Supernatural World of Maximillien de Lafayette

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Selections of his writings from his book: The Essential Maximillien de Lafayette. P 3

Brain: “The Supersymetric Mind”:

Study of the influence of the Anunnaki’s programming of our brain and fate.

I. Introduction: Honorable Ulema Sorenstein once said, “…in many cases, some people are responsible for their own bad luck and failure in life. It all depends on what you put in your Araya/Conduit brain zones.” He added: “Even though, the human mind was created the way the Anunnaki wanted it, and even though, your brain had been programmed and fashioned 65,000 years ago, and “upgraded” and reconditioned by the Anunnaki some 6,000 to 7,000 years ago, you can still bring important changes to your mind, and make it work for you like a charm.” He continued: “Everything depends on:

 Note: Ulema Sorenstein is a modern American Ulema, originally from Latvia. He lived in Lower Manhattan area in New York City, and he is 135 year old. You look at him, and you don’t give him more than 37. Many people have seen him in different places, simultaneously. I will comment later on what he meant by: a-“Responsible for their own bad luck and failure”, b- “Araya/Conduit”; c- “Brain zones”. But first, let’s listen to his Anunnaki-Ulema Kira’at on success and failure in life, and in business.

 II. Kira’at

 Note: a to f are not categorically part of the Anunnaki’s primordial (Original) makeup of the genetic creation of your mind. Your upbringing, way or life, and personal vision of the world and your immediate environment could have caused this.

·         Let’s go back to Esther’ situation, and see whether the Anunnaki are responsible for a lack of a great success in her life, considering the very advanced academic degree she earned, or whether Esther’s own actions, thoughts, personality, or her bad “luck” prevented her from getting a better job.

·         And above all, let’s see what the Ulema recommend.

·         In life, we have to simplify things to understand them. So, let’s approach Esther’s situation in a very simple manner.

·         It is more likely that a, b, d, and f, have created the unpleasant condition of Esther.

·         The symptoms a, b, d, and f, emanate negative and destructive vibrations in the Araya, causing the Jaba(s) to shrink.

·         And when the Jaba(s) shrink, the human being ceased to become creative and resourceful.

·         The vibrations of a, b, d, and f overflow the Jaba.  And you already know what happens when the overflow occurs and invades other Jabas.

·         The lack of creative thinking and resourcefulness blended with negativity and low self-esteem will prevent any person from getting the kind of job or occupation, she/he deserved.

·         And this is exactly what happened to Esther.

·         In the Jaba(s), the Anunnaki have installed and implanted sequences of ideas, thoughts and faculties that shape the future and the “human cosmography” of all humans.

·         The symptoms a, b, d, and f, were never the primordial ingredients of the Araya or the Jaba.

·         This is very good, because it shows that the human race is not enslaved by the genetic makeup/design of the human race, by the Anunnaki.

·         Many writers, and conspiracy theories advocates in the Western hemisphere, and particularly in the United States, so erroneously have claimed that the Anunnaki are controlling the world; the Anunnaki are our masters; the human race is enslaved by the Anunnaki; the governments of the world are controlled by the Anunnaki.

·         This is untrue.

·         But what is true is that the brain as designed by the Anunnaki cannot escape or go beyond the genetic specifications of the Anunnaki.

·         However, the Anunnaki have no absolute control over our brain, (Araya, and Jabas), since they have allowed us to activate the “Conduit” in our brain.

·         And since all of us have more than one “single brain”, wonderful things can be accomplished, and our freedom will always be protected.

·         The Ulema believe that the human brain is in fact a “Supersymetric Brain”. 

·         And I will explain this to you.

·         Because once you fully understand how your “Supersymetric Brain” functions, you will be able to make miracles, and heal yourself from many things.

·         But you should never ever claim, that the Anunnaki-Ulema’s healing and therapy methods do replace or substitute for any traditional, and scientific means and methods of treatment, and diagnosis, as applied in traditional medicine, and/or in other legitimate mental health practices.

 III. The “Supersymetric Mind”: “Ma bira-rach”.

a. A brief note on supersymetry: According to the theory of supersymetry, also known as SUSY, all particles in the known universe have their counter-part, also called super-partner(s). Basically, this is the view of quantum physics scientists and theorists. In the Anunnaki-Ulema context, supersymetry is either the similar or the opposite of YOU. In a limited sense, it is the other super-partner of “you”, and what constitutes you at all levels; organically, bio-organically, chemically, genetically, etherically, atomically, mentally and physically. The most important and predominant part of your mind-body supersymetry is your mind, because everything starts in your mind. In this context, your mind is a “Supersymetric Mind”.

 b. What is a “Supersymetric Mind”?


·      1-Ma bi idawa is outlined and explained in the book “The Revised, Indexed and Complete Book of the Anunnaki Ulema Final Warning: Humanity destiny, UFOs threat, and the extraterrestrials final solution”, and in the book “Anunnaki Self Healing.”

·          2-The Anunnaki-Ulema scientific mind (Brains) scanning via devices implants in the human body is not science fiction literature. Allegedly, surgeons and psychiatrists who worked on the CIA Mind Control Program in the fifties, sixties, and early seventies have attempted to develop and implement quasi-similar techniques on volunteers, and retarded patients.

·          3-Most recently, a vast literature and avalanches of scientific papers on this subject appear in the American scientific community, and many physicians, scientists, and futurists advanced mind-boggling theories on these implants techniques, on a theoretical level. Nevertheless, what was theory in the past is nowadays a pragmatic application and standard procedures in many scientific fields.

4. Levels of the Mind “Iama”

 I. Definition and introduction: Iama is a term referring to the concept of the different “Levels of the Mind”. According to many authors and thinkers, the human brain is a depot of all knowledge we have acquired so far. This is not totally correct, according to the Book of Ramadosh. Ulema Oppenheimer said verbatim, as is and unedited: “The physical brain, or in other words, the brain of a human being living here on Earth is one of the multiple layers of an infinite series of knowledge and experience acquired by a person in and outside the barrier of time and space. Meaning that every single human being, regardless of the level of his or her intelligence and social status has an infinite number of other brains “Minds” fully operational in different and multiple spheres, times and spaces. And this includes the landscape of our Solar System, and other universes’ systems. This is the cause and effect of the creation of the Universe and Man.

 II. “All humans have more than one brain”: Man cannot be separated from the universe, because he is a vital and primordial part of its molecules. In other words, a person can be very intelligent and extremely important in this life, and in the same time, he can be a total ignorant and unimportant in other life that co-exists simultaneously somewhere else in the universe.” He added “here on Earth you might be an amateur musician, and in other world you are a conductor of symphonic orchestra, or even equal to Mozart. In each dimension, and this includes stars and planets, you as a human being you live a separate life, and you have a totally independent brain. Some Masters are fully capable of synchronizing both, and even more…”

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The Duplicate Image of Ourselves or Reproduction of our  Being in other Dimensions “Ishra”

 Ishra is the name or term for the new image or duplicate of the original existence of a life-form, in another universe. All living forms, including humans and animals have many duplicates of themselves throughout the universe. In each dimension, physical and non-physical, we find identical, symmetrical and alive copy of all of us. This copy is not a visual reproduction or a holographic projection, but real in every single detail. This could be explained by the fact that multiple universes are “so created”. And this creation which goes on ad infinitum encompasses anything and everything that exists and/or has exited anywhere. Each time, a new universe is created, whether it is parallel or in another dimension, the creation process includes every single molecule that has created a previous universe, or has been a part of it.”

 6. Bringing Youth to Your Face “Hatori-shabah”: “Hatori-shabah”refers to various phases of youth brought to a person via the practice of the Anunnaki-Ulema Daemat-Afnah technique. It is closely related to Daemat-Afnah, which is a term for longevity, and halting the process of aging. It is composed of two words:

According to the Anunnaki-Ulema, we are not programmed to age. By practicing the Daemat-Afnah, a person will regain his/her youth, and his/her face will look 37 year old.


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