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It is a tradition now! The public is invited to vote for the best psychics and mediums in the United States and the world. The first vote/election (Last year) was a spectacular success, and more than 500,000 people from around the globe participated with intense interest.Send your nominations for the best 5 psychics/mediums/lightworkers for any category, to J. Goldsmith at The vote/nomination begin on August 26, 2012 and ends on October 26, 2012 at midnight, New York time. The results will be published in the forthcoming issue of ART, UFOS & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE and in the new edition of “Register of the United States and World’s Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order”.



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 BREAKING NEWS: American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Incorporated. (Incorporated under the laws of the state of New York, USA),  is now accepting applications for professional membership and administering proficiency tests leading toward the granting of national recognition, “certified and tested” status by the national certifying board. For inquiries email Judith Goldsmith at or at The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Incorporated is an official not-for-profit corporation organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, in March 2012. It is the first and only organization of its kind to be state registered and its Articles of Incorporation state approved, in the USA. The Federation is a state registered corporation with the New York State Department of State/Non-Profit Corporations Division, and as defined in subparagraph (a) (5) of Section 102 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law and Section 404 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law. The Federation is organized as a New York Domestic Not-for-Profit corporation. It is organized exclusively for the purposes of developing, recognizing, certifying, and promoting the quality work of psychics mediums, healers, and lightworkers via orientation programs, training, forums, discussions and public awareness.

The Purposes of the Federation are:


Just Published, 5 new books by Maximillien de Lafayette



How to Become an Enlightened Psychic Detective and Remote Viewer








How to Become an Enlightened Psychic Detective and Remote Viewer


Kindle edition:

 Published by Times Square Press, New York, Berlin, Paris. The book is an official publication/handbook of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. It includes: * 1-Techniques for reading the thoughts, intentions and feelings of others; * 2-Learning from sensing the vibrations of objects and people at distance; * 3-How to develop remote viewing capabilities; how to identify and locate hidden objects; * 4-How to find missing persons anywhere in the world; * 5-Exercises for testing and enhancing the master and the students' levels of learning and implementing these fabulous and mot secret esoteric and supernatural faculties and powers.

This series of psychics, mediums & healers handbook of curriculum, lessons, training and techniques, was produced as an extensive handbook & a curriculum to be used by professional psychics, mediums, healers, seers & lightworkers. It is based upon the 250 books previously written in the fields of supernatural and paranormal by the Mystic Ulema, Maximillien de Lafayette. The present book introduces and outlines some of the major topics and exercises of Cadari-Rou'yaa, Chabariduri, & Fik'r-Telemetry, (called psychometry in the Western world) the seeker of enlightenment learns in the third & fourth years at the Ulema Ma'ahad. The actual curriculum is much extensive and complicated. Nevertheless, we have selected for you, important concepts, Kira'at and Dirasaat that the Western mind could understand to a certain degree. The techniques, methods, art and science of remote viewing, locating and finding objects and missing persons, gathering information about people, objects & places just by looking at photographs of objects, people and places &by sensing the vibrations emanated from photographs and objects, and in many instances by touching objects and photographs, are grouped into the Mystic Ulema Ilmu (Learning) under 3 secret esoteric techniques known as:* 1-Cadari-Rou'yaa * 2-Chabariduri * 3-Fik'r-Telemetry, called psychometry in the Western world.

These techniques were shrouded in secrecy for almost 5,000 years. They were developed by the Mystic Anunnaki Ulema Jamiya in the Near East, and some 3,000 years ago, the priests of Ra and Melkart began to implement them in Egypt, Sumeria and Phoenicia. The Babylonian & the Chaldeans were famous for their practice of these esoteric techniques, and some of the techniques and exercises were explained at length in the Book of Ramadosh. Cadari-Rou'yaa, Chabariduri &Fik'r were discussed in depth in several previous published work of Maximillien de Lafayette. They are herewith introduced to the readers & lightworkers as part of the curriculum and training programs of the American Federation of Certified Psychics & Mediums.



How to Become an Enlightened Tarot Psychic Reader and Foresee the Future








How to Become an Enlightened Tarot Psychic Reader and Foresee the Future

Paperback book:

Kindle edition:

The Mystic UlemaTarot Bakht Book & Cards Deck. An Official Publication/Handbook of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. It includes: * 1-How to foresee your future in this dimension and beyond. * 2-The importance of your name and its link to the future. 3-How to create your magical tarot table and read the cards. * 4-Complete set of your personalized Tarot Cards Deck. 5-How to use the secret Ulema Warka Cards to bring you good fortune and succeed in life. This is the most powerful and effective esoteric Tarot book ever published in the West.


Just Published, a new book by Maximillien de Lafayette: “How to Become an Enlightened Psychic, Medium and Metaphysical Master: Handbook of Curriculum, Lessons, Training, Supernatural Techniques and Powers, Foreseeing the future and psychic readings

    Product Description

Published by Times Square Press, and WJNA, New York. Handbook of Curriculum, Lessons, Training, Supernatural Techniques and Powers. Paperback available at  

The book includes:
• How to become a perfect psychic
• How to become a perfect medium
• How to become a perfect healer
• How to become expert in remote viewing and locating missing persons
• How to find the healthiest spots and luckiest areas on Earth, and take advantage of it!
• Foreseeing the future and rewinding time
• Esoteric techniques that allows initiated ones to halt or send away problems and mishaps to another time and another place
• How to enter that parallel dimension and leave there all your troubles
• How to Use Your Mind Power to do the Impossible
• How to Read Peoples' Vibes and Thoughts, and Know Who They Really Are Just by Looking at Them (See their Aura, Sense their Vibes, Feel their Energy)
• How to read Shashat; the screen of the unknown
Rizmanah; Discover the calendar of your bad luck and good luck
Learn how to remove your bad luck
Learn how to create a good luck
Daily chart/calendar of your good hours and bad hours in your life
What to do and not to do during these hours and these days
• Importance of your name in shaping good luck
• Esoteric techniques you could use to positively influence or improve your future and business by protecting yourself against evildoers
• Instructions and Techniques for Commanding Spirits and Communicating with Angels and Entities
• Learn how to talk to entities, spirits, souls, presences
Learn how to befriend spirits.
Learn how to set-up a spirits séance
• Magical writing against powerful people who could be a threat to you
• Practical and simplified techniques to create a mediumship séance and communicate with the dead, spirits, angels, demons, departed pets, and entities from the after-life
• Magical Talismans To Succeed In Life, Protect Yourself From Others And Summon Spirits
• Ulema Techniques and Tarot Deck to See Your Future. (The world's most powerful secret techniques for foreseeing your future on Earth and in other dimensions
• 13 Anunnaki Ulema Techniques To Live Longer, Happier, Healthier, Wealthier
• Ulema Baaniradu: How to Acquire a Healing Touch
• How to Move Objects at Distance Using Your Mind
This book is unique and extremely useful for many reasons.
Mainly because it provides both the beginner and experienced practitioner with the necessary guidance, training, methods and techniques to communicate with various kinds and categories of entities, to foresee future events, and above all how to effectively develop extraordinary supernatural powers.
Author’s website:  



Just Published:

The book "AMERICA's & WORLD's BEST PSYCHICS & HEALERS WHO CARE MOST ABOUT YOU: Names, Profiles, Services, Contact

Best Psychics in America...Best Psychics in the World...America's Best and most Caring Psychics...Psychics who Really care about You!



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Don’t spend a nickel on any psychic, medium or a healer, before you read this book.

It is not enough to be an effective lightworker. It takes more than proficiency to be a good psychic, medium and a healer.

 Based upon his 50 years of experience in the field, communicating with thousands of genuine and fake psychics, mediums and healers from around the world, writing more than 250 books on the subject, and reviewing/analyzing undeniable facts about psychics, mediums and healers, Maximillien de Lafayette (Author of 1,200 books) wrote this most indispensable book and guide. He will refer you ONLY to psychics, mediums and healers who honestly care about you. Avoid lots of troubles and wasting your money, hopes and time on those who don’t give a damn about you and your concerns. The book lists and describes in detail, psychics, mediums and healers with human warmth, brains and heart, who will help you, guide you and deliver the kind of help, aid and information you are seeking. Don’t waste you time looking for readers in tabloids and on Internet fake lists; the good, the best, the most effective, and the loving ones are HERE in the book. Published by UFOs & Supernatural Magazine.

 We will continue to post on this page (Without counting votes and number of recommendation, or a rank), the names of psychics, mediums and healers who are recommended by clients and the general public, and who are known:

 So far, we have received recommendations for the following practitioners  in alphabetical order, starting with their first name:



Latest News About the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Incorporated By Judith Goldsmith

We have received so many inquiries about the Federations and tons of requests from psychics, mediums and healers to join the Federation. UFOs & Supernatural Magazine is not in business with the Federation, because the Federation is a Public Not-for Profit organization, but we work very closely with them on many levels. Their legal counsels filed all the necessary papers with the State of the New York to obtain state approval and the Certificate of Incorporation. It is anticipated that the official authorization will be given in a matter of a few days. We were asked to help in the design of their “impressive” website, and upon contacting Mr. de Lafayette, the President-Elect of the Federation, he authorized us to release the following information taken directly from their website.

The Legal Status of the Federation: The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Incorporated is organized and to be incorporated under the laws of the State of New York.  The Federation is to be a state registered corporation with the New York State Department of State in Albany New York, and as defined in subparagraph (a) (5) of Section 102 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law and Section 404 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law. The Federation is organized as a New York Domestic Not-for-Profit corporation. It is organized exclusively for the purposes of developing, recognizing, certifying, and promoting the quality work of psychics and mediums via orientation programs, training, forums, discussions and public awareness, including for such purposes, the making of distribution to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

The Purposes of the Federation are:

Board of Directors Registered with the State of New York:

Maximillien de Lafayette (Previously practiced law for 20 years), Founder and President, Dina Vitantonio, Secretary, Gideon Issa, Vice President, Elected by the Board: Aurele Issa, Treasurer, Elected by the Board: Patti Negri, Acting Chairwoman of the National Certifying Board. The Secretary of State is designated as agent of the Federation. Members of the Board of State Directors and Regional Directors of the Federation's Chapters in the United States and abroad shall be announced following the first meeting of the Federation.

The National Certifying Board: The National Board consists of the president of the Federation and 4 psychics or mediums for each category, chosen by the Federation (Depending on their category). The Examiners will administer the tests for each applicant on the phone, and in certain cases in person at a place designated by the Federation and/or the Examiners. The elected members are:

Among the duties of the Board is to:

Board of State Directors and Regional Directors: Members of the Board of State Directors and Regional Directors of the Federation's Chapters in the United States and abroad shall be announced following the first meeting of the Federation. The Federation shall have in each state in the United States of America, a State Director and/or a Regional Director, depending on the regional and structural needs of the Federation; this will:



Membership into the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Incorporated

Membership Categories:

Membership Fees/Dues:

Upon submitting the request for membership, all applicants must submit the following documents:

 Code of Ethics and Termination of Membership: Members who violate the Code of Ethics and engage into unethical and illegal practices will be expelled from the Federation, and their membership will be terminated permanently. Violation of the rules and high standards of the Federation shall be determined by the Federation Board of Ethics and Fair Practice. Examples of acts that are considered a violation (To name a few):


The National Certifying Board consists of the president of the Federation, and two psychics or mediums chosen by the Federation (Depending on their category).

 Administering the Tests (Generalities):

 Duration of the tests:

Psychic Category:

 Medium Category: 

Essay: In addition, all applicants must submit a 10 to 15 page essay in a chosen field decided upon by the examiners and the applicant.

Documents to submit: Upon submitting the request for full membership (Certified Member Status), all applicants must submit the following documents:


Tests Fees for any category (Psychic or Medium):

Asking for another test:




The Register of  Best & Most Trusted Psychics and Healers 2012   Book: America’s Best & Worst Psychics & Healers in Nat’l Rank Order


Available Now !!!!!


·        1-Directly from us (UFOs & Supernatural Magazine) at Cost per copy: $29.00. We ship within 24 hours.

·        2-From at   Cost per copy $34.51. They ship after 10 days or 2 weeks.

·        3-In a few days at kindle edition (Electronic copy) in 3 parts, because the book is huge (42 MB). Each part costs 9.99.

·        4-In 6 weeks at, and other booksellers, regular paperback. Cost per copy $34.51. They ship in 2 weeks



Cover of the Book; actual size. It is huge!







The site of UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE has been submitted to over 500,000 search engines, directories, and specialty sites by EnterUrl on Dec.30, 2011

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a civilized and polite forum for civilized and polite people. We will never allow character defamation and character assassination. Those who read vicious articles and mean blogs are as bad and as villain as those who wrote them.  ASK THE EXPERTS IN THE FIELD AND GET THEIR ANSWERS FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Please visit the website of the Founder and Editor-in-chief of our magazine, Maximillien de Lafayette:

Email us Attention Peggy North

1-Celebrities on your cover

I am very curious to know who decides in your group or selects a famous person to appear on the covers of your magazine. In Hungary, it is always the importance of the person and the popularity of a celebrity. Is it the same thing with you? Can you tell us who is going to be on the next cover of ufos & supernatural magazine? Are they always Americans? Why did you choose Ms Allison Hayes and Patti Negri? Can I suggest some names from Budapest? Sophia

Answers of USM:

Q: Who decides in your group or selects a famous person to appear on the covers of your magazine? Answer: The Editor-in-Chief. Sometimes, the Managing Editor. Q: In Hungary, it is always the importance of the person and the popularity of a celebrity. Is it the same thing with you? Answer: NO. Q: Can you tell us who is going to be on the next cover of ufos & supernatural magazine? Answer: We are still debating. Q Are they always Americans? Answer: No. Q: Why did you choose Ms Allison Hayes and Patti Negri? Answer: Because they are among the very best. And we like them. Q: Can I suggest some names from Budapest? Answer: Absolutely, go ahead.

2-Ufologists hate for each other

I totally agree with you, ufologists hate each other. The old ones criticize the newcomers. Maybe they are right, coz they made things up and write silly stuff. I always wonder why there are so many books on flying saucers if nobody knows where they come from or who the aliens are. The intelligent ones made a bundle, the honest writers are struggling and the public is lost in the translation. Frankly speaking I don’t think ufologists know a thing about UFOS. NASA people are mute. SETI people are deaf. US government denies everything. Ufologists make up things,  no real stories, no facts, no nothing, only hot air. And when they make an appearance on TV, they all shout and contradict each other. Ancient Aliens tv program is a perfect example on how stupid they are. I enjoyed UFOS HUNTER very much but it is gone now. Edward Stephano

3-Hitler’s Escape aboard a UFO

With great enthusiasm I read your article on Hitler’s escape from Nazi Germany aboard a UFO. Reports suggest that Hitler flew to a secret basis not far from Argentina. I come to believe that the UFOs we see over Europe and the United States are man-made. I have no doubt that they are built by German scientists in secret installations and hidden hangars in Canada. I am sure Russia and America know about this but will not admit it because they have some sort of secret arrangements with the Germans. I congratulate you on your magazine. It is really beautiful and packed with good articles. Jose Ramirez

4-Patti Negri's Dog on the cover of a magazine

The lovely and classy Patti Negri, the psychic-star who made the cover of UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE, Issue #5,  just told us that her dog “Dora” also made the cover of a magazine. (See left) Here is the link:





Dora and Patti Negri


Gabriella Castillo

5- You forgot Gabriela Castillo!

Chinhee & Sunhee Park

Photos: Sunhee & Chinhee Park, Allison Hayes, the Great.

I just love your magazine. WOW what a great magazine, but I am disappointed because you kept out of the loop Gabriela Castillo. You should have included her in the list of the best psychics and healers. Gabriela is awesome. All the ladies who are featured in your latest issue are phenomenal. The Park Sisters are very special to me, and The Rock girl Allison Hayes is from heaven…I like to know more about Patti Negri. Ray Townsend.

Answer of Patti Negri: Hi Ray!  Thanks for your interest!  There is a whole lot of information about me and my background in Shoshanna's wonderful article in the upcoming magazine you refer too.  I am a Los Angeles native, I live in the Hollywood Hills (just below the Hollywood Sign) and I truly LOVE life - and all it brings - and try to live it to the fullest every day!  There is more information about me, my gifts, way of working and belief systems on my website at

 6-Eugenia Macer-Story 's CYTRON

The article written by Eugenia Macer-Story on the entity called CYTRON intrigued me. Is it an entity from the lower dimension or a ghost, maybe a Gray alien? I must confess the story is unusual. Did she communicate with CYTRON? Could you please ask her? Robert Calvert

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: This is an interesting question which pre-anticipates the content of the third installment of "Cytron Return-=part three-The Sorcery Game.".Briefly, CYTRON is attenpting to communicate and was not conjured but advanced first. But there are other factors beyond and involving this entity which are of concern in understanding the context of the situation.





Dorinne Davis

7-Your cover story, Best Psychics in America was very informative, although your interviewer was tough on Melissa Stamps and Allison Hayes. Any particular reason? And since you covered all the angles why didn’t you mention Dorinne Davis? Do you know who she is? She is the founder of Davis Center, the first sound therapy center under the sun. Freddy Espinoza

8-Anunnaki in Hollywood

David Ballard of Ballard Media in Hollywood  and Producer at the Discover Channel, began to work on a movie script for the big screen based on a book by Maximillien de Lafayette. The story of an Anunnaki leader/extraterrestrial who manifested in the flesh before the US government. It is not the story of Victoria who appeared in the "Anunnaki Ultimatum" co-authored by de Lafayette and Ilil Arbel. It is based upon "Sinhar Marduck Mouzakarat." We will keep you posted.

9-Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe apparition in Patti Negri's seance

Ms. Negri, why Elvis Presley didn’t show up in your séance? Marilyn Monroe did. What did she tell you? Can you summon other Hollywood celebrities? By the way you are great!! The magazine interviewer was right when she said you are the classiest. Are you still acting in Hollywood? Yousef Ali Asmar

Answer of Patti Negri: Hi Yousef! Thank you for your question. I have no idea why Elvis didn't show up. Much of the "beyond" - really IS beyond our understanding. Maybe he was busy, maybe he thought it was a silly TV show, maybe he didn't like the fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches Chef Manoushka made for him - I really don't know. Marilyn let us know that she was happy with her Hollywood life - and would do it again - but that she was a bit afraid of Frank Sinatra in life for some reason. If you want to watch the episode, I have it on my website at - it is kind of fun! ;o) As far as contacting other celebrities, I do not concentrate on it, but I have contacted a few others - mostly "old Hollywood" type - since those are my favorite. Most times they come - and seem to like the attention / care/concern/respect being shown for them. It is nice. Thank you so much for your kind words about me, yes, I am still acting in Hollywood. My most recent film will be released soon, it is called TWO DE FORCE and I am playing Jill Biden. It was fun playing someone "real". I have several TV projects airing soon as well - including a small segment on DR PHIL with psychics John Edwards and Char Margolis coming up - where Char gave ME a reading! It was great and is scheduled to air on January 10th. Also, I would like to comment/ agree with Ray Townsend. Gabriela Castillo is a dear friend and certainly one of my favorite/top psychics as well!

10-Louise Brooks and her Psychic Angel

New discoveries about Louise Brooks' (the star who took Hollywood by storm in the thirties and early forties) Angel Guardian who guided her in her successful career are making a big buzzzzz; apparently the Angel is now haunting Hollywood MGM studios. At one time, Brooks confessed to a confidant that all her moves were calculated because her "Psychic Angel told her what to do." This is a brand new material, since the biography of "Louise Brooks, Her Men and Life" published this year, did not tell much about Brook's involvement with spirits.

11-Ohio Exopolitics on BlogTalkRadio

From Ohio Exopolitics host/producer: I'm broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at #BlogTalkRadio... Tonight at 9pm Eastern on Ohio Exopolitics... Julie Stranges the wife of Dr. Frank Stranges discusses the book Stranger at the Pentagon which was written by her late husband Dr. Frank Stranges. Here is an excerpt from the book: Val Thor landed in Alexandria and met with the President to discuss the world's problems and offer advice and counsel on how to deal with and eliminate them. He indicated to Mr. Eisenhower that the world was in a precarious situation and that if the world continued to proceed on a war footing which Val Thor felt would be a self-destruct mode it would cause and economic imbalance throughout the world. Val Thor stayed on Earth until March 16, 1960, and then disembarked to his home planet Venus. He indicated that his race of people lived and dwelled underground and that many of the planets throughout the universe sustain life in the same manner. He also mentioned the waves of aliens that would appear around world to help with Earth's seemingly insurmountable problems. He stated that a group from a distant planetary system would be coming to give aid and data to help the Earth's progress. Val Thor spoke of Christ's presence in the universe and that it was heart warming to see Christ's advanced teaching continuing. This visitation at the Pentagon marks perhaps a new era in knowledge, wisdom and understanding on the planet.

12-Shirley MacLaine, Michelle Whitedove, et al

 I find it strange all psychics are women, and ufologists who made a big splash are also women, Lynn Kitei, Leslie Kean, Shirley MacLaine? What’s going on here? Am I missing something? Michelle Whitedove wrote 5 books, MacLaine 7 books, Dolores Cannon wrote 17 books. Men! They are busy. What’s their secret?   Is Whitedove a real author or does she have a ghostwriter? And what kind of movie is she working on? Ed Hutton

Reply of Laura Davis: Michelle Whitedove is a terrific writer. Why does she need a ghostwriter. Who gave you this crazy idea? Are you overwhelmed by the number of books she wrote? Women can write too and do lots of things. Why did you single out Michelle Whitedove and not Shirley MacLaine? Laura Davis

USM: Miss Michelle Whitedove who we highly respect and admire did not personally answer the question. But her representative/Press attaché/etc., Shante Powders did.

Answer of Shante Powders, Whitedove PRESS:  I can assure you that Michelle Whitedove is the author of her books. In fact as a futurist and visionary, she wrote channeled predictions that are coming to fruition now. In 1999 when she wrote SHE TALKS WITH ANGELS (Pub. 2000) Whitedove gave important predictions in the chapter Earth Changes: (link -The collapse of global and domestic financial empires (2008 began the Global Financial crisis that continues today. No one else made this prediction) -Governments will become impotent as the physical changes swallow seaports and low lying cities. (Katrina/New Orleans, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Indonesian tsunami 2004, to name a few). There are many more significant prophecies in her books SHE TALKS WITH ANGELS and ANGELS ARE TALKING that I encourage everyone to read. In my opinion Michelle Whitedove is the Edgar Casey of our time. Currently Whitedove is working on two more books that will be released in 2012 by Whitedove Press, her publishing house.  But we are unable to discuss other projects that are still in development. With Best Intent, Whitedove Press | Office of Michelle Whitedove

Comment of Albert Salame on Shante Powders’ reply: Take it easy Shante, nobody is doubting the authorship of Michelle Whitedove. Otherwise the magazine investigative reporter would have not written a glowing article about her. It was a simple question and you made your point. It is very clear. I have never seen Michelle on TV, because I live in Manama, Bahrain, but I did read very good reviews about her work and I am going to buy some of her books out of curiosity. But now I have my own question for Whitedove which is the result of your reply, Shante Powders. Why didn’t Michelle Whitedove answer personally the question? You see, all the others including stars, celebrities and authors did. This is EXACTLY what the magazine brought our attention to and warned us about, some famous psychics will never answer your questions personally….Read the intro of the article on psychics in UFOs & Supernatural Magazine, Issue number 5. Do you think none of us deserves the personal attention of Michelle Whitedove? Is she too big and too important and way above us to answer a simple question? Albert Salame, Bahrain

Reply of Shante, Whitedove Press: Dearest Albert, As a friend and PR person, I wanted to share some facts and shed some light on Whitedove’s background. My reply was directed towards Mr. Ed Hutton who asked the question above “ Is Whitedove a real author or does she have a ghostwriter?”  And so please don’t misunderstand my intent, I was kindly addressing his question and clarifying.  As you may know, It’s is the Holiday Season here, and Ms Whitedove took off time to be with her family but with that being said she’ll be back to work next week. I’d like to invite all the readers to interact with her personally and tune into one of her webcast radio shows next week! Whitedove does take calls. Radio Info LINK:     Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year!  With Best Intent,  Shante Whitedove Press | Office of Michelle Whitedove Tel: 954.435.5564  (FL)    Photo left: Shante Powders

Comment from Roy Stevens, addressed to Powders: Dear Shante Powders: I fetched you on face book and read what you posted: CALL Now> GREAT CHANGE radio Michelle and Cari will be taking your Calls! it's FREE!
It’s FREE// Call with One Specific Question 1-877-230-3062.  Well, I am going to call right now and find out. Are you serious? FREE!!  Roy Stevens, Las Vegas

Comment from Bert Stanbouli: Hi Shante, this is Bert, I called your number 1-877-230-3062. Busy signal and poof went dead! What's going on? Is it gimmick or what? Bert Stanbouli, Boston

Comment from  Rita S.: Same here...nobody's home! Rita S., Brooklyn.

USM: on Saturday 31, December 2011, time: 8:57 PM, UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE called this number: 1-877-230-3062, just to check out the situation. Results: NO ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See correction below.

Comment from Joelle : Nothing is free baby except dreams. Goodnight. Joelle, Washington, DC

Comment from Aisha: Roy Stevens, Stanbouli whatever, Rita something, Joelle, it is New Year Eve dummies. Aisha, Washington DC

Follow up by Aisha: Sorry friends I called you dummies. But you pissed me off with your stupid posts. Psychics don't work on New Year eve.  Nobody does except the Mafia in Las Vegas. I am sorry. Happy New Year. Aisha, America's new hottest model. Wait and see.

Comment from Bert Stanbouli: Hey Aisha which one of these rednecks is you? Bert Stanbouli.

USM: The photo of these two delightful species was a courtesy of Miss Aisha.

USM: Correction: The link to Michelle Whitedove’s upcoming radio shows in January:   (The phone number posted above by a reader was for a past show - not an upcoming show.)

13-Body of an extraterrestrial found frozen in Russia

Mail on Line published a strange article on Body of 'dead alien' found in frozen wastes of Siberia after claims of UFO hurtling to Earth. Here is part of it; It just seems too strange to be true. But in the frozen wastes of Siberia two walkers claim to have found the body of an alien. The corpse of the badly-damaged creature which resembles ET is 2ft-high. Part of the right leg is missing and there are deep holes for eyes and a mouth in a skull-like head. UFO fans believe the body could have been left behind by ET visitors after an accident, or missed by Russian military alien experts clearing up after a crash. The area is a known UFO hotspot with dozens of sightings reported every year. It follows reports of a UFO hurtling towards Earth in the nearby Irkutsk region of Siberia one month ago. 'We couldn't believe it when we saw it. And what was spooky is that there was no sign of the spaceship.  Jay Atkins


The site of UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE has been submitted to over 500,000 search engines, directories, and specialty sites by EnterUrl on Dec.30, 2011

14-Chinhee and Sunhee stole my heart.

The Twin Pyshics, Chinhee and Sunhee stole my heart. They are cute, funny and modest. I was touched by their act of generosity and how they helped a family who lost everything. I noticed that they are opening up a new restaurant. What’s the name of their restaurant? Where is it located? Are Sunhee and Chinhee Park vegetarian? And what about their TV show, you did not write much about it? Florence Signorelli-Briggs, Naples (Napoli), Italy.

Answer of Chinhee & Sunhee:  Dear Florence Signorelli-Briggs, "Ciao Bellamica! Tante grazie a voi"  Happy Holidays and thanks so much for your lovely words.  In regards to your questions:  We did not reveal too much about our restaurant, because we are in beginning stages and it's so very unique, we have to keep it secret so noone steals our idea!  We are not Vegetarian, but we  eat Organic and Kosher foods.  We have also incorporated Lactose-Free and Gluten free foods in our diet.  One thing I can tell you about our restaurant is that, we will not waste our food and give what we don't use to the homeless.   The restaurant will be located in Los Angeles, California.
Regarding our television show.  We are under contract to not talk about it for the same reason as the restaurant.   I can tell you for sure that it's going to be an amazing show! Very unique, emotional, inspiring and lots of tears and laughter!  Once we can give everyone more details, we will be sure to post it on our website.  Please subscribe to our newsletter and join us on Facebook (
Chinhee Sunhee Park)!  We send you lots of love from California to Italia! Ciao ciao, baci baci! Chinhee & Sunhee

15-Patti Negri’s Hollywood

Hi Patti, I am writing to you from Brooklyn, New York. Since you are an actress, do you know of any other famous actress who is a psychic too? Do you spend more time on your acting career or psychic business? Do you teach how to talk to spirits? Flo Lopez

Answer of Patti Negri: Hi Flo!  Thanks for your question!  I divide my time up pretty equally between my acting career, my psychic work, my production company (Brain Brew Entertainment)  and my civic activism /volunteer work...   it really is a pretty even "4 way split" - though they often cross over and mix together.  My typical day averages about 3 or 4 hours on each.  Then, I always try to squeeze in a bit more time in for my pup Dora's career and her/our general happiness and joy as well!  (agility classes, auditions, play dates).   But I like my life "very full" so it works for me!  There are several other actresses who are psychic... often the two go hand in hand - since the "inner awareness, openness and availability" you need to be an actress is very much the same energy / ability you need to do psychic work.  Many of them do not advertise or focus on it though - since their life path may be only the acting.  But psychic ability certainly can help you in acting!    I do not necessarily "teach" people how to talk to spirits - but I often do let people know how to develop the ability within themselves where they can claim their own power and ability to open their awareness and often "see beyond the veil".  I believe we all have that ability within us... some just more naturally and easily than others, some have to work at it or "practice" a bit more... 


16-Danielle Egnew’s Angels

Hi Danielle, I am still reading your column THE LIGHT. I liked it very much and I have a question for you. Are the angels created by GOD or by other beings of light or the cosmic energy? Madame Blavatsky said angels are created by a cosmic energy and this energy created the whole world. PS: Do you talk to angels? Marie-Rosalinde Berger, Paris, France.

Answer of Ms. Danielle Egnew: Hi Marie-Rosalinde! I'm so very glad you are enjoying my column, thank you so much! And your question on Angels is a very good one. Yes, Angels are created by God, whom many would also see as a "Cosmic Force". As humans existing daily in the third dimension, we don't really understand how to define "God" very well, so humanity has many ways of illustrating such a powerful singular consciousness -- Cosmic Force, Parent Creator, God the Father, God the Mother, The Great Spirit -- and in fact, the entity we know and recognize as God did create the angels, and all things, to work in tandem with one another. I do speak with angels, and consider myself very blessed to do so. They are powerful entities with a very clear "charge" from God, or "set of orders" in how they are to interact with we humans. However, they aren't interested in simply visiting with me, though I'd love that ;), unless I am translating on behalf of a client, or someone who wishes to have assistance in clarifying life issues. They are amazing entities, beautiful, powerful, pure, and sometimes, a little scary! But yes, God made them, just as God made us -- in fact, they were God's original "children", the Bene Elohim, the Sons of God. Its kind of wonderful for humanity to have such amazing relatives :)! Thank you for writing in, and I hope you continue to enjoy my column, The Light!


17-Tommy Garrett’s Encounter of the Third Kind.

Dear Mr. Garrett, Your story is amazing and I believe each word of it. Could you please clarify one thing for me. Did you receive any telepathic message from the alien or the UFO you saw? Marcus, Birmingham, Alabama

Answer of Mr. Tommy Garrett: Dear Marcus,Thank you for writing, and thank you for supporting UFOs and Supernatural. In my first experience in Virginia, yes, I felt a very strong telepathic pull, which was the reason I actually got out of the car to look.  It was very strong. However, in the second incident, the telepathic pull came only once I was inside the craft, it was not so strong while I was driving along in the car.  Thank you for asking, I hope this answers your important question.  You are very much appreciated! Tommy - Hollywood's latest and most exciting news magazine

Hey Tommy,
I have some questions for you.

    * Was the sterile room perfectly quiet or did it resonate with any kind of sound?
    * Did you notice fingernails on the alien hands?
    * Did you get a feeling that the aliens were nude or wearing some kind of suit?
    * Do you think the aliens were actual living beings or possibly androids?
    * When they walked, did they make any sound ?
    * Did there appear to be a chain of command?
    * Was communication rushed, slow or at normal speed?
    * Did they blink?
    * When the pond UFO sped away, did you notice any wind or audio effects?
    * Have you ever had the feeling that you have been monitored or marked for further contact?
    * Did anyone from the Government ever visit you about your contact?
    * Everything aside, how is your belief system affected by knowing aliens exist?
    * Did you get a feeling that they are superior to us and we are at their mercy?
    * Do you think they are herding us in a particular direction of thought or action?
    * Did you see anything on board that was recognizable?  ie light switches, controls, chairs, tables, tools, instruments?
    * Did you feel that time was passing normally or did it seem to drag or not take any time at all?

best regards, Jeff

FYI, Dr. David Jacobs provided extensive answers to some of your questions in the interview we had with him. You can find his answers in Issue 4 of UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE. Click on Front page  

Answers of Mr. Tommy L. Garrett:Q: Was the sterile room perfectly quiet or did it resonate with any kind of sound? A: It actually was silent except for a pinging sound that was very light, and I heard every 10-15 seconds or so. But I could hear the alien behind me, he was actually repeating to me what was being told to him, but he had a clear English speaking voice coming from his mind.

Q: Did you notice fingernails on the alien hands? A: Yes, dark, almost claw-like, but smaller.

Q: Did you get a feeling that the aliens were nude or wearing some kind of suit? A: I felt as if they were wearing silver-ish colored gowns, except the tall ones were in white uniforms.  Formfitting definitely, Jeff.

Q: Do you think the aliens were actual living beings or possibly androids? A: The drone that spoke to me definitely felt as if it was an android, but the others were definitely living. Although their eyes barely would blink.

Q: When they walked, did they make any sound ? A: No, just could hear the pinging sound in the background, coming from another room/space.

Q: Did there appear to be a chain of command? A: Absolutely! There are definite beings IN CHARGE!

Q: Was communication rushed, slow or at normal speed? A: Very slow, everything was slow, even my walking and my speech, as well as theirs.

Q: Did they blink? A: Very rarely, very slowly!

Q: When the pond UFO sped away, did you notice any wind or audio effects? A: I noticed wind, and the water splashing, but absolutely no sounds!

Q: Have you ever had the feeling that you have been monitored or marked for further contact? A: Yes, and I intend to talk about that in an upcoming issue of UFOs and Supernatural magazine.

Q: Did anyone from the Government ever visit you about your contact? A: No, not for this matter. I never discussed it until this interview.

Q: Everything aside, how is your belief system affected by knowing aliens exist? A: I actually feel a sense of security. With human beings destroying Earth, it actually feels gratifying to belief and trust that there are more intelligent beings outside of our planet system, and maybe there is hope for us, though it seems doubtful at this time.

Q: Did you get a feeling that they are superior to us and we are at their mercy? A: No, I got a feeling that they were definitely more evolved, but I did not feel any jeopardy or need to fear. But that's me!

Q: Do you think they are herding us in a particular direction of thought or action? A: I believe they are experimenting on us, similar to how we tag and track and study wild animals. I do feel we are being watched, those of us who have interacted with them.

Q: Did you see anything on board that was recognizable?  ie light switches, controls, chairs, tables, tools, instruments? A: Just tables, examination tables. Everything else was pretty sterile and bleak looking, even pewter-colored.

Q: Did you feel that time was passing normally or did it seem to drag or not take any time at all? A: Absolutely not. Time stood still.

Illustrations, courtesy of Dr. Jacobs

18-Great script of the Fifth Kind!!

Hi Folks, I have a great script for Stephen Spielberg. It is about an encounter of the FIFTH KIND. Can you put me in touch with him, I sent an email to his company some 5 months ago and never heard a word from him. I thought you could help with your connections. I am willing to send you a copy for your review. I am an ordinary guy who is telling the truth in my story. I know I am not famous or important but if you read my script you will find out how important my story is. I saw a fleet of psychics in your magazine and it seemed they are successful in the entertainment business. Is it possible that some of them could do something with my script? I need your help, please. J.S., New Orleans

19-What’s it like to control people?

That's a very common question and I just posted a new video that shows you how to do it. Check it out Most people think you need to be sneaky with hypnotic mind control. In this video I pull back the curtain and show you how to get people to do whatever you want by simply coming right out with it. It's called hiding in the open because you camouflage your directives within your language in such a way, that even though you come out and say exactly what you want, no one will ever notice. And the best part is these hidden directives are so powerful you'll wonder how you survived without them. I'm not sure how long this video will be around because we don't want everyone to have access to these incredibly powerful techniques. Go watch the video before I take it down P.S. These hidden directives are something I have never taught before. They are one of my best kept secrets until now. Marc Savage, Melville, NY

20-Allison Hayes “Sacred Stones”

Dear Ms. Allison Hayes, c/o UFOS AND SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE. Your answers made a huge impression on me. I read the interview three times and each time I learned something new. I am a strong believer in the healing powers of stones. I wish I was in America so I could come and see you and tell you in person how much I admire you. They wrote an outstanding article about you. Ms. Allison Hayes, I have a question for you, please answer me. I am from Lima Peru. In Peru we practice stones healing rituals with Shaman. The Shaman have magical stones but we can’t touch them and we can’t find them on the market. Please tell me where can I buy your stones? Please excuse my English it is not my first language. Please tell me how can I buy your magical stones and are you visiting my country soon? Thank you thank you very much. You are very important to me. Please answer my questions soon. Thank you. Emilio

Answer of Ms. Allison Hayes: Hello Emilio! Thank you so much for your email, and for your very kind words - it is a pleasure to hear from you! I offer many stones for purchase through my website,  but if you tell me more about yourself and what type of healing you are in need of I can select the stones especially for you: ) I have a radio show called The Rock Girl Sacred Stone Show  where I talk about all different types of stones and their healing purposes and you can listen to the archives (listed on the front of my website). If a certain stone connects with you just let me know and I can have that shipped directly to you. I LOVE the energy in Lima Peru and hope to visit there in the Fall of 2012 or the Spring of 2013. Please join my mailing list and I will let you know when I am headed your way. There are many magical stones in your area and near by. Bolivian Amethyst is a very friendly stone that will quickly attune to your energy - so if you happen upon one of them it may want to go home with you! I am looking forward to visiting your country and meeting you some day soon. Mighty Blessings! xo, Allison The Rock Girl

Allison you are the BEST!!!!! Do you write for this magazine? Jeanine, Bethesda, Maryland ............  She should. Levon Arakelian, Yerevan, Armenia......What a great idea! Marie Bedran, Beyrouth, Lebanon.....

Photo: Allison Hayes, America's High Priestess.

To Ms. Allison from Emilio, Peru: I am with my wife in the textiles and crochet business. I work long hour and when I come home I am weak and tired. I need magical stones to give me strength and allow me to concentrate. I am constantly tired from work. My brother in law lives in Staten Island in New York. You can send the stones to him. How do I pay you? And how big or how small are the stones. Does size matter? I am so happy and honored you answered my questions. I wish you so much happiness. Please come to Peru. We are poor people but we will welcome you in our home, cook good food for you and everybody in the village will come to see you and embrace you. But don't worry Miss Hayes I can pay for the stones. My son Manolitto saw your photograph and said to me, Papa she is very beautiful.

Answer of Allison Hayes: Hi Emilio; Thank you for sharing your story. The stones that I would recommend for you would be Smoky Quartz, Orange Calcite, Red Jasper and Fluorite. They are all about palm-size so they fit comfortably into your hand. The combination above will help you release any unwanted stress and negativity from your day (Smoky Quartz), recharge your vitality (Orange Calcite) and establish a healthy & stable energy pattern (Red Jasper). The Fluorite will also help you stay focused and relaxed at the same time. Size does not matter - that all depends on the person. In your case I am sensing that you would benefit the most from larger stones that nestle in your hands and the healing energy can travel up your palm meridians into your chakra & auric systems to do their work. If you can not find these stone in your country please email me at and we can arrange shipment to your brother's house. I hope this helps and please say hello to you son Manolitto for me! Mighty Blessings, XO, Allison The Rock Girl


21-GOOD JOB TOMMY LIGHTFOOT GARRETT. Mel Gibson is learning a lesson.

Wife Robyn Gibson Takes Half Of His Reported $850M Fortune

I am Jewish but I have a free spirit and an open mind. Fanatic people disrupt the normal rhythm of our society. And religion should not be exploited. WOW what a great piece on Mel Gibson you posted on your website. And I am not going to hesitate to share it with the readers of your magazine. I took the liberty of including it in my email to UFOS &…” I hope you don’t mind. Garrett’s post “Robyn Gibson proves the old adage, what goes around, comes around. Mel Gibson has brainwashed many religious people over the years, and has a legion of devoted fans, who tolerated, ignored and some supported his vile behavior by being a racist, an anti-Semite, a homophobe and also he admitted to assaulting  his mistress, who he had a baby with. All the while, he considered himself such a devout Catholic that he and his father, who denies the Jewish holocaust broke away from the mainstream Catholic Church over their “Vatican II” pronouncements and Gibson went as far as building a church on his California estate. Since his admission of having a child with his mistress while still being married to long time wife Robyn, luckily his so-called church members have left, and now Robyn can count her dollars and be rid of this walking fiasco!” Bruce L., New York. Read full article at

Answer of Mr. Tommy Garrett: Dear Bruce,  I want to thank you for posting my article from, and I owe you a lot for your support. I promise it will never be taken for granted. Luckily like you, I try to remain open-minded and positive about things and about people. However, Passion of the Christ was so anti-Semitic and it also was a-typical of what Mel Gibson has done his entire life. It's sad to me that people are caught up in religious fervor on the planet, that they lack any genuine morality. Gibson has been able to insulate himself from the real pain and suffering he's caused so many others by his wealth. Now maybe with half of his wealth gone, and the idea that he won't be able to brainwashed too many people into rebuilding it back for him, now we may have what we call phrase in Hollywood as "self-imposed retirement." People who create hate and defame others have a very special place in that "Hell" they try to create for others of different faiths, orientations and ethnicity.  Luckily more of YOU exist on the planet than people like Mel Gibson and his blind-faith followers.  Happy New Year! Tommy

Comment from Armand Castelano: I don’t give a dam about Mel Gibson’s wealth, his wife or his empire. Since you are a Hollywood columnist you should also admit that Gibson is a good Christian. There is more than one side to each story. The Jewish media went after him because of his film “The Passion of the Christ.” Do you call him anti-Semite because he told the true story of our Lord? I visited your Hollywood website, it is great. But having Mel Gibson on your side would not hurt. Besides, tell me Mr. Garrett how much do you know about his wife? I bet she is not Mother Theresa? Armand Castelano, New York

USM note: Mrs. Gibson is a very fine lady. Mother Theresa or not, this is besides the point. Remember Mr. Castelano, some stories have also a third version. Mr. Garrett was making a point which is very relevant. And there is no reason to mix Mother Theresa, Gibson's film, and Mrs. Gibson. Please let's keep this forum clean. Thank you!!

Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Mel Gibson.

Answer of Mr. Tommy Garrett to the comment of Mr. Castelano: Armand, Don't we LOVE Freedom of Speech in America. Thank you for your comment.  Well, I did know Robyn quite well, and I won't compare her to Mother Teresa or anyone else. Like all of us, she was human, and she was simply ROBYN! A wonderful wife, and mother, and there is GOOD reason Mel Gibson never put her down in public and to this day is not doing so. It's because she was the BEST thing that ever happened to him.  I won't go into any comments about the media and your feelings about who rules it. I'm not Jewish, but Catholic and I would be ashamed if anyone in my family, say my dad spoke about people the way Mr. Gibson has.  But thank you for your comments about my site. And thank you for saying I'd be lucky to have him Mr. Gibson as a friend. I'll be fine without him, but thankfully I do have many, and I appreciate your support of Highlight Hollywood. Even when we disagree, we can do so the way you have, and I hope that you know how SINCERELY I appreciate your support! Thanks, Tommy


22-Ufologists should learn from Nick Pope how to behave

Nick Pope the British authority on UFOs was called “CIVILIZED” by your magazine. I like that. Big shot ufologists should learn how to behave on American television. Stanton Friedman threw dirt on Bob Lazar and Philip Corso and called them hoaxers. Well how about his fake MJ12? Did Friedman apologize for the big hoax he threw in our face? The whole thing was fabricated and the FBI made it clear MJ12 IS A FAKE. I read many of Friedman’s books. He is good. He knows his stuff. But Corso and Lazar are credible despite their controversial claims. Ask Bill Birnes how did he react when Friedman called his book a hoax? The world is strange, Friedman writes for Birnes UFO MAGAZINE. Do you have a rational explanation for this unlikely cooperation between Birnes and Friedman? I don’t. Shlomo Levy, Tel Aviv

Answer from Robert Bernstein: MJ 12 is a bonafide document. You expect the FBI to deny its authenticity. Use common sense!

23-Danielle Egnew (Left)…Tina Bliss and the Angels

Danielle Egnew (Your favorite psychic, apparently!!!) talks a lot about angels. I thought biblical stories are fairy tales. If you want to keep your magazine above criticism and ridicule, don’t mix religion with science. Angels are pure fantasy, everybody knows that. I have nothing against your magazine. I already bought 3 issues and I will subscribe soon. You see angels, hell and heaven don’t mix well with reality and science. Unless Egnew can prove to me that Angels exist, the whole mambo jumbo Angels myths are nothing more than fantasy.  Another psychic who claims to channel thru Angels is Tina Bliss. I don’t know if you are familiar with her name. Bliss posted on her website a rather colorful revelation. Here it is “My guardian Angel Grace channels messages through me to answer your questions. She also gives me the ability to guide those who are seeking to awaken their spiritual gifts or find their life purpose.” An Angel called GRACE!!! I thought only my aunt was called Grace!!! Do you believe that, an Angel from heaven called Grace? I read very carefully your article on the best psychics in the United States. Although it is impressive, it is not complete by all means. Anyway, I would appreciate your scientific definition of ANGELS? Maybe Tina Bliss, Danielle Egnew and their guiding Angels can give you a helping hand? Anxious to read your reply. Please convey my respects to D.  Egnew. I saw her videos and they look pretty good. Jim Collier

USM: We have sent your email to Ms. Bliss and Miss. Egnew. We did not receive yet an answer from Miss. Bliss. But we got a reply from Miss. Egnew.

Answer of Ms. Danielle Egnew: Hi Mr. Collier! Thank you so much for your inquiry, and especially thanks on your compliments to my music / videos! I very much appreciate that, as music is the other half of my life :).  Your letter addresses some really wonderful points that I would love to touch on, and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to do so. First and foremost, I want to be very clear in stating that unfortunately, I cannot provide you with scientific proof of Angels, and ergo, the rest of this discussion is not intended as an attempt to convince you that Angels are real, since I can’t offer you what you plainly requested. I’m also regretful that I can’t provide anyone with the scientific proof of the OffWorlders, or the ET’s that have been in contact with me. Nor can I provide anyone scientific proof of the spirits, or ghosts, that I’ve had the opportunity to interface with on paranormal investigations – outside of a few readings on EMF and K2 meters, which, I’m sure you’ll concur, isn’t scientific “proof” of spirits, but in effect is only proof that something, cause unknown, is creating a readable spike in the EMF field. The moment I am able to obtain scientific proof on the existence of Angels, I will shout it from the rooftops. I have a big background in science, actually, in the field of wave behaviors (I get to use a form of all that in my music production pursuits) and I have an enormous love of proof and theorem. As such, I can very much appreciate your perspective on the “angel” issue. In fact, I was a bit flattered you considered my perspective to be religious, as the religious sectors regularly list me as a heretic and a false prophet, as stated in Steve Barney’s 2009 book “The Sacred and Profane”, in which, he stated I was speaking with Demons, not Angels, and that I had no idea how to tell the difference, lol. I even made the “Who’s Who” list of leading “False Divinators” on the Evangelical Christian site “Spiritual Research Network Inc.”, so it’s mighty refreshing to hear someone mention my name in the same sentence as “religion” without tagging on “Demon-conjurer”! I’d much rather address your concern -- it’s far more rational. I would posit to you, in the spirit of scientific observation, which suggests new possibility so that proof may be accrued to support expansion of horizons, that perhaps a change in perspective, where Angels is concerned, would be of great use to many across the board -- especially in both the paranormal and spiritual fields. I would agree with you 100% that there is much mythology surrounding Angels, and that much of this mythology is created for, and perpetuated by, organized religion. However, I would offer that simply because the franchise of certain religions decided to create a version of these entities that supports its overall mission in establishing human kind’s dominance in all the Universe, subject only to God (because according to those religions, even the Angels bow down to us, don’t you know), does not necessarily equate the fact that Angels are myths. It simply means that the rather concocted and agenda-driven recount of such creatures tends towards fancy. My only recommendation here would be to keep an open mind, and not to throw the baby out with the agenda-sullied bathwater. Though only part of my work involves dealing with Angelic life, I can only speak for my interactions with these creatures -- and my interactions don’t exactly match up with the “Touched by An Angel” version. I’m from Montana, and tend to be a little more brass-tacks about everything, so that may explain their more “fullness of character” approach with me. As such, I was the creative consultant on the CW’s TV show “Supernatural” about the function of Angels, prior to the network’s launch of the Angel and Revelation storyline, and their depiction of these creatures was a lot more accurate to what I’ve experienced them to be. No harps, glowing auras, or and clouds involved. Now, I in no way stand in criticism of anyone else whose spiritual work includes speaking with these entities, such as Tina Bliss, or Doreen Virtue. If there’s one thing I know about working in this field, it’s that the more I know – the less I know.  And, it’s been made clear to me time and time again that the spiritual world tends to meet us in a way in which we are able to translate it best, rather than the other way around. (ET’s just meet us, period, and it’s our problem to figure out how to make sense of it – but that’s another topic.) For instance, when these creatures speak with me, it’s only in relation to assisting someone, and they prefer to remain anonymous – they won’t tell me their names, or relay general prophecies.

Photo: Doreen Virtue.

Doreen Virtue, much like Tina Bliss, report on a different aspect of Angelic life’s application to humanity than I do, likely because there are those whose spiritual growth requires those types of messages. These entities, as is common in the spiritual universe, are meeting each of us where we are able to receive their messages the most effectively. That’s only part of their job description. Most of their function has nothing to do with humankind, but people don’t seem to be as interested in knowing that, ironically. Now please note that in great respect to your initial perspective: My response isn’t an attempt to change your mind on Angels, or even Psychics who claim to talk with Angels. Instead, it’s an appeal to your sense of investigation, to suggest leaving a door of exploration open where the agenda of a handful of religious institutions have painted a rather one-sided and mythological picture of an entire genus of rather astounding, powerful, and formidable entities. Regrettably, God, too, has been subject of this franchising, and look at all the in-fighting it has caused? I feel that the strength of the paranormal and spiritual community is in our ability to lend our individual perspectives to understanding the whole. Each one of us, yourself included, have a gift to discern certain aspects of the big picture, and together, I believe we will be privy to a greater perspective. For the longest time, the scientific community did not wish to accept the practice of Theoretical Physics, due to its lack of immediate proofs to back theories. However, the more science has uncovered, the more it realized that key universal building blocks in the puzzle were missing – blocks that could be reverse-engineered, in theory, thus – Theoretical Physics and the work of such great minds as Stephen Hawking, who some day will live to see our technology catch up to his ability to theorize, so that hard scientific proof may be captured. To me, it’s about coming together. Take the best, and leave the rest – whatever resonates with you -- which is why I find myself straddling many fields of paranormal study. The UFOlogists are unhappy with Psychics claiming contact with Aliens. The Paranormal Investigators are unhappy with UFOlogists, thinking that they discredit the “scientific approach” to the paranormal in that they all should wear foil hats, lol – the Metaphysicians are unhappy with the mention of anything that could be construed as “traditional religion” – and the purists in each field sometimes roll their eyes at me, because I don’t “pick a side of the fence” and stay there. In fact, I’m just sharing my experiences, which stretch over many fields. We all have our calls of interest. Mine, overall, appears to be unity. It is my opinion that though certain modalities may resonate with each of us more than others, to take a hard stance one way or the other in any field within the paranormal likens far too much to the same religious counterparts many of us take issue with, whose strict set of black-and-white dogma has set society back thousands of years. My hope for our community is that we never become that which oppressed scientific expansion in the first place. Thank you Mr. Collier for your letter and expression of honest concern – it shows that you are thinking, and reasoning, and putting your convictions to the test in writing, and that’s honorable. No matter what we all believe in – at least you have the commitment to believe! Keep rockin’ :)!      

24-BlogTalk Radio

Show: The Great Culling / The Silent Revolution of Truth. Date/Time:  Dec 26, 2011 9:00 PM EST Listen: Click to listen. Or copy and paste the link below:  And do not forget, if you want to call in live and speak with the host, be sure to dial (917)889-7099. You will be placed into the caller queue where you will still be able to hear the show while you are on hold. If you miss this above event you can listen to the archive anytime by clicking on the same link above. Enjoy the show, The BlogTalkRadio Team

25-Ohio Exopolitics...Billy Meier

I'm broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at #BlogTalkRadio The great culling... The illuminati are using chemtrails and vaccinations to reduce the population of the earth. Also on this show we will be covering sections from the Silent Revolution of Truth the Michael Horn movie that talks about the Billy Meier Contactee case.

26-His Honor Judge Alfred Webre, Exopolitics, Americans on Mars,  and Billy Meier

Does Alfred Webre the president of World Exopolitics believe in Billy Meier? Many of his followers do. Something else I would like to know from the exopolitics people, is the United States government still sending expeditions to Mars? You interviewed him...and what he said was extraordinary. Estefan Montez

Answer of Dr. Alfred Webre, Esquire: First of all I am very flattered at being referred to as the "president of World Exopolitics."  I am sure that some of my colleagues would have something to say about this, though most of them now acknowledge that my 2000 book Exopolitics brought the science of Exopolitics into being. U.S. Secret Mars Program: With regard to the question of whether the U.S. government has functioning facilities on Mars at present, every indication is that the secret U.S. government Mars program is continuing to function at a high level.  One informed source estimates that the number of U.S. personnel on Mars at this time may be as high as 500,000, although I have no way of verifying this. Below are research articles and interviews on the subject of the secret U.S. Mars program and life on Mars that you may find of interest: Secret U.S. Mars program & Life on Mars httpexopoliticsblogscomexopoliti.html

Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS)

12. Mars visitors Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars

11.  A "New Cydonia" of ancient extraterrestrial monuments found on Mars

10.  Mars active industrial site located by remote viewing, JPL photos, corroborating Mars whistleblowers

9.  New data, law of evidence support view of Mars having indigenous, intelligent extraterrestrial life

8.  Vancouver Futurist and former DARPA Time Traveler question de facto Mars truth embargo

7.  MARS Takes Its Case for Life on Mars to the American People

6.  EXOPOLITICS: The discovery of life on Mars with Andrew D. Basiago

5.  Discovery of life on Mars by Andrew D. Basiago chosen #1 UFO story of 2008

4.  Two whistleblowers independently report teleporting to Mars and meeting Martian extraterrestrials

3.  Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike's great-granddaughter, outs secret Mars colony project

2. Basiago and Eisenhower reveal "Marsgate" and make case for "Alternative 4"

1. Web Bot: Andrew Basiago is predicted "planetary level" whistleblower for Mars life and time travel

Secret U.S. Mars program & Life on Mars

Billy Meier contact case: Exopolitics is the study of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.  As an exopolitical researcher, the Billy Meier contact case is a valid case for study and research, although a controversial one because of unwarranted claims based on belief structures by specific "followers" that Mr. Meier is the sole legitimate ET contactee on planet Earth.  This does not make scientific sense, and is based on belief systems. Here is an interesting case study of the Billy Meier case by a colleague of mine, Jim Dilettoso: The Billy Meier Case -The Simple Farmer Who Talked With Star People by Jim Dilettoso - AlienZoo Resident Ufologist Please let me know if you need more information. Best wishes for an enlightening 2012!



Comments from our readers on his honor Judge Albert L.  Webre’s answer.

From Benny E. Singleton: “Alfred L. Webre is the best ufologist in the world. A walking encyclopedia. I am very impressed. His answer shows clearly that he is the most informed. I have read one of his books which sets the standards of Exopolitics. Did the United Nations consider Webre's theories? -Benny E. Singleton, Kent, UK

Answer of his honor Judge Alfred L. Webre: Thank you Benny for your insightful comments and question about our Exopolitical initiatives within the United Nations. During my career as an exopolitical advocate I have been particularly focused on the United Nations.  I was trained in International Law and currently a Judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal applying international humanitarian law.  I have always thought that the United Nations represented a potential embryonic interplanetary organization for our planet, one in need of substantial reform and elevation of consciousness to be sure. The United Nations has structural limitations, such as control through the veto power of the Security Council that represent the New World Order (NWO) nations and hence the legacy of the Annunaki ET intervention. Nevertheless I began my exopolitical activity in the United Nations around 1982 as a NGO delegate to the 2nd Special Session of Disarmament in New York, and then as an NGO Delegate to the 1982 UNISPACE conference in Vienna, where I raised the need for a UN department to address the extraterrestrial presence.  In the mid-1980s, I became the NGO representative of the CCCUN in New York and continued to represent the exopolitics perspective at the United Nations in this capacity. In 2009, I worked extensively with the President of the UN General Assembly, Miguel D'Escoto Brockman (who was a Catholic priest and former foreign Minister of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua) to obtain UN General Assembly implementation of its 1977 resolution mandating the establishment of a UN office of UFOs and ET affairs. Below is my letter to the UN General Assembly President.  At the time, I was dealing with his Chief of Staff.  Although this UN General Assembly did not take up the matter, my prediction that at some point in the period 2012 - 2025 Earth will begin to have a functioning transparent diplomacy with intelligent civilizations.  The most plausible place to start with is with the planet Mars.

LETTER TO UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY PRESIDENT, September 9, 2009.  His Excellency, Miguel D’Escoto Brockman, President-Elect, United Nations General Assembly, 760 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York 10017


Dear President-Elect D’Escoto Brockman:

Pursuant to Article 14 and Article 15(2) of the United Nations Charter, I have the pleasure of requesting the inclusion of the following supplementary item in the Agenda of the 63rd Session of the General Assembly:

“IMPLEMENTATION OF UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY DECISION 33/426, 1978, which concerns the establishment of a United Nations agency or department regarding Extraterrestrial Life.” As stated in detail in the accompanying Explanatory Memorandum, implementation of General Assembly Decision 33/426, 1978 should be included as an Agenda Item because:

1.  The Chairman of the Committee on Outer Space has, as of August 20, 2008, completed a status report (Attached PDF) on General Assembly Decision 33/426, 1978, rendering it properly before the General Assembly as an Agenda Item.

2. In an historic announcement, on May 13, 2008, the Vatican’s chief astronomer, Gabriel Funes, S.J. stated in an interview published in L’Osservatore Romano that belief in extraterrestrials was not inconsistent with Catholic theological principles, and that extraterrestrials “could be our brothers.” 

3. Other U.N. General Assembly Members are starting to address UNGA Decision 33/426. On March 22, 2007, the French Space Agency announced it was making public its secret files on possible Extraterrestrial sightings.  On May 2, 2007 the U.K. Ministry of Defence announced it was releasing up to 7200 secret Extraterrestrial sightings. Yet, there have been few formal opportunities to coordinate international efforts to investigate and research extraterrestrial life as recommended in the Decision.

4. The 63rd Session falls in 2008, which is marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of General Assembly Decision 33/426.  

5. The General Assembly can undertake to set out a plan for the implementation of General Assembly Decision 33/426. Paragraph Two of the decision states the following: The General Assembly invites interested Member States to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects, and to inform the Secretary-General of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities.

6. Pursuant to Article 14 of the United Nations Charter, we have developed information from the Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence, that the U.S. Space Command may be preparing advanced weapons in space against ethical advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations who are visiting Earth at this time for the purpose of providing non-polluting Energy and other solution oriented advances to humanity.

We understand that, because of the exigencies of time, this Agenda Item may not be included in the Opening Session of the 63rd Assembly, and we request the ability to bring the Agenda Item back for timely inclusion at subsequent sessions in 2008-9. Please let me know if you need further information. Sincerely yours, Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med

Photo: Dr. Michael Salla.

Who is in charge of Exopolitics?

From Khalil Akram Fathi: Who is in charge of Exopolitics? Alfred Webre or Michael Salla? I agree with Benny Singleton, Mr. Webre is the man. Does Mr. Webre lecture outside Canada? Khalil Akram Fathi, Alexandria, Egypt.

Answer of his Honor Judge Alfred L. Webre: Dear Khalil - Thank you for your question.  I am very happy to lecture outside Canada.  If any organization would like me to lecture, please contact me at My 2012 EXOPOLITICS lecture schedule currently can be found at:

Photo: His Honor Judge Alfred L. Webre

2012 Positive Future Lectures

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012, 11 AM- 6 PM. The OBAMA/MARS CONNECTION. Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre, Awakening Center, Yelm, WA. Saturday, March 10, 2012.Dimensions, The Ecology of the Multi-verse, Bellingham, WA.  Spring 2012,The Truth Convention, Atlanta, GA. 2012 Conference. Who is Barack Obama? Date & Location to be announced. May 18-20, 2012, Free Your Mind Conference, Philadelphia, PA August 2012. Chemtrails Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Sept 21, 2012, 2012 Exosciences, Conference, Buenos Aires Argentina.  October 10-14, 2012, Pythagoras Conference, Louisville, KY  Oct. 20-21, 2012, Congreso de La Nueva Luz, Nueva Conciencia, Madrid, Spain. Nov. 26-27, 2012 - 1st International Conference on UFOs/Exopolitics, Prague, Czech Republic

While it is an historical fact that I founded the science of exopolitics with my 2000 book Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact, Exopolitics is a platform or foundation in which anyone can participate and which no individual can control or "run", in the sense that no individual can "run" any discipline, such as physics or art or even politics itself. Like any discipline, Exopolitics has different schools of thought and profound individual points of views.  This is particularly so because Exopolitics itself studies relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse, which from our 3rd dimensional human point of view are: (1) interdimensional and (2) subject to a high degree of strangeness and hence to subjective interpretation. Michael Salla and I have agreed on some subjects and have disagreed on others.  The subject of our most outspoken disagreement is on the U.S. secret Mars programs and Life on Mars.  Michael Salla is on record as having stated that he does not believe the evidence of either the U.S. secret Mars program or of Life on Mars.  These are my views on the subject of Mars: This disagreement did not prevent Michael Salla and I from sharing a collegial dinner in Kona Hawaii in June 2011 during a Life on Mars symposium I was leading there with my colleagues Andrew D. Basiago (Mars visitor) and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower (Mars whistleblower). Exopolitics is a platform for a diverse and growing body of conversation, research, investigation, scholarship, and knowledge of the populated and organized multiverse. Exopolitics is now entering its second decade, as its first decade was 2000-2010, and is, from any objective perspective, thriving. Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med

 27-A statement by Dolores Cannon (From your interview) made my head spin

“The ETs are merely taking care of their own.” What did she mean? Stanley Egan

USM: We have sent your email to Miss Cannon.

28-To Mr. Tommy Garrett: Ghosts? Dead trying to contact to you?

Hello Mr. Garrett.  I have been an avid reader of yours since the days of Canyon News.  I like your new site, Highlite Hollywood much better.  My question for you is what new things will you be having at UFO & SUPERNATURLAL Mag.?  Have you ever had other experiences, ...say with ghosts or the dead trying to contact you? Thank you....Crystal Stone, Nashville, Tenn.

Photo: Rudolph Valentino.

Answer of Mr. Garrett: Dear Crystal, Thank you very much. I love UFOs and Supernatural magazine, and in the next upcoming issue, please be on the lookout for a story regarding the late Rudolph Valentino at the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery where even I plan to be laid to rest. Anyhow, it's a very intriguing story about the lady in black and an employee told me exclusively for our magazine that he refuses to lock up the shrine each night, until another employee comes by to watch for him.  And yes, in the New Year, you'll be hearing more about ghost encounters from me. I promise. And thank you for reading We are growing, and we are grateful for your loyalty. Thank you, Tommy


29-Did the Vatican and Pope Benedict delete 2 pages from Nostradamus recently found “Lost Book of Nostradamus”?

I heard that the Italian Public Library has found the “Lost Book of Nostradamus”. An interview with two Italian historians about Nostradamus book was aired a few days ago in Rome. Allegedly, high ranking bishops at the Vatican as well as the curator destroyed two pages from the book because they contained illustrations of Aliens and the role they played in creating the Catholic Church organized religion. The book was found, and the discovery was made public. My niece told me that she saw part of the interview on Cable television, but she could not remember whether it was on the History Channel or another channel. This is quite a story. Melvin R., Virginia





30-Gorgeous psychics!!

Wow WOW!!!!! All these psychic women in your mag, My Lord they are gorgeous… Allison the Rock Girl, Danielle Egnew, Doreen Virtue, Maureen Hancock…I thought witches were ugly, toothless and ride a broom…. Joe Montana, Biloxi, MS

USM: What did you say “Witches”?




 Team of "Decoded"; still the best on Cable Television!


Photo: Simcha Jacobovici

Your review of DECODED indicates to me that it is your favorite TV show. That’s your opinion and I respect your opinion. It is a great show but not the best. You presented the team of DECODED as the most intelligent team on Cable television? Really? Did you know they got arrested because they raided on a private club (The Bohemian Grove) looking for freemasons and secret societies rituals. It is true they were arrested, finger-printed and spent the night in jail and they admitted it on one of their episodes. I don’t call their behavior an intelligent behavior. Do you agree? NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is the best. The host Simcha Jacobovici travels to the five corners of the world and collects historical data. It is hand-made for an intelligent audience. There is no drama in his show. Only the truth. Watch the show and see for yourself. Benny Kaufman, Ontario, Canada

USM: We have an enormous admiration for Mr. Simcha Jacobovici. And FYI, we are featuring him in a forthcoming issue of UFOs & Supernatural Magazine. NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is indeed a fabulous show.


Sir, ladies and gentleman, I read 4 issues of your esteemed magazine and I like it so far. But frankly I am very concerned with your policy. You keep saying you don’t badmouth people, you don’t write bad reviews, but you did write a VERY BAD review about the greatest show in the history of television. You called ANCIENT ALIENS the worst show on television and you called us RETARDED because we watch the show. This is unfair. This is untrue. The show is very successful and is appreciated by educated people, and not by rednecks as you have said irresponsibly. You laughed at Jessy Ventura, you laughed at Erich von Daniken, you laughed…you laughed at everybody. Sir, you have double standards in your business. Why don’t you keep your promise and publish the truth? And if you can’t just say so. Sincerely Mr. Stavros Panayoti, Los Angeles

USM: Dear Mr. Panayoti, you are making a big mistake. We spoke highly about Mr. von Daniken, and we have never called ANCIENT ALIENS a show for retarded people. We do not need to defend our “Policy”. We simply don’t badmouth people. And just to set the record straight, we are hereby republishing the article we wrote about Ancient Alien show. Read it carefully. It could change your mind. We hope.

Here is the article in its entirety:

 Aunty Edna, Uncle Elmer and the Ancient Aliens Show

By an unidentified flying staff writer



Elmer in Peru…

Edna: So happy to see you back old timer. How was your trip to Peru?

Elmer: Out of this world aunty Edna. I saw everything…all the aliens I could see.

Edna: Get out of here!

Elmer: It is true sugar. They were there jumping and bumping like jambalaya crawfish pies all over the Nazca Lines. But they had some problems.

Edna: What did you do to them? Did you steal their pies?

Elmer: Nope. Nothing like that! It was their damned UFOs! They could not land on those lines, they were too narrow, 2 to 3 feet wide. And their leader was so disoriented. He asked me if I had a GPS.

Edna: Geepee ess? Gee wiz…What is that Elmer? Did you make it up?

Elmer: Global Positioning System. You can get it at Winn Dixie. I told the alien I can get him one. He was pissed off, because the lamas cows were shitting all over the place, and the poor alien could see no more the lines! He broke my heart. You see the aliens made those lines as runway for their UFOs. Really! I heard it on “Ancient Aliens”…on the history Channel…you know the teevee show.

Edna: Bullshit! Who would say stupid things like that. Are you pulling my legs?

Elmer: I wish Edna, you are still soooo sexy…and I love those skinny legs of yours…bounce with me honeybunch. Well let me tell you what the aliens told me. Are you interested? Great stuff!! They are going to make me a big star yessiree!!

Edna: Have you been drinking this moonshine shit again?

Elmer: Listen sweetheart. I am damned serious. The big head alien told me I am the CHOSEN ONE! And the aliens gave me a message for all the good folks in Louisiana to hear. Reverend Jesse will be proud of me.

Edna: A chosen one, a message, my ass! You barely know how to read. I am out of here!

Elmer: Will you listen…you old tree! The big head alien took me inside their UFO and introduced me to a very nice guy who was kidnapped in California while eating oranges and now lives on planet Zambar Ortis 300 in the Anciento Aliensos Constella-yashen with Huey Long, Johnny Carson, Johnny Cash and Andrew Jackson! A nice man, not bright but a good man, God bless his heart. He introduced himself as George Adamski and he said to me  I am a very lucky man because the aliens are going to take me to England, you know the country of Queen Victoria. You bet your gazebo.

Edna: Did you fall on your head or something?

Elmer: Okey dokey don’t believe me.

Admaski…Adamski knew what he was talking about. He said the aliens were organizing a Pickick…Piclick? Oh I remember the word now Picnic…Picnic to England. There is an old church there and under the church there are treasures, the cross of Jesus, The Ark of Covenant, the Ten Commandments and the Holy Grail. I know that’s true because I heard it on the Ancient Aliens teevee show. Adamski told me the aliens chose a few good folks to go to England and start digging under Rosslyn Chapel. Johnny Carson will be there, Lucy and her husband, Bud Abbott and Lou Castello, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Mollie B., all the outlaws, Elvis and Tammy Wynette too, Stand by your man…and show the world you love him…

Edna: They are all dead knucklehead! Not Mollie B, she is a sweet angel…

Elmer: They are not dead. They are alive, but are little bit different now. You see Edna when we leave from here we don’t die. The Lord almighty gives us a new body. And I know that for a fact. I heard it on the teevee.

Edna: Where did you hear this crap?

Elmer: I heard it from Machoo Kashou…no no wait a minute…Michio Kaku that’s the name, he teaches in New York, he is a city boy. He said all of us live in different worlds and the Lord made copies of us so he wouldn’t forget. I told Admaski…Adamski I am going. You take care now of my turtle and the truck…you hear?

Edna: You go to the barn and you stay there and take with you Elmers glue and sit on it. I am going to see Reverend Rodney…he knows what to do with you.

Elmer: Go ahead drive your truck with expired registration, no license plate, no driving license, no insurance, no spare tire, no brakes, no lights, no front seat, no engine…

Elmer in England…

Elmer is now digging with the 3 stooges in England…there are ETs’ treasures in the Rosslyn Chapel basement. The aliens are watching and the stars of “Ancient Aliens” TV Show are reporting live from the basement! Stay tuned, but keep your remote control handy!







Curly: Did you find the aliens?

Moe: I found one and I am looking at him.

 Uncle Elmer flew with the aliens to England.

Destination? Rosslyn Chapel’s underground basement and tunnels, where extraterrestrial treasures are buried according to ancient astronauts theorists and the stars of Ancient Aliens TV show. Yah Right! Before landing on the lot of the Chapel, the UFO hovered over the site of Stonehenge for 50 seconds, and boom kaboum zoomed back into a space-time tunnel toward the Chapel. Elmer asked Adamski what is going on and what are those huge stones. Adamski replied they are refueling. Elmer asked again, “Refueling what?”…refueling the UFO said Adamski, and added, “This is something I did not know before, even though I have built a few of those babies with Campbell soup cans and Popeye spinach.” Elmer asked, “How did you know they are refueling?” and Admaski replied, “I learned about it from the Ancient Aliens show…people on the show said the extraterrestrials built the Stonehenge to charge their UFOs, they have to recharge their batteries, they cross the universe to come here and charge their spacecrafts.” Elmer: “You mean like Leroy’s gas station in Baton Rouge?” Adamski: “Yes, something like that.” Elmer was puzzled by the size of the stones and asked, “Gee wiz…man! They are huge. So the aliens built these monsters?” Adamski, “Yes, some, and few stones flew in the air under the command of Merlin the magician.” Elmer: “What are you talking about? Stones don’t fly in the air! No foolin Mr. Adamski!!”

Adamski: “Merlin moved the stones by the magical power of his stick, didn’t you hear it on Ancient Aliens?” Elmer: “You mean like the sticks we use back home to catch snakes and rats?” Adamski, “Exactly! Now you’re thinking!” Elmer: “Where did you learn all this stuff?” Adamski, “I told you Elmer, from the Ancient Aliens show, are you deaf or something? The show the show Elmer.”

Edna: Who watches shows like that?

Elmer: Everybody honeybunch, everybody I know…George “The Animal Steel”, the wrestling champin, Jessie “The Body” Ventura, Jack “The Snake” the son of Ruth, who got out of jail on Tuesday, Crystal the wicked witch from Beaumont who wrecked her Subaru last week and her fayancee  (Fiancé), Ramesh Karesh Bandoor Bonjour the guy who owns seven eleven store, Harvey “The Alligator Man”, Bernie the bouncer at the strip joint…

Edna: Wow! What a crowd! La karim dee la karim (La crème de la crème).

Elmer: There are more, Rose the midget from the swamps who hit the sheriff on the head…

Edna (Interrupting and furious): Stop here you knucklehead! Rose is deaf!

Elmer: It doesn’t matter, Raoul is helping her…he listens to everything and tells her what’s going on.

Edna: Raoul? Are you nuts? Raoul does not understand English!!!

Elmer: It doesn’t matter, half of what they say on the show nobody understands anyway.

Edna: Is this a show for retarded people?

Elmer: No Edna, they are not retired, they all work.

Edna: I meant not very bright.

Elmer: They are bright alright. Some finished high school, yes yessiree. And the people who advertise on the show are mighty good… Joey advertised his joint, you know “Joey Nacho The Macho” diner…all you can eat. Edgar too who has “Beaver The Happy Coat” store, you know… buy two get one free, and KLXDKP, the teevee station, I hate their weatherman when he says, fifty fifty chance of rainin’… and 33 degrees at the airport, for God’s sake who lives at the airport!!

Edna: You are learning something.

Elmer: Yes sugar, I am learning everything, the show is great. It’s good for business.

Edna: What business?

Elmer: Well, potatoes chips, crawfish in the bucket, popcorn, you name it…they are selling like hot cakes since people start to watch the show. They sit on the couch and yum yum gooly gooly and eat the whole damned thing…I love it. I love this show. It is better than Sesame Street!!

Continues in Issue 5: Aliens land on the set of Ancient Aliens show & bring along “Ghost Hunters” show crew with cameras and mics that don’t work. The aliens are pissed off!!

33-Questions for Eugenia Macer-Story: Who is piloting the UFOS, aliens or multidimensional beings?

Dear Eugenia, where do we draw the line between the occult and UFOs, and are the UFOs piloted by aliens or multidimensional beings from parallel universes. In you articles you quite often write about entities Like Shaitan and spirits. Some appeared before you. What did you learn from these experiences, could you share your results and findings with us. Thank you. Bernard Gauthier, Paris, France

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: In my experience, each encounter with unknown intelligent entities is unique. In understanding and investigating these interdimensional circumstances, one must keep an open mind, exactly as when introduced to a human person under questionable circumstances. All is not as it initially might seem. For example: when Cytron first appeared outside my glassed-in porch I saw this as unique incident which I could not photograph because of glass reflection from the porch outer walls. So I memorized the entity to sketch it. I have been a professional artist for years, doing "astral portraits". When I sketched the entity, I found I had represented a characteristic which had been told to me by a witness of "Cytron" in 1980 when I initially investigated this entity as it was channeling through a medium, not visible. You will read in Part Three of "Cytron Returns" entitled "The Sorcery Game" about this aspect of the entity. I think there is a difference between "ufo" beings and the multidimensional terrestrial entities we call tribal "gods" or ancestral spirits.

34-The book NECRONOMICON: Real or fabrication?

Dear Ms. Story: Asking a few mediums and channelers about their opinions about the book NECRONOMICON, I was told the book is a pure fabrication. In other words a fake. You wrote extensively in this area, and you had interesting experiences with non-human entities, so what is your professional opinion? Behrooz  A, Tehran, Iran

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: My opinion is that the NECRONOMICON and other books like this which put forth an invented, exotic pantheon of Gods and spirits may be telepathically channeled to some extent by trickster entities. I know the NECRONOMICON is a fabrication because I met the author "Simon" years ago when I was just getting started with my occult studies. He is Peter Levenda who has recently written a book called "Sinister Forces" about the Nazi occult and claims harassment by this secret order of adepts. I think that the type of trickster entity channeling through Levenda when he composed NECRONOMICON snaps back on him when he attempts to report occult interference. For he does receive unusual interference and I myself once incorrectly represented him because a trickster young man was using his name. See my book:” Doing Business In The Adirondacks: True Tales Of The Bizarre And Supernatural".


35-I don’t want to be mundane in existence

Dear Mr De Lafayette; My name is Coert Valentyn Janse Van Vuuren I am 23 years of age and I live in South Africa. My story began in December 2010 when I had my last bit of money to spend, I had about $7 to spend to I went into town to my favorite book shop, I wanted to find a book different than usual, I went to the book shelf and something in my mind body, spirit and conscience told me to buy this book, it was the Twelve Planet by Zechariah Sitchin, I looked at the price and it was $15 dollars….. I couldn’t afford it, something told me to look in my wallet, $8 mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and I purchased the book, this was the first book that changed everything about me forever and ever since then I could stop researching about the Anunaki and so I bought more books, I wanted to email or write a letter to Zechariah Sitchin but I found out that he died in October 2010, two months before I found about the book, about him about everything that changed my life! I received on Christmas day a very special gift from my father, your books two volumes the Mega Encyclopedia of the Anunnaki volume 1 and 2 only. I finished the first book within a two days, I couldn’t put it down, I felt different with a purpose, I then realized that you are the key in terms of seeking answers of my life journey and quest, I believe deep down that I have to and can do something very special….. I need help in terms of how I can dedicate my life to the cause, I can't fit into normal society, normal working class, normal way of thinking etc, people do laugh at me but its their problem. I have a broad knowledge of history through the ages, I believe that I can be crafted and forged with untold wisdom and knowledge by the theologians cant you, the Ulema, and the secret theologians help me in my quest? I don’t want to be mundane in existence, I want to do what I have been created to do. I thank you for your time and help, you are powerful and legendary in many ways.- Coert Valentyn Janse Van Vuuren, Indexer, Discovery Health, South Africa

USM: Your email was sent to Mr. Maximillien de Lafayette o

36-Allison Hayes Knight Templars, her magic stones, Michelle Whitedove books, and spirits floating in the air in Egyptian séances

Photo left: Allison Hayes

I spent quality time reading your reportage with the American mediums and psychics. I learned new things about their style and character. Maybe I should tell you I am a medium from Alexandria in Egypt. I have been doing this for 25 years. I use different ways. I don’t use stones or photographs. I use Safad, sea shells and spells to bring spirits to my séance. I talk to the Arwah, the spirits of dead people. This is traditionally Egyptian. I could not copy your article from your website. I wanted to distribute the reportage to my friends. I suggest you make it available to everybody. I could not locate your magazine in Alexandria but I bought one copy from a bookstore in Cairo. It is beautiful like a cinema rich magazine. How do I subscribe? My opinions on the American psychics. The young lady Allison Hayes is very warm inside her heart. I like her photo on the cover. It gives good impression. I am curious to know how she was ordained priestess. We don’t have priestesses in Egypt. I am curious to know how she got the title of priestess from the Knights Templar order? I thought there are no longer in existence. The books of Madame Michelle Whitedove are not available in Alexandria and Cairo. I don’t trust the mail in my country. They steal mail coming from America. They think there is money inside the envelopes. If you can talk to Madame Whitedove ask her please how I can buy her books. The magic with stones is an interesting practice I am not familiar with. It would be a clever and a good idea if Allison Hayes opens a store in Alexandria and Egypt. It will work immediately. In my séances I use papers folded like triangles. Each triangle represents a spirit I being to the séance. I ask the spirits questions. The triangle answer the questions by jumping in the air. They float in the air. A few minutes later the spirits write their answer on the paper. They do it not me. People in the room can see what is happening. I send you good luck. In Egypt we don’t say I send you BLESSINGS, because only Allah can do this. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Salma H. from Alexandria in Egypt

Answer of Allison Hayes: Hi Salma; Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your story - it is wonderful to hear about what you do and your unique gifts! After many years of study and service I was ordained through Sacred Ceremony. Although The Knights Templar appeared to have disappeared in the 1300's their traditions are carried on today and most often handed down by word of mouth. It is an incredibly humbling experience to be honored is such a way and I founded The Rock Girl Sacred Stone School  ( in order to pass that knowledge onto to others. Thank you again for your interest and kinds words ~ Allison The Rock Girl

37-How many Mediums Queens do you have in America? Michelle Whitedove? Allison Hayes? Danielle Agnew? And who else?????????????

Photo: Danielle Egnew

Your magazine is a good combination. Mediums and UFOs. Clever! Now everybody will buy  it. You are smart. Good business strategy. I did some research on the mediums you wrote about in UFOS & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE. Michelle Whitedove is “CROWNED BEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA” by a television show. How serious is this nomination? American television is not for education. It is business. It is entertainment. Allison Hayes is Miss America Best Psychic by an independent group of psychics. Do they have the authority to do that? Danielle Egnew is best psychic in America nominated by your journal. Hey hey…how many Miss America Psychic you have there? I can’t ask the three queens what they think about each other. I can’t ask each one which is the best election? Can you ask them. Honestly who is the best from the three? Nodar, Republic of Georgia.

USM: We have sent your email to Ms. Hayes, Ms. Whitedove, and Ms. Egnew.

Comment from Joe Bonanza on Ms. Egnew's photo: Now you are talking. One complaint though, the stripes are too wide. She is a knockout.

Comment of Lisa Barbour on Joe Bonanza's comment: Dirty old man...Danielle is lovely. A diva is a diva. Can you grasp this? Beauty is a gift.


Answer of Ms. Danielle Egnew: Hi there Nodar! Thank you for your question! Perhaps this will help: I think we are *all* the best at what we do! AND, I think there are many, many more wonderful Psychic, Mediums, Empaths and Healers out there on whom the title *best* could be bestowed, simply because there are so many aspects of spiritual gifts and talents that it would be impossible to name one human being alone as "the most competent of all." That would be like handing out only ONE gold medal for the entire Olympics, lol! However, unlike the Olympics, which is a competition, I feel the Psychic and Spiritual fields are about unity, enlightenment and peace, through education. Though it is enormously humbling to be named as "Best", for which I have incredible gratitude, as it is a wonderful heart-felt acknowledgment of one's life's work, we in this field do not set out to compete against one another, but to bring great illumination to all aspects of The Spirit and The Unknown. I feel that UFO's and Supernatural Magazine does a lovely job for their readers in shining a light on many different outstanding Spiritual Practitioners, from all different styles and different backgrounds. Allison Hayes and Michelle Whitedove are my esteemed colleagues and I am *always* honored to be considered as a fellow "Bestie"! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Answer of Allison Hayes: Hi Nodar!  Thank you for your feedback. I believe that Danielle said it beautifully "we in this field do not set out to compete against one another, but to bring great illumination to all aspects of The Spirit and The Unknown." ...and that "the Psychic and Spiritual fields are about unity, enlightenment and peace, through education." Each of us in unique in our gifts and there are many reputable organizations, directories, magazines etc. out there that recognize and profile these gifts. When honored with the title of "Best" it is not meant to be interpreted as "Better Than" - simply the "Best' that particular individual can be!  Many Blessings,  Allison Hayes ~ The Rock Girl


Reply from Arakel Baghramian. Comment on Nodar's email from Georgia: Why are you so confused? Haven't you heard of MISS WORLD, MISS UNIVERSE, MISS COSMOS. Americans are businessmen. They have everything. I am not a psychic but I predict America will elect soon THE BEST DRESSED PSYCHIC IN AMERICA. THE PRETTIEST PSYCHIC N AMERICA, THE TALLEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA, THE SHORTEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA. It is not important who is the best. What is important is who is a real psychic. The magazine said 98% of psychics are FAKE. The psychics we read their names in the magazine are the good ones. All are beautiful they should work in cinema. Why didn't you ask who is the most beautiful ALIEN. The most real extraterrestrial.  I know who he is....SARAH PALIN. Arakel Baghramian, Armenia


Comment of Lisa Barbour on Arakel Baghramian's reply: Women are not objects in the United States. They are leaders, writers, doctors, educators, spiritual healers. Nothing wrong with Sarah Palin. She is a successful woman. Your comments are repulsive. Do you have problem with women? Get professional help. How is the weather in Armenia? I bet it is freezing, so is your head. And you ,Ufos and supernatural mag why did you post this photo? Couldn't you find a better one? What's wrong with you??


38-The Shaitan…The DEVIL

The CYTRON RETURNS article by Eugenia Macer Story made me think a lot about this creature. In her article, the author called the creature Shaitan. In our Arabic literature, Shaitan means the DEVIL, also Ibliss and Dajjal. It is mentioned in the Holy Koran. Mrs Macer Story description of SHAITAN is different from the way we visualize him in our traditions. My question to Mrs Macer Story is, “Are you talking about the Muslim Shaitan or another Shaitan? According to our Arabic stories Shaitan appears to tempt the believers and make them sin. Did the Shaitan ask you to do something? Ismail Moubarak, Khartoum, Sudan.

Answer of Eugenia Macer-Story: This is a very important question--as you will understand as the narration in the article installments develops. First remember that the entity presented itself originally in 1980  as "Cytron" not Shaitan. I am familiar with the various diabolic strategies and soon saw that this name "Cytron" was not on the level. You see in the second installment that I am temp0ted to recognize as a "bright being" what is basically an unusual reflection from a book on my desk. This game-playing is not entirely Muslim or Arabic. You will see in the Third installment some surprising input from other traditions as well. But I am versed in Sufic literature and the systems of the Sufis are sometimes very dark, requiring discernment. What "Cytron" asks is that I recognize and investigate this appearance. I have not been secretly asked for any favors nor have any "powers" been granted to me by Cytron.


39-Serious concern about psychics training, practices and claims: Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Hi there. I have been reading your latest issue and find it quite lovely. Your article on the best psychics is very interesting and I have enjoyed reading about each one you have highlighted. I have taken some time to visit the websites of each psychic and they are all very unique. I do have a question/concern, though. As a practicing sexual assault and domestic violence caseworker for over 20 years, I have extensive training and experience in these types of cases. I noticed on the website of Sunhee and Chinhee Park that they claim to offer "help" for all types of abuse, including sexual abuse. I am wondering exactly what qualifications these "professionals" claim to have to be able to offer advice on these very serious matters. In researching their website further, I could find no professional training and zero credentials to substantiate their abilities as psychics or healers. I am sure these ladies are good at what they do; however, it is extremely irresponsible and downright unethical for them to be offering any type of counseling to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or other abuse. Qualified professionals must complete years of training and actually earn degrees in order to "help" with these cases. I find it very concerning that seemingly self-appointed psychics/healers are claiming to assist with matters that are this serious. If nothing else, they are opening the door for substantial law suits against them. So my question to Ms. Sunhee and Ms. Chinhee is - could you please share your professional training and qualifications with your audience? This may be something you should really put on your website. Thank you,
Geraldine Metcalf,
Brooklyn, NY

 USM: Ms. Metcalf; We have sent your email to the Park sisters. Psychics. We could not locate any pertinent information about you as "A practicing sexual assault and domestic violence caseworker." Gladly, we will post your comments, and mention the names of the two psychics you referred to in your email, once you have provided us with an idea about your practice? A website, perhaps? We want to make sure that we have INDEED received an email from Ms. Geraldine Metcalf, an accredited caseworker. We are delighted you have addressed this issue. Thank you.

Comment from Ruth P. "Geraldine Metcalf is right on. Psychics who practice any form of health/mental profession must be licensed. I appreciate what you have done....hiding the names of the two psychics subject of the email of Metcalf. But I insist that those two psychics come clean and show us their credentials."  Ruth P, New York, New York

Comment from Bridget  Howard-Polanski: I second the motion.

Comment from Samuel Levy: Are you imposing censorship now? Why did you "hide" their names? The public has the right to know!!!!!!!Show us your guts and give us their names.

Photo: Chinhee and Sunhee Park (The 2 angels with a golden heart)


USM: Now, we can reveal the names of the 2 psychics, Ms. Geraldine Metcalf mentioned in the email she sent us, because Sinhee Park and Chinhee Park gracefully commented on Ms. Metcalf's comments.

Answer of Chinhee Park: Geraldine; In regards to your disturbing, insulting words and demeaning comments about our "gift".  I will express this.  FIRSTLY, we do NOT have on our website that we Professionally Help sexually abused people, nor do we "Claim" to have any professional training or degrees.  NOR DO WE NEED ANY when we have a gift as sacred as ours.  Our gifts have helped heal abused victims, survivors etc.  99% of our clientele are sexually, physically, emotionally abused people.  WE ATTRACT PEOPLE OF ABUSE due to; NOT OUR DEGREE in training of sexual abuse, but because they feel our extensive LOVE for them and personable attention and intuition.  Something that a DEGREE or extensive training cannot offer.  Victims of abuse need more love than the normal person.  We are highly intuitive with their needs and we know first hand, since MY TWIN AND I ARE BOTH SURVIVORS OF SEXUAL, PHYSICAL, AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE. So before you go off on your ego trip, take a look at yourself and point the finger at yourself and ask yourself.  How are those 20 years of extensive training and degrees doing for you?  Do you receive such honorable testimonials as we do?  Because if you do, I commend you, I don't have to demean you or make you feel "unqualified" to help a victim of abuse. Lastly, WE Never needed training, We were Blessed with our gifts.  NO SCHOOL CAN TEACH US THEM.  There is NO PHYSICAL, TANGIBLE evidence for gifts like ours. Do yourself a favor, and try to step out of your "conventional" world.  Because conventional or intellect has nothing to do with OUR unconventional, spiritual, loving world.   Regardless of your bitter, demeaning email, I still send you loving energy, because YOU REALLY NEED IT! Happy New Year!!!! CHINHEE PARK

Comment from  Marc Cortez: Very good answer Chinhee. We all love you. The article on you explained very clearly how generous and a good person you are. People who makes negative comments are disturbing people. Keep your good work. Ignore what the lady has said about you. Obviously UFOs & Supernatural Magazine know very well how good and helping you are. God bless you. From Marc Cortez, Vera Cruz, Mexico

Photo: Chinhee and Sunhee with Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City.

Comment from Andre Popovich: I agree with Marc Cortez. You have done nothing wrong. Throw wild accusations in the garbage. if the magazine wrote that you are a good element, they must have a good reason for saying so. They called you an angel. And I love angels. Stay strong. Happy New Year, Andre Popovich, Moscow, Russia

Comment from Andrea Salibi: Very few people in the world like you help needy families and give them furniture like you did. Your gifts don't need a diploma from the government. You answer to a higher authority. You are the best because you have talents and a big heart. Amman, Jordan

Comment from Alain Lebrun: Thomas Edison was a school dropout. Shakespeare did not earn a degree in English Literature. Nikola Tesla never finished university. They are above normal rules because they are geniuses. You don't measure talent and creativity by degrees and courses you attend at ivory league and expensive universities. When you are gifted like the Park Sisters, you don't need a diploma signed by a government employee. They never claimed that they deal scientifically like a doctor or certified health therapists. Edgar Cayce knew about the mind and soul more than 1000 doctors and Ph.Ds in science and religion. It is vicious to attack two young ladies who did nothing but good things. Alain Lebrun, Paris, France

From Marie Louise Carpentier: We love you Chinhee! Courage. Marie Louise Carpentier, Paris, France

Photo: Jesus healing the blind without a license. Courtesy of Salim Hamzi

Comment from Salim Hamzi, Certified Electrical engineer: Ho Ho Ho!!!! Hold your horses people. Let’s be reasonable, shall we? I believe in miracles yet I can’t explain miracles. I saw people healing others, yet I can’t explain what I saw. Science of today is yesterday news. We advance and what we learned a year ago is no longer accepted by science. Abusive governments and organized religions are poison so, are some government licencing bodies. Jesus Christ healed the sick and opened the eyes of the blind, yet he was NOT a certified or licensed doctor. As my country goes through turbulent political times, I don’t need to hear accusations. I need people like Chinhee and Sunhee Park to heal the wounds of  compatriots and martyrs who fell defending justice and liberty in Syria. I am with Chinhee and Sunhee regardless of lack of governmental certification. Who needs a recognition and a permission from government to practice love and affection? I take this opportunity to congratulate UFOs/Supernatural magazine for being fair and withholding the names of the two psychics before a response from them was timely given to all parties concerned. This is what I call an unbiased and fair journalism. Salim Hamzi, Master degree in electrical engineering. Aleppo, Syria, currently living in Australia.

Reply of Chinhee to: Marc Cortez: Thank you so much Marc (Gracias chulo!), We truly appreciate your support!  Happy New year!
To: Andre Popovich: From our hearts in Cali to yours in Russia! LOVE!  Manifest a good new year!
To: Andrea Salibi: We appreciate your open mind of understanding we answer to a higher power!  Love comes from within and heals  all wounds!  Much love to you;  Happy New Year!

Note from Sunni Llee: To Whom It May Concern, First off, to address this question – I have not been formally or officially interviewed by this magazine. Secondly, I do not have anything on my website that addresses that I help sufferers of abuse of any form, as I agree that it takes years and years of education and practical application to work and understand the many intricate layers of abuse. So – please accept my apologies for any misunderstandings on this. Also, my name is Sunni Llee, and NOT SunHee. Please do not make this confusion in identities. Sunni Llee,, Psychic/Medical Intuitive, Hypnotherapist I am a Psychic/Medical Intuitive, Psychometrist, vibrational traveler, healer and otherwise metaphysical geek who came out with my skills and interests a few years ago after having lived in secrecy of them. I had shut them down and was too concerned with fitting in among my peers and geographic surroundings. I chose to change my name from a given adopted name that I don't really relate to. I haven’t for a very long long time. Growing up in a white family and community where I was the only asian, I felt white in side my mind, but my outside was still a yellow peel. So I call myself a banana, white on the inside and yellow on the out, peelable layers of course. And, I love to eat! Now I live freely and fly with the wind and an open heart and mind. I hope that what I share here helps and heals you in any way.... Sincerely Sunni Llee

Comment from Antoine Forrestier, Belgium: Obviously there is an attack on spiritual healers. And some fear scandals. I am totally in the dark when it comes to understanding what metaphysical healing really means. However, from browsing the websites of many psychics I got nothing but confusion. But the psychics who were featured in the magazine were different from the rest of the pack. They seem to be friendly and it would not hurt to get to know them and see what they have to offer. The Park twin sisters for some reason appeal to me. And I can see that they are hurt. Attack on metaphysicists and people gifted with supernatural abilities is not something new. I encourage you to read the column of Danielle Egnew, very properly called THE LIGHT to get acquainted with religious attacks on spiritual healers.  But I understand the concern of Geraldine Metcalf, and most recently and surprisingly the reaction and alarm of Sunni Llee. Ironically both are right in their own way. This should not diminish the credibility of Chinhee and Sunhee. Antoine Forrestier, Belgium.

To the attention of Sunni Llee: You introduced yourself as vibrational traveler. Hum….what are your destinations? Antoine Forrestier, Belgium.

USM: We have sent your email to Ms. Sunni Llee. And her answer was: I don’t know how to access the forum, and if this article is about me, I never saw it or received a copy. Please clarify…Thanks

To the attention of Sunni Llee: Why are you panicking?? You were eager to distant yourself…. Bob Rosenthal

To the attention of Sunni Llee: You “don’t know how to access the forum”, yet you rushed to respond without an invitation.  And the first thing you do is to issue “To Whom it May Concern” statement. Weird!!!!! Bruce Bruno, New York

To the attention of Sunni Llee: You don’t know how to access the forum, so how did you know about the forum? You emailed a rather disturbed announcement. Give me a break! Alec Briggs

Answer of Geraldine Metcalf: Thank you for letting me know. I did read the response of Ms. Chinhee and feel that it was filled with anger and defensiveness. To be clear, I was not attempting to be hurtful to these ladies. I simple had a concern about what I read and had further questions. Ms. Park states that their website does not mention that they offer professional help to victims, so then I am unclear as to what this excerpt from their site is: "Through their highly accurate psychic readings, Chinhee and Sunhee help people who are stuck in dysfunctional relationships or just stuck, sexual abuse victims or victims of any form of abuse. They offer telephone psychic readings, email psychic readings, live sessions and private parties. The twins are currently writing an autobiography with a ghost writer. Look out for their new book called "Pair of Normal". Perhaps they are stating that they help but it is not professional help? Again, I am not attempting to be rude here, I am just trying to understand. Anyway, this is not about a battle and no one was under attack. As I said in my first post, I am sure these ladies are lovely and do good work. My concern was simply about the serious implications of counseling or advising an abuse victim without proper training. Regardless of the angry responses of the Park twins or other readers, there is a reason that people are required to undergo professional training to aid victims. Horrific things happen to people every day and, like it or not, people who have not been trained in trauma recovery should not be offering advice to anyone. Having said that, if the Park sisters are simply offering a loving ear to people in need, then that is a kind deed and, yes, it is also something that victims do need. I am the first to say that victims need all types of support and if the sisters offer an understanding, empathic ear, then more power to them. However, if they are offering advice that crosses boundaries into where professional help is needed, then that is a different matter entirely. Being an abuse victim does not qualify one to counsel another professionally. Regarding "not needing training", this is quite a statement. Again, I mean no offense here but this seems very ego driven. There are a ton of very gifted healers and psychics that were born with the gifts they have. Yet, the most successful ones, John Holland, John Edward, etc regularly speak publicly about how important constant training is. Mr. Holland has stated that he will never be able to attend enough classes, courses, etc because even though his gift has been with him his entire life, he knows that he can always learn more and can always strive to become better. Have the Park sisters reached their utmost pinnacle in life to really be able to say that they need no training whatsoever? Is it not possible that they may actually learn something more than they already profess to know? Ego before humility is not attractive in anyone. If someone professes to be able to counsel others and offer life changing advice to "heal the world one soul at a time", then perhaps they should also realize that there is much more to learn and they don't know everything. Basically this boils down to two women with zero training and zero qualifications offering advice to the world. Again, I mean no disrespect, but it is the truth. They admitted it themselves. This will be my final response on this thread, as I am not interested in starting WWIII with these women. I simply feel that obtaining training in their field would not harm them. Here is a great place to start: I sincerely wish the Park sisters the best in all they do. Sincerely, Geraldine Metcalf

Photo: The classy star and psychic Patti Negri

Comment regarding Sunhee and Chinhee by Patti Negri:  I know them personally and they are loving, talented, gifted and ethical in their work.  Comparing them to traditional techniques is like comparing apples and oranges.  Both good.  Both different.  I know a hundred MD's who still claim Chiropractors or Acupuncturists complete quacks... yet, they certainly are not.  They are just different modalities / methods.  Both valid, both right, just different.  I truly believe that many people will be helped more by the loving gift of the Park sisters than by years of "traditional therapy" and some people more comfortable with the latter - depending on their own comfort levels and belief systems.  Apples and oranges, but both going for - and getting the same results.  Can't we all just get along… Patti Negri

Chinhee's Last Response: My last response to this thread is: Geraldine Metcalf "YOU DON'T GET IT" But, it's ok that you have to attack us and make us feel bad as it's a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  You are very good with your grammar and sentence structure and words and good for you in obtaining your degrees and extensive training in your work!  KUDOS to you!  We don't need training to do what we do.  Our extensive training is in LOVE.  Our degree is in "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" and the only thing ZERO about us is NEGATIVE ENERGY! We are truly sorry that you cannot understand our gifts.  We still send you love and light and wish you health and happiness.  Now to the real reason I'm writing my last comment is to THOSE BEAUTIFUL SOULS who are supporting us and making us feel better for the attack that was inflicted on us.  To: Alain Lebrun, Paris, France You really stated that so eloquently and beautifully!  I loved your comment so much I shared it on my Facebook page as my status.   Thanks so much for sharing your love with us, I could not express it better than you!  I admire you for that! To: Marie Louise Carpentier, Paris, France; Thank you so much for your warmth! To: Salim Hamzi Australia:  Wow, what an amazing analogy and comment you wrote.  Thank you for taking the time out to express your views.  You have our hearts and many thanks! To: Patti Negri;  You are such a lovely friend and we trust, respect and love you and Gabriela.  You are the spiritual family we are so connected our new home in Cali.  Thank you for that, see you in the New Year! To: Antoine Forrestier, Belgium; Thank you for taking the time to comment, we appreciate your good energies! We wish you all a Happy, Healthy New Year!  Please LOVE yourself more and more so you can have the strength and energy to SHIELD off negative energy people and things!  Always believe in who you are and what you do, and Stand up for yourself when attacked!  It takes the negative energies off you and puts it back on the negative force.  You don't deserve to be carrying someone else's negativity.  You deserve to be happy, healthy and LOVED unconditionally!  Peace and love;  Chinhee & Sunhee Park

Sunhee Park response to Geraldine Metcalf and Sunni Lee: In order for you to become a psychic and stay in business for 14 years you have to be good. We are confident with our gifts and our specialty is helping the abused. We give people messages through channeling on how to better their relationships, or if they are getting beaten up by their husband, should they leave? Does that require a degree or a license? If you ever had a reading with us you would understand our gifts, but your narrow conventional mind is pushing us out, and you happen to pick on my sister and I out of the other psychics. It feels like you are jealous, competitive, and ego which to me sums up to Unhappy, Lonely, and unsuccessful. If we were prescribing medication, diagnosing mental illnesses, and telling people to jump off a bridge, we would not be in business. One last thing : We do not need a degree to be a psychic or need a license to help abused people when it comes to spiritual advice. We are giving inspirational messages to those who cannot heal from a caseworker. Not to mention, everyone has suffered from some type of abuse today. Sunni Lee, you are a psychic? and you agree with Geraldine, it seems like you wanted to come in the forum to advertise your services to get more business. I know times are tough for opportunists, but We do not say that we are M.D.'s, or psychologists or even therapists. We are helping people who are in despair and need loving and gentle spiritual advice. You should know if you claim to be a psychic/medium. To all the GREAT supporters who gave us LOVE and good energy and made us laugh with the Jesus photo healing without a license; that made my YEAR! Thank you for your kind words and we appreciate your support!! Love, Sunhee Park

Reply (FINAL) of Ms. Geraldine Metcalf:I first will begin by stating that I was not going to reply to any more threads and this message to you is not an attempt to further stir this issue.  I simply want you to understand my position in this.  I assure you, this will be the last message I write about the thread.I do understand you questioning my credentials but I am a little confused as to why the credentials of Chinhee and Sunhee Park are not being questioned.  I read other interviews in your issue and it seems you questioned many other psychics about their credentials, including your rather harsh questions to your cover interviewee.  About me - you will not find that I have interviewed hundreds of celebrities, nor will you find me boasting about my amazing gifts.  I am not in the spotlight, nor am I a famous person.  My desk is a bland, cream colored metal unit and my office is just about as simple.  Chinhee Park was very defensive in her response, "We are highly intuitive with their needs and we know first hand, since MY TWIN AND I ARE BOTH SURVIVORS OF SEXUAL, PHYSICAL, AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE. So before you go off on your ego trip, take a look at yourself and point the finger at yourself and ask yourself.  How are those 20 years of extensive training and degrees doing for you?  Do you receive such honorable testimonials as we do? " I myself am a victim of sexual assault, as most professionals who counsel are.  Yes, I was gang-raped repeatedly.  In fact, I was held against my will in a warehouse for 8 days, chained to a wall.  I had no food, no water, and no clothing.  I was tortured with knives and with cigarette lighters.  And no, my attackers were never brought to justice.  That is my story, plain and simple.  I do not wish to receive a bunch of responses of sympathy or anything else because this happened a lifetime ago.  I do not share this with people because the work I do is not about me.  It is about the victims. I took my tragedy and decided to use it as a catalyst to change my life.  I've earned a Masters in Social Work and I specialize in the assessment and treatment of sexual abuse against children and adults.  I have been a clinical consultant in trauma assessment, and have worked with a variety of law enforcement agencies.  I have created a variety of sexual abuse treatment programs and have been a professional consultant for a very popular crime show on television regarding sexual assault. I have taught at several police academies and have also assisted in investigative interviews.  Having said all this, I do not believe that I need to prove my qualifications, as I am not the subject of your article, nor am I attacking anyone. Sunhee Park writes, "If you ever had a reading with us you would understand our gifts, but your narrow conventional mind is pushing us out, and you happen to pick on my sister and I out of the other psychics. It feels like you are jealous, competitive, and ego which to me sums up to Unhappy, Lonely, and unsuccessful." This is quite presumptuous on the part of Ms. Park and quite ironic, considering she and her sister are supposed to possess psychic gifts.  She and her sister both continuously refer to me as having a narrow, conventional mind.  Why would I even be on this website if I had a narrow and conventional mind?  UFO's and the Paranormal are not exactly "drinking hole's" for narrow and conventional-minded visitors.  The Park sisters are making assumptions about me that are completely unfounded and very inaccurate.  I am a long-time student of Reiki and am a Reiki Master.  I have also studied the Jose Silva method and Reconnective Healing, to name a few.  I do not practice as a metaphysical professional because, quite frankly, I am far too busy with my current position to have any extra time.  We have thousands of cases that remain unsolved, and more victims than I care to discuss.  Even so, I have nothing against metaphysical gifts and, in fact, am highly supportive of them.Regarding my being jealous, competitive, "and ego", whatever that means, as well as unhappy, lonely and unsuccessful (as stated by Sunhee Park), I am none of the above (who is attacking whom here?).  First of all, I have no reason to be jealous of these ladies.  I don't even know them.  I have no reason to be competitive with them because our professions have nothing to do with one another.  "And ego" is not even a complete adjective, so I will leave that one alone.  "Unhappy, lonely and unsuccessful" - once again, none of this is true, but I gather these statements on the part of Ms. Sunhee are simply a feeble attempt to circumvent the real topic here, which is not surprising.  Defensive behavior is a behavior which occurs when an individual perceives a threat.  The defensive party may give some attention to the issue at hand, but moreover he or she devotes most of their energy to self-defense. He or she considers how to divert attention from the issue at hand in order to win, dominate, impress others, or escape punishment, as well as how to mitigate a perceived attack.The Park sisters keep insisting they were "attacked" by my questions.  I was direct and asked them reasonable questions.  I was not attacking them.  I read that they hope to get a television show of their own.  If this ever becomes a reality for them, they are going to need much tougher skin.  If they felt that my honest questions of them were attacks, what is going to happen if they are ever in the true spotlight and come under real attack of tabloid journalists, paparazzi hungry for "dirt", and more? Sunhee Park asks why I questioned them versus other psychics.  The answer is simple.  They are the only ones that referenced "helping" with sexual assault victims on the home page of their website.  This caused a red flag for me due to my profession.  That is it.  I am not targeting these ladies or saying that they are horrible people and they are doing awful things to their clientele.  I simply asked them how they are qualified to help with sexual assault victims because I know how serious these cases are.  The sisters repeatedly claim to help victims of sexual assault because they "love" them.  Love is wonderful.  Love is incredible, but love does not teach you how to properly deal with a victim of assault or violence in the post-trauma stages.Sunhee Park further states, "We give people messages through channeling on how to better their relationships, or if they are getting beaten up by their husband, should they leave? Does that require a degree or a license?"  I am surprised that she even asked this question.  You do not need to possess any special gifts to advise someone that is being beaten to exit the relationship.  How is that being a psychic or channeling?  You could pose this question to an astronaut or a truck driver and they would most likely advise you to exit the relationship. Interestingly enough, I visited the Park's Facebook page today to learn more about them.  They stated, "Bad press is good press, someone tried to demean our gifts, and check out our response, she is asking why we dont have a degree or license to help give spiritual advice to people who have been abused, its like What ego do we have to answer now???"  Bad press is good press?  I am sorry that my concern for the professional treatment of sexual assault victims qualifies as any type of "press". The responses of the Park sisters seem to carry a constant tone of sarcasm and cynicism. To be clear, I am not challenging the Park sisters on their intentions.  I am not challenging that they do their work with love.  I am not challenging that they help people.  I am simply stating that some issues should be handled by a professionally trained practitioner for the overall well-being of the patient.  This is not conservative, nor is it narrow-minded.  It is a fact.An example - If someone is hit by a car, I can offer them all the love and support possible and can totally empathize with their pain, but I cannot fix their injuries because I am not trained to perform surgery.  It does not mean I don't love them.  It simply means I am not qualified to operate.  Even with good intentions, I could further harm them simply because I might do something accidental due to lack of training.  This was the whole point of my inquiry to the Park sisters. I know abuse.  I've lived abuse.  I've studied abuse.  I've been treated for abuse and I've gone on to treat abuse.  Having said that, the day will never come that I say that I do not need to continue learning and training.  No one knows everything, psychic or not, and if someone claims that they need no training, it only shows their commitment to ignorance. Ms. Rosenstein, I will continue to read your magazine because I am a student of metaphysics and I am very open-minded.  I do not profess to know everything and I never will, and I will never stop looking out for the well-being of those that have suffered abuse.  If that includes asking responsible questions to people like the Park sisters, then so be it.  Best to you and your staff. Sincerely, Geraldine Metcalf

Comment of Yoga Teacher Dina Vitantonio (Photo left): As a certified Yoga teacher, an author, an energy worker and intuitive healer myself, I would like to take a brief minute to make my own comments on the recent postings regarding Sunhee and Chinhee. I am grateful to have the talents of Sunhee and Chinhee available as an alternative means of self-discovery on the road to self-mastery. I think it's important to note here that the work we are speaking about is not about Mental Health but Spiritual Health (Soul Growth); and, one cannot replace, substitute nor justify one for the other- which was never the intention of the article. There is a place for everything, and enough to go around for everyone to find what fits best for each one of us. So rather than separate as the "me's" and the "them's", why not simply just unify and appreciate the freedom of choice. Because even with differences, where there is unity there is peace. And as Sunhee and Chinhee mentioned, the key to their work, and what should be the basis in every action we all perform, is love- Pure, Unmotivated Unconditional Love. We could all use a healthy dose of that. Thank you both for all your love and sharing. Feel free to pour your love down on me anytime! Dina Vitantonio, New York, NY

And this concludes the thread on this subject! Let's move on. NO MORE COMMENTS. Basta Cosi!

40-Psychics who have lost their human touch

I am writing a term paper on ESP and was advised to contact psychics known for their authorship. The name of Rosemary Altea  (Photo left) was suggested to me. I tried to contact her but could not reach her. I went on her website and tried again, the same thing; she is unreachable. She has the most unfriendly website I have ever seen. Celebrity psychics have lost their touch with humanity. I should have read your article on psychics before I spent valuable time trying to reach this woman. Try this  it will drive you crazy. This line of psychics groups only businesswomen psychics; I was looking for down-to-earth and friendly psychics. Reaching that woman was a nightmare. I am not expressing disrespect for Altea, rather disappointment. She authored authoritative books, but books alone are enough. Her website reminds me of automated customer service outlets. No human voice, only machines! And I hate that. Betty Smith

USM: Did you try to contact her office? She provided a direct line number. (Her office phone number: 802 867 4070.) A follow up: We called that number on Saturday 31, December  2011, time 6:37 PM, and the operator said: This number is not in service. And we are not going to suggest names, for you could encounter the same unpleasant experience. Yes, it is a nightmare. Sorry, Betty.

Photos from L to R: Dobie Maxwell,Shelly Hernandez

Just received from Chinhee & Sunhee Park; Upcoming: January 8th, Sunday evening, Chinhee & Sunhee Park will be guests on the radio show, 1050 AM Worldwide radio station in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Hosted by Dobie Maxwell, Shelly Hernandez and other cool people! They love to GIVE BACK and are graciously doing free readings for 2 hours.  Feel free to call into the studio lines at 262-694-1050, 8:30pm Central, 9:30pm Pacific, and 6:30pm Eastern.  Happy New Year, thank you for everything and all of your hard work! Love; Chinhee. 




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