by the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, “thus making with the Ten Sephiroth thirty-two paths of wisdom. The world of humans is linked to the afterlife through twenty two Kalem (Graphs). Some of these graphs or lines are directly attached to the “Conduit” implanted in the human brain, thus a trained adept can enter and exist other dimensions by placing himself or herself on one of the “tracks” of these lines.

***   ***   ***

 Stargates: Entrance to other worlds

How many stargates exist across the planet?

 Are there specific times when they can be used or are they always open?

 I. Ba'ab: Definition and introduction: Ba’ab “Bab” is a term for an Anunnaki’s stargate; an entrance and exit to multiple worlds, stars, planets, and galaxies. In Ana’kh, Ba’ab means a door; a door to other dimensions. The Anunnaki deploy Ba’ab “split-time-space technology” to travel to any region of the universe in a fraction of a minute. In contemporary science fiction literature, quantum physics, and ufology, it could be compared to the Stargate technology. This technology allows the Anunnaki to bend time and space and travel to various dimensions, levels and types of the cosmos, such as:

·         1-The multi-dimensional world, 
·         2-The parallel world, 
·         3-The future world, 
·         4-The galatico-plasma world,
·         5-The past dimension,
·         6-The future dimension,
·         7-The multiverse zones,
·         8-The space-memory zone,
·         9-The Akhashic sphere.
This also allows them to send and receive instant knowledge and messages from and to the beginning of the universe, the beginning of time, and the beginning of motion. This time-space technology is not a monopoly of the Anunnaki. 
Many extraterrestrial civilizations are familiar with the concept and its pragmatic application. In plain English, beyond and around Earth, and the world we know, there are millions upon millions of parallel universes, multiple dimensions, habitats, and life-forms, Earth-like planets (Nature, intelligence and organisms), that can be explored, seen, and visited by humans via stargates. 

II. Etymology: From Ba’ab “Bab”, derived:

Some ancient Near Eastern and Middle Eastern civilizations incorporated the word Bab in their most important symbols and national entity vocabularies, such as the word of Babylon, which means the gate of God. Babylon is composed of two words:

“Zahi asbut bab-rab-sunnu ana izziqipi uzaqip.”

From the Annals of Sardanapalus. Translated verbatim: “700, men about their great gate on crosses, I crucified.” King Esur (Assur, Ashur) said: “usashira gimir babani.” Translated verbatim: “I put around all the gates.” And: “mihrit babi-sin.” Translated verbatim: “Before their gates.” From the Annals of Sardanapalus: “Zabi tilai in babatte “Babati” sa er-su ana ziqipi lu uzaqipi.” Translated verbatim: “Men alive at the gates of his city on crosses I impaled.” And from the slabs of Sennacherib: “Mihrit babati.” Translated verbatim: “Before the gates.”

 III. Ba’abs and Madkhaal: There is a huge cosmic Ba’ab/stargate over Chicago. But this one is quite unique, because it is called a Madkhaal, which means in Ana’kh, an entrance, rather than a stargate. Not all stargates are identical, nor do they function in the same manner. There are stargates that lead to another (singular) world, an incomprehensible world of bent time-space. And there are stargates that lead you into parallel dimensions adjacent to our world. The one over Chicago leads you towards a dimension where time and space are no longer linear. In this dimension, the laws of physics as they are known to us on earth no longer apply. The Madkhaal is located above Grand Central Station in downtown Chicago. It is oval and vibrates like a rubber band, very similar to a multiverse membrane, found in the perimeter of the eleven dimensions mentioned in contemporary quantum physics. It is neither visible to the naked eye nor can it be detected by any apparatus on Earth. Also worth mentioning here, is the subject of the “Anomaly of Stargates.” Stargates do vary in size, function, purpose and mobility, just like the extraterrestrial underwater plasma corridors, used to navigate our seas and oceans. The stargate in New York City, which is located over Madison Square Garden, is twice the size of that over Central Station in downtown Chicago. Travel to and from the Chicago stargate is possible at particular times, however travel through the Madison Square Garden Ba’ab is a one way street. Since the Ba’abs are at least 900ft – 1,700ft above ground, it is not possible to jump into a Ba’ab. At the time of the return of the Anunnaki, an electromagnetic fog will suck up the people with light to medium contamination, as set forth by the Anunnaki’s return protocol.

 IV. The American Ba’ab and the “Giant Gray”:Some ufologists have claimed that the extraterrestrial Grays (Intraterrestrial Aliens) showed American military scientists how to enter a Ba’ab (Stargate). A most unusual claim about the American Ba’ab stated that in 2006, while an American spaceship tried to enter a Ba’ab, a “giant Gray” exited the spacecraft, because it needed a sudden repair. The alien was sucked up into the galactic vacuum and the craft exploded. This event was recorded on a film and was sent to NASA and MIT. Both the Russians and the Americans have tried to develop a space technology in order to penetrate these gates. The Anunnaki are fully aware of their progress. There is nothing to fear, as long as our military scientists and the Pentagon realize, that the offer they got from the intraterrestrial Grays, living here on Earth, is not as benevolent, as they have thought in the past. Any Grays’ technology given to humans of any nation will lead to disaster, for the Grays’ agenda and intentions are macabre and malicious.

V. Metaphysical, religious and mythological stargates: Question: Did the religious scriptures mention stargates? Answer: Yes.  Numerous Bible and Talmudic scholars agree that the sky, and the earth contain spiritual entities and presences behind celestial 'gates'.  The Anunnaki-Ulema call these gates Madkhal. And there is nothing spiritual in these gates. They are simply an opening on multiple spheres of existences, and different layers of space-time. He added, religious scriptures are colorful and metaphoric, and sometime poetic. As long as we understand the literature of religions as fables and stories crafted by inspirational scribes, the truth is not tarnished. And as long as we understand that God does not position his angels to guard the doors of heavens, and does not appoint prophets and apostles as the keys holders of the paradise, no harm will come from the fabrication of Biblical tales. The Bible tells us that they are spirits who try to enter and exit these gates. The Anunnaki-Ulema have explained to us, that these spirits are lower entities they have created thousands of years ago, and do not belong to any religious literature. The early Judaic scholars warned the Hebrew people not to communicate with these spirits who are trying to escape darkness. (Deut. 18:11) But the Anunnaki-Ulema stated that Earth is the realm of darkness, not what lies beyond.

 VI. The Amalantrah Working: Question: Did Aleister Crowley open a vortex-gate as he has claimed? Answer: In March 1918, Aleister Crowley has claimed that he succeeded in creating a vortex-gate that links our physical world to a non-physical world. He called it the bridge, and the process was coined the Amalantrah Working. Crowley stated that while the gate (Vortex) was open, an entity manifested itself. Crowley named the entity “Lam”. Later on, he drew a facial portrait of Lam. And lam became a permanent fixture on the landscape of modern ufology. Numerous new age ufology enthusiasts rushed to describe Lam as a Gray! Some thirty years later, the legendary scientist Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Church of Scientology began to work on their “Babalon Working”, in a desperate attempt to reopen the gate, allegedly created by Aleister Crowley. Their fans are convinced that Parsons and Hubbard succeeded in opening the gate, and in allowing entities from a different world to enter and exit the gateway. Some have claimed that an open gate would allow extraterrestrial beings, and particularly the Grays to abduct humans. Nonsense!

 VII. Our universe has some extra dimensions: To quote CERN’s own published documentation (A public domain statement): "Some theories suggest that, beyond the three spatial dimensions we experience, our Universe has some extra dimensions. These have finite size, so they are curved onto themselves, for instance in the shape of a circle (although, for more than one extra-dimension, more complicated geometries are possible). To really detect the extra dimension one needs to probe it with particles with a very high energy. In quantum mechanics, the larger the energy of the particle, the smaller its effective size is. So to detect a small dimension, one needs particles of very high energy. The extra dimensions are actually so small that even our largest particle accelerators have not produced particles of enough energy to see them. However, in some theories, the sizes of the extra dimensions are just large enough for particles in the LHC at CERN to be able to detect them.” There are theories that suggest that the matter particles we are made of cannot propagate on the extra dimensions. In these theories, the only way to detect the extra dimensions is by using gravitational interactions. The strength of gravity in the 5-dimensional (or higher-dimensional) description is much more intense than in four dimensions, hence we predict the possibility of creating black holes in collisions in the LHC. These events would be spectacular, with the black hole decaying almost immediately into a shower of many particles, and would allow us to test the properties of quantum gravity in accelerators. In any of these two possible scenarios, the detection of the existence of extra dimensions would be an unprecedented discovery, and an astonishing insight into the nature of the Universe!”

 How terrifying is this project/program? Ulema Kanazawa said, “That’s fine. I have nothing against CERN, however, once this ambitious project becomes a reality, world powers, and especially the super military powers will get CERN findings by the horns. And if CERN results fall in the wrong hands, kiss our world goodbye.”

 Note on the CIA’s Star Gate Program: Many still believe that the CIA’s “Star Gate Program” rotates around extraterrestrials’ portals, wormholes, and galactic tunnels that open up to allow American astronauts and military space crafts, and vehicles to travel to the edge of the universe. These assumptions are not accurate. However, the CIA did work on a project pertaining to space-time intergalactic travel, with the cooperation of the United States Air Force, NASA, NSA, and MIT. This project is explained under the entry “Space-Time Travel”. The CIA’s Star Gate was one of a number of "remote viewing programs" conducted under a variety of code names, including Sun Streak, Grill Frame, and Center Lane by DIA and INSCOM, and SCANATE by CIA.