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 It is a tradition now! The public is invited to vote for the best psychics and mediums in the United States and the world. The first vote/election (Last year) was a spectacular success, and more than 500,000 people from around the globe participated with intense interest. Send your nominations for the best 5 psychics/mediums/lightworkers for any category, to J. Goldsmith at newyorkgate@aol.com. The vote/nomination begin on August 26, 2012 and ends on October 26, 2012 at midnight, New York time. The results will be published in the forthcoming issue of ART, UFOS & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE and in the new edition of “Register of the United States and World’s Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order”.


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The general public, clients, psychics, mediums, healers, investigators, and researchers are welcome to submit names and information for the new edition. Email the author at delafayette6@aol.com . Deadlines: February 29, 2012


The Register of the United States and World's Best and Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012

ORDER THE BOOK  RIGHT NOW at newyorkgate@aol.com

 Order the Book: Register of United States and World's Best and Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012


74-Psychic scam a $40 million Fort Lauderdale-family affair, feds allege. By MICHAEL VASQUEZ . Miami Herald. A Fort Lauderdale family spent the last 20 years raking in The Marks family claimed to be psychics as they amassed a $40 million fortune ripping off trusting clients, prosecutors say. Sometimes the clan even boasted of having a direct line to Michael the Archangel. But to contact anyone else, the Marks family may soon need to call collect -- from a prison cell. Federal prosecutors on Tuesday unsealed a whopper of an indictment against Rose Marks, her sister Victoria, sons Ricky and Michael, daughter Rosie, daughters-in-law Nancy and Cynthia, son-in-law Donnie, and granddaughter Vivian. Federal investigators dubbed the case “Operation Crystal Ball.” Six of the 10 defendants were arrested Tuesday in South Florida, and made their initial court appearances in West Palm Beach. Two other defendants were arrested in New York, another is scheduled to appear in court in West Palm Beach next week, and Rose Marks’ sister Victoria is still at large. The indictment, while not identifying victims by name, alleges that numerous people fell prey to the Marks’ psychic ruse due to the family’s use of “various magicians’ tricks” to create the impression of real psychic ability.  Once the client was convinced of the Marks’ other-worldly powers, the scam would kick into high gear, the indictment states. The methods allegedly used to empty clients’ pockets included: Rose Marks assuring a client she had a “gift from God,” and would provide him divinely-inspired direction in his life. The catch: The male client would have to provide sums of money as a “sacrifice.” Rose Marks pledged to pray over the money and later return it. According to the indictment, the money was not returned. Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/08/16/2362318/psychic-scam-a-40-million-fort.html#storylink=cpy

Photo: Psychic Patti Negri

76-I'd like to vote for Patti Negri, she is ethical, compassionate and is willing to go the extra mile with a person (both in the physical and psychic realm). She is supportive of others and their development of talents and gifts. Patti, supports others through her knowledge and ethical psychic talents! The community is blessed to have her as not just a psych, but as a Sista and friend!!! Peace, Maria Sanchez

77-I am not voting for Danielle Egnew. To the Editorial Staff and National Register Author and Publishers. Did you read what Danielle Egnew wrote on her Facebook? She called your poll and national vote, and this new effort of yours the NATIONAL REGISTER a COMPETITION. This is absurd. The votes and the public did not see it that way. It was never a contest or a competition. No psychic was invited to compete. As a matter of fact half of the winners were not aware of the national vote. No sir, it was not a COMPETITION. It was the PEOPLE CHOICE. Egnew is out of line and she is self-serving.  It is HYPOCRISY, this is what I call it. I was going to vote for her based upon your interview with this woman and the fact that you have considered her as the best psychic for the past year. But after reading what she posted on facebook I changed my mind.-Abaza, Egypt. Note: Please do not forward my email to Danielle Egnew, I do not need to read more of her garbage. This woman has problems. I know you are on her side because she writes for your magazine. Too bad!

Photo: Psychic Danielle Egnew

USM: Ms. Danielle Egnew was nominated Psychic Of Year by our magazine long before she began to write for UFOs & Supernatural Magazine. So your allegation is not correct Mr. Abaza. But with complete fairness we do agree with you: The National Election was not a COMPETITION as she claimed; in this context, Ms. Egnew is wrong. And frankly speaking we don't care!! It is her personal opinion. America is a Free Country, Mr. Abaza.

Comment of Scott L.: It was not a competition. Although the honorees might have competed against each other outside the ring of your magazine to get more votes and beat the competition. Your national election was an honest opportunity given to all of us to chose our favorite psychics. You have done a miracle and rendered important service to American psychics. Egnew or Agnew is hallucinating. Keep the good work and congrats on this new brilliant idea. I do strongly believe that the results of the national vote should be preserved in your book, for history and posterity. Good luck.- Scott., New York, New York

Danielle Egnew OPEN LETTER on Facebok. Here is an excerpt from what she wrote: I posted the invitation on my facebook pages for people to vote in the magazine's "favorites" poll in the spirit of FUN, and to support the magazine's genuine effort to listen to the public, as this was the first official moderated paranormal poll of its kind. My posting was in no way a personal endorsement for the process of ranking my peers….I had to work past my own feelings of being uncomfortable about posting a "ranking poll" in the first place, but in an attempt to support the magazine’s effort to listen to the public, I balanced these feeling by realizing that to many in the entertainment industry, "lists" matter, and I channeled my uncomfortable feelings into how, if I came out on "the list", I could turn the experience into a positive…” And read this: “"Dividing and conquering" has nothing to do with my work in this field…”She is calling you all sorts of things, Mr. M. Delafayette. Her arrogance is childish and visibly expressed in her double-standard wordings My posting was in no way a personal endorsement for the process of ranking my peers….And the coup de grace (Fatal blow) summarized all “Dividing and conquering"/ Too much!! ..a friendly reminder for your team: KEEP A RECORD OF THOSE WHO APPLAUDED HER...and especially Mullins. Ernesto.

Why is she doing this? You pictured her twice on the covers your magazine. Are we talking here about the same psychic or somebody else? -Rafik Hijazy, Michigan

Response of Ms. Danielle Egnew: Please publish the following response, of which I give you permission – Best -- Danielle: To all those who seem to be alarmed over my OPEN LETTER on facebook: Hey all -- I have been made aware of this discussion here on the board by a litany of emails storming my inbox from both magazine readers and fellow Psychics alike, who have all read the letter I posted to Facebook, and are all concerned that this discussion on this forum has taken my open letter dramatically out of context. I now see their concerns are founded, so let me bring some clarity to this discussion before this misinformation becomes “tabloid truth”.  I’m dumbfounded by all this talk of “polls” and “competition”, especially by Mr. Abaza, as I’m not sure where he got any of that, as it is simply untrue (nowhere in my letter did I ever equivocate this magazine’s poll with a “competition” – in fact, I never even mentioned the magazine by name). I’m equally confused as to the magazine’s comment back to Mr. Abaza. I can only assume UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine, a magazine I hold in great esteem, did not have time to fact-check their sources prior to responding here, as not once did I ever refer to the magazine’s “Top 25 People’s Choice” poll as a “competition” in my letter. LOL -- Why would I? It’s a poll. Again – I’m a bit lost by all of this here, here, folks, so bear with me. The inference that I would in any way bring a negative light on this magazine is simply put: Absurd. All of this reaction is based on wrong information, authored by Mr. Abaza. I’m not sure where all this vitriol regarding my supposed opinion of the magazine’s poll is coming from – or why it’s even here, considering I never even mentioned UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine by name in my open letter, and made only a passing reference to a “recent national top Psychics poll” trying to address other much more pressing concerns the people writing me had expressed. That’s how unimportant the issue of “the national poll” was to the overall letter’s message and content. It appears through the magic of cut-and-paste internet authorship, and dramatic misquotes, that my letter, has indeed, been made into something that it simply -- is not. And it also appears I'm being held accountable by some for opinions that I do not have. I'm afraid that some of you are up in arms over misinformation, and that puzzles me, considering the letter is a matter of public record. It can be read here: http://www.facebook.com/danielleegnew.psychicmedium I welcome anyone to disagree with me on the contents of the letter, which is about unity in the metaphysical community, something this very magazine stresses – yet please disagree with me on the full contents of the actual letter. Whoever chose to “cut and paste” snippets of my open letter here, out of context I may add, to create the message you think I was sending – you’re quite creative, and you put some effort into that! And to many who have subsequently commented, all have neglected to mention who the open letter was to – it’s intended audience -- as quoted from the first sentence of the letter: To the overwhelming numbers of you who have written in, and continue writing in, asking me my opinion on "Psychic Ranking", who *I* think should be first, second, third, etc., in the recent national "Top Psychics" poll … To clarify, this is an open letter to people who had first sent me letters. There were way too many to emails individually answer back, obviously, which was the point of the open letter. As stated, the letter addresses those who wrote the large number of emails that I received after the UFOs & Supernatural "Top 25" poll closed,  from people all over the world, asking me, personally, to weigh in on who I thought was the best Psychic or Medium. Many of these emails came full of very negative commentaries about my peers, and I did not appreciate that. I respect my peers very much. I found these emails I was receiving to be offensive. I do not condone "bashing" of any kind, of any of my peers, at any time, from anyone, email or otherwise. Nor do I appreciate that people would ever see me as someone who would. It was important to me to take a stand and clarify not only my personal stance on me personally “ranking” my peers (which is obviously different than folks participating in a national people’s choice poll), as that’s what these letters were asking me to do in a very competitive way, but to point out that these requests were not appreciated, and that the public clearly spoke in this poll.  And that those who were chosen by the public were very grateful we had been. I stated that over and over again. And, by the very nature of a tallied poll – a poll ranks people. That’s what polls do. That’s different than me personally running about, ranking my peers. My demographic tends to be more “X Factor” than “Hay House”, and they ask tough questions. People writing the letters to me were confused as to why I would promote a poll, but wouldn’t join in on the negativity they were sending me, and wouldn’t weigh in with my personal opinions about this person, that person, where I thought they should be, etc. I needed to clarify the difference between me supporting the magazine’s first people’s choice poll, and me not wishing to rank and file my peers. A national poll is obviously a different story, and is designed to obtain statistics, and if someone doesn’t understand the difference in what I’m talking about there – I’m unable to help you. I was very clear in my open letter that the PUBLIC had spoken, honoring us all who made the top 25, and that my personal path is not to address “who is better than” in this field, on a personal level, no matter how many times I’m asked – and I’m asked regularly, by magazines, TV, and even radio. I actually cited an issue I had with TV casting, in this area – not with this magazine.  I cited being cast in “America’s Psychic Challenge” and turning down the show because I found out the show’s title, and found out it was a competition, after I was cast. I don’t believe in competing against my peers. Perhaps that is what Mr. Abaza was referring to in his initial comment?  I created the open letter to dissuade the type of negativity from hitting my inbox that was coming in, as I was sick of it, I did it to explain that the competitive nature of the emails I was receiving was not welcome --  and why. I explained my stance on not welcoming "competition" within the spiritual field", never once referring to the national poll as a "competition". In fact, all throughout my letter, I applauded the fact, again and again, that so many wonderful people participated in this poll and honored all of us on the Top 25 by casting their votes, and how wonderful it feels to receive acknowledgement for our work. I also noted UFO's & Supernatural Magazine for launching the first public paranormal poll of this kind. My opinion on that matter of “no competition on the spiritual work” has been unanimously supported by my peers in this field, and continues to be. Again – that has nothing to do with a national public opinion poll. The cut-and-pasted context manipulations here in the forum and the continued inference to my letter supposedly “attacking” the poll is plain and simple – ridiculous. I never indicated any of that. There seems to be a few opinions here, and NONE of them belong to me, but there seem to be a few who are desperate to make it seems as though these opinions came from my mouth. Again -- I welcome anyone to disagree with me, on any level, but Please – disagree with me over what I actually said, not cut-and-pasted context manipulations.  Once again, I never said the poll was a competition. I said I would not compete against my peers. They are separate issues detailed in six paragraphs of this open letter, very clearly. I am, frankly, a little surprised that someone would take the time to "cut and paste" only a few phrases from my open letter, as clearly this individual read the entire thing, as those comments they chose to cut and paste are all tiny stabs from throughout the length of the six paragraph letter. I do thank that individual for reading the entire letter! I am not so thankful for the creative re-assembling of my words, in an attempt to re-framing the intention of what I actually said, creating an opinion that I do not, and never have held, regarding the poll and UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine --  which again, was never named in the open letter. I also find it fascinating that whoever chose to “copy and paste” these snippets from my original open letter, here in the forum, chose to stop their “quotes” literally right before, or right after, I paid the magazine a great compliment, on more than once occasion. That’s a touch suspect. So I would question the perspective of the individual who “copy and pasted”, if they truly are a “fan” of the magazine. I’m also curious as to why they chose to leave the rest of my letter out, especially considering the rest of the letter was about how we, as a spiritual community, are all valid, and those of us who have been named in the “top 25” poll sponsored by UFO's & Supernatural Magazine have all been honored greatly? Once more, I’m very sorry that there has been so much twisting of information over a letter whose subject is not even this magazine. It’s a touch ludicrous. My open letter was to the many, many who wrote to me, to send an unequivocal message that I will not stand behind, participate with, or condone the hazing, degrading, or disrespecting of any one of our peers, via email or otherwise. Period. I will not rank and file them personally. Period. If somehow, someone wants to make that about “secretly disrespecting this magazine”, then I encourage you to take up screenwriting, with such a vivid imagination. You are all welcome to read my letter and disagree with what I’ve said. Yet please be clear in what you’re disagreeing with. I thank you all, and UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine, for giving me the opportunity to address such a gross misconstruing of content, and let me copy and paste, in context, the end of my letter for those who do not choose to take the time to read it --  “We are all the best. we are all the winners. we are all special, in our individual way, which is necessary. we are all competent. We are all one body of light, with many hands, for many regions and many tasks. So I respectfully ask that all correspondence regarding "Psychic ranking", "allegiances with this organization or the other", “who predicted what first”, or anything further to do with the "competitive spirit", as applied to this field, remain out of my inbox. "dividing and conquering" has nothing to do with my work in this field. everyone who works in this field pulls information from the same waterfall of information, in different ways. that is the design. if you're looking for someone to support a "paranormal heirarchy" -- I'm not your girl. if you're looking for someone to support your spirit, and your genuine work in this field -- now we're talking. A gracious thank you to those who have utilized their valuable time in writing to me in reference to this matter, and my intention with this letter is to clarify my stance on the issue. All the best to each of you, and may each of you fulfill your purpose here on this planet, no matter how big, small, paranormal, or not, to the very best of your ability. all we can do is our best. In this, we all win. Danielle”


Photo: Rev. Michael Carbone

78-Press Release: New Metaphysical Church Opening in New Port Richey, FL and Globally! Be The Light Metaphysical Center 5919 Trouble Creek Road #1 New Port Richey, FL 813- 420-7958. A chapel unlike any other where everyone is welcome regardless of   their gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, financial status or political beliefs! Do you believe in psychics?  Mediums? Spirits? Angels? Reiki? A higher power that loves you for who you are? Then Join Rev Michael Carbone. Be The Light Metaphysical center has multiple services throughout the week, messages from spirit nights where you could receive a message from a loved one who has passed even healing nights! Classes forming to open your abilities, alternative healing modalities, how to read tarot and more. Be The Light Metaphysical Center is unlike any other in many ways. One of which you can attend from anywhere in the world.  Be The Light is an international Chapel. Listen to their online radio show 5 nights a week and video services coming soon. Welcome Home! http://bethelightmetaphysicalcenter.com  Rev Michael Carbone Pastor, Be The Light Metaphysical Center


79-Who Created Man? God or the Extraterrestrials? Dear Mr. De Lafayette. I hope you will honor me with your answer sir. In the Koran, it was written that Adam was created from Germs, other interpret it as dirt. I am searching for the earlier explanation of man on earth. Was he created by extraterrestrials. Thank you very much. Hamid Zaatar, Syria.

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The Sumerian texts tell us that the Anunnaki tried hard to create a perfect “working human”. The very first 7 prototypes of man the Anunnaki created were not perfect. Humans lacked intelligence. They were unable to understand the instructions of the Anunnaki. The original intention of the Anunnaki was to create specie of humans capable of carrying physical tasks without questioning their origin, the nature of their creators, and the reason for being created. The Anunnaki wanted to produce specie that can follow orders during the early phases of their enterprise on earth. The Anunnaki never intended to create a very “smart” human. They just needed “primitive workers” who could understand one thing: Do the job and follow the orders as the Anunnaki ask! The Anunnaki combined their genes with the DNA of an existing human race, and vice-versa. However, several passages from the Sumerian texts tell a different story; early humans were created from the DNA of an Anunnaki who had the rank of a king, a ruler or a “god”, that was blended with clay found in abundance in Sumer (Modern day, Iraq). Later on in history, “clay” became” Tourab”, dirt in Arabic, and “clay” also became “germ”. The Quran referred to it.  Here is an excerpt from the Quran: “Is man not aware that We created him from a little germ?” It is obvious that the Islamic text was written in accordance with the Sumerian-Anunnaki scriptures containing the following: “We first created man from an essence of clay; then placed him a living germ in a secure enclosure. The germ we made a clot of blood, and the clot a lump of flesh. This we fashioned into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh…”

80-I am writing to vote for Sunhee and Chinhee as top psychics in America. They have made a profound impact on my life. I am so confident in their abilities and I have honestly consulted over 100+ psychics. They are so accurate, compassionate, easy-going and nothing short of miraculously gifted! I hope this email finds you well and if you need further details re: these two lovely psychic women, please feel free to contact me at 305......or my email: jessy0379@... Sincerely, Jessica B. Alonso Sent from my iPhone

81-Zecharia Sitchin said the Anunnaki came to Earth to mine gold? Many historians and teachers of ancient religions disagree. What is your opinion Mr. De Lafayette? I am a vivid reader of the Anunnaki book. Antonio P. Albanese, Rome, Italy

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: No, they did not! The Anunnaki are not cowboys in the West! The Anunnaki are a very advanced race. They can transmute metals into gold anytime they want. To their scientists, it is a piece of cake. Besides, Ne.Be.ru, the real name of their planet is abundant with gold. The correct name of Ne.Be.Ru is Ashtari. A race that overcame the laws of physics of so many galaxies, conquered space-time travel, participated in the creation of the cosmos, and created the brain and body of so many races and humans should be considered advanced enough to conclude a very simple scientific transaction such as changing iron or copper into gold. Also, it is very important to remember that gold, even in a huge quantity cannot save a planet from deterioration and adjusting its weather and climate. They came to Earth for other reasons. The Anunnaki did more than just come to earth. They have created it, million of years ago. At that time, a group of Anunnaki scientists on Ashtari and Aldebaran including Inanna, Sinhar Anki (EN.KI), Anu, Enlil (Ilil) etc. decided to extend their experiments in creating biological, living forms. To do that, they needed a good plan and permission from the Council, so they worked it out and requested a meeting. The Council considered their suggestions, and agreed that such work would greatly increase Anunnaki knowledge and therefore would be an excellent idea to pursue. However, they had one condition. The scientists were welcome to start working – but their laboratory would have to be off-planet. The Council suspected that the introduction of new life forms, even in the isolated conditions of a laboratory, might be a threat to everyone already on Ashtari. Large and small animals, and particularly people that were to be created in the image of the Anunnaki, could not be tolerated to wander freely on Ashtari. The scientists devoted more thought to their project, and agreed that what they really needed was a planet-sized laboratory, where the creations could interact in a controlled environment without the interference of previously existing life forms. The solution, to which the Council readily agreed, was to create a planet specifically for the purpose. The Council added that they understood that it would be convenient to create the planet within the Milky Way, for easy traveling, but it had to be at some distance from Ashtari ( Nibiru to others), just in case.

And so the scientists went to the edge of the galaxy, and caused a star to explode and create a solar system. The sun, which they named Shemesh (Sol) was surrounded by a few planets, and after a suitable amount of time (eons to us, but nothing to the Anunnaki who can play with time as they wish) went there to decide which planet would be the most appropriate. For a short time they considered the planet we call Mars, which at the time had plenty of water (the most important ingredient necessary for the laboratory, after oxygen) but finally settled on choosing earth. They went to earth, started creating the life forms, fostered the evolutionary process, and managed to accumulate an enormous amount of useful knowledge, all of which they telepathically transferred to Nibiru, where it was much appreciated. Unfortunately, the knowledge leaked to the Grays at Zeta Reticuli, and they decided to use the humans, and sometimes the cattle, in their doomed experiments that were geared to save their own miserable race. While doing this, they sadly contaminated the pure genetic material the Anunnaki so painstakingly created, and the humans that resulted were no longer suitable for the study. That was the reason why the Anunnaki deserted their research on earth. However, it is well known that the Anunnaki, which are a most responsible and compassionate race, did not lose interest in their creations, and have never quite deserted us to the Grays. Most important, as a result of some additional knowledge revealed to them over the last forty years, they are planning a comeback to earth. It is not clear if they are intending to continue their research, or if their coming is merely a benevolent attempt to clean the earth from all Grays’ genetic material and reclaim us as better human beings, but either way, we will be made much happier, kinder, and more comfortable by the Anunnaki return. The expectation is that they would formally announce it around 2022.

Photo: Distinguished Psychic Shannon Leischner

82-Hello,This is Shannon Leischner and I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you did in the Vote for the Best Psychics in America. I was surprised and extremely honored by my nomination and ranking. Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in your contest. I have taken the time to thank people on my facebook and email. I am sorry for the delay in my thanks to you and your staff. As I am new to this process, I was not sure if it was appropriate. Although I do recognize that putting on a contest like this is an extreme amount of work, I did not want to overstep any protocol for this type of voting process. I thank you so very much for everything and send you and your staff love, light and blessings. Happy New Year! Namaste. Shannon Leischner www.shannonleischner.com




Photo: Dr. Suzanne Shumsky

83-Recommending Dr. Suzanne Shumsky. It is an honor and a pleasure to recommend Dr. Suzanne Shumsky for inclusion in your National Register. She authored 7 books and lectured around the world. In my opinion she should be at the very top of your list. Her book Divine Revelation changed my life. Please pay visit to her website http://www.divinerevelation.org/ . Dr Shumsky is available for interviews and public speaking.  Leon Mursky, Bethesda, Maryland





85-A question to Mr. de Lafayette. Was Angel Gabriel a real angel as described in the Bible or an extraterrestrial god?- Nathan Belmont, St. Cloud, France

Photo: Wrong perception of Angel Gabriel by organized religions.

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Gabriel as a word derived from the Ana’kh word Gb’r. Its numerical value: Delta 1000. And the primordial meaning is: An Anunnaki personage with mighty powers and major influence on the creation of the human race. Angel Gabriel is not totally and exactly what the Judeo-Christian tradition portrays. The original name is “Gib-ra-il”; the guardian of Janat Adan or Edin (Garden of Eden), in Sumerian and in Anakh is Nin-il, or Nin-Lil. Gabriel is also called “Gab” and “Gab-r-il”. Gab means a female guardian, a governor or a protector. This explains why Angel Gabriel was represented to us as the guardian of the Garden of Eden. In the ancient texts of the Sumerians, Acadians and civilizations of the neighboring regions, “Gab-r” was the governor of “Janat Adan.” In various Semitic languages, “Janat” means paradise, and Eden is Idin or Adan. This is how we got Garden of Eden. Angel Gabriel, the Sumerian is more than a guardian, because he was called Nin-Ti which means verbatim: Life-Woman. In other words, Angel Gabriel was three things: 1-Governor of the Garden of Eden; 2-A woman, NOT a man, because she was described as “the female who created life”; 3-A geneticist who worked on the human DNA/creation of the human race. The word “Gab-r” was phonetically pronounced as: Gab’er. The early Arabs adopted it as “Al Jaber” meaning many things including: force, authority, might, and governing. From “Al Jaber” important words, nouns and adjectives were derived. For instance, the word “Jabbar” means: mighty, powerful, capable, huge, giant, like the giants in the Bible and Sumerian/Anunnaki epics. “Jababira” is the plural of “Al Jabbar”. After the Arabs were converted to Islam, “Al Jaber” became “Al Jabbar”; one of the attributes and names of Allah (God). In the Anakh (Anunnaki language), the word “Jabba-r-oout” means exactly the same thing in early Aramaic and modern Arabic: Authority, power, rule, reign. It is obvious that the Anakh language deeply influenced Eastern and Western languages. One more surprise for the readers. We find striking similarity in our Western vocabularies (Latin, Anglo-Saxon, French and Romance languages); Gab’r became gouverneur in French, governor in English, and gubernator in Latin. The Sumerian Gabriel was also known under different names according to the Sumerian texts, such as “Nin-Hour-sagh”, meaning the lady governess of the mountain; an elevated region of the Garden of Eden. Gabriel “Gb’r”, “Gab-Ril” as a female Anunnaki was the first to experiment with copies of a human, later to be called Adam. But first, Gabriel created 7 different types of Homo Sapiens by using the DNA of primitive beings and the DNA of an Anunnaki. Gabriel’s original creations were not very successful. Later on, Gabriel used a most unexpected genetic source to create the final copy of the modern man. There are plenty of evidence and historical statements to prove this point. And all starts with her name “Nin-il”, some times referred to as “Nin-ti”. In Anakh, Sumerian and Babylonian languages, the word “Ti” means “rib”. In later versions of the ancient texts, “Nin-ti” became the “lady of the rib”, also the “lady of life”, and the “lady of creation”. Consequently, Adam, the man, was created from the rib of Gabriel, the female Anunnaki; the “lady of the rib”. This contradicts the story of the creation of Adam and Eve as told in the Judeo-Christian tradition. According to the Sumerians and the Anakh, a woman created man; it was NOT a man who created a woman (Eve). And the female Anunnaki (Gabriel) used her rib to create Adam. The early translators -  and possibly, intentionally misleading scribes and  usurpers of the truth -  of the ancient texts and epics of Sumer got it wrong, and their fake story of the creation of Adam and Eve invaded the Hebraic, Christian and Islamic holy scriptures. Code/Use: Write the word “Gb’r” seven times on a water cup and drink it in three steps. Benefits: It eliminates shoulder pains caused by fatigue and office work. Geometrical presentation/Symbol: The letter “V”.

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91-On the nature of Soul and Mind and the difference between the two. Is it Fikr? I would like Professor de Lafayette to explain this ambiguity and confusion created by religious interpretation. Did the Anunnaki Ulema explain this metaphysical concept? Allan Rodman

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: 1-Origin: The word Fik’r derived from the Anakh Fik-R’r, and Fik.Ra.Sa. The esoteric Arabic word “Firasa” is derived from Fik.Ra.Sa. It means in Arabic the ability to read thoughts, understand the psyche of a person just by looking at him/her. The Ulema used Fik’r to read the mind, learn about the intentions of others, and assess the level of intelligence of people. Almost all rulers in ancient Persia, Phoenicia and later in Egypt employed in their royal courts, “People of Firasa”. They consulted with them during visits of dignitaries and officials from foreign countries. It was the secret science of learning about the personality of people through the study of physiognomy. This science was called “Firasa”.  One of the greatest Ulema masters and experts in the field was Fakher Addīn Al- Rāzī. His noted treatise on Firasa; The Science of psycho-physiognomy was inspired by the teachings of the Ulema. In the unpublished original edition of his treatise, several Anunnaki syllables and geometric forms were included in “Al Moukamma” the introduction of the book dedicated to the “true believers of the higher knowledge”. 2-Numerical value: Aleph 7. 3-Meaning: As defined in the “Anunnaki Encyclopedia”; Soul is an invention of early humans who needed to believe in a next life. It was through the soul that mortals could and would hope to continue to live after death. Soul as an element or a substance does not exist anywhere inside the human body. Instead, there is a non-physical substance called “Fik’r” that makes the brain function, and it is the brain that keeps the body working, not the soul. The “Fik’r” was the primordial element used by the Anunnaki at the time they created the final form of the human race. Fik’r was NOT used in the early seven prototypes of the creation of mankind according to the Sumerian texts. The “Fik’r”, although it is the primordial source of life for our physical body, it is not to be considered as DNA, because DNA is a part of “Fik’r”; DNA is the physical description of our genes, a sort of a series of formulas, numbers and sequences of what there in our body, the data and history of our genes, genetic origin, ethnicity, race, so on. Consider “Fik’r” as a cosmic-sub-atomic-intellectual-extraterrestrial (Meaning non-physical, non-earthy) depot of all what it constituted, constitutes and shall continue to constitute everything about you. And it is infinitesimally small. But it can expand to an imaginable dimension, size and proportions. It stays alive and continues to grow after we pass away if it is still linked to the origin of its creation, in our case the Anunnaki. The “Fik’r” is linked to the Anunnaki our creators through a “Conduit” found in the cells of the brain. For now, consider “Fik’r” as a small molecule, a bubble. 4-Code/Use according to mythology and esoterism: It is the most important vehicle for the mind “intellect”. Through Fik’r, a person can enter higher dimensions. 5-Benefits: It is of a major importance to train your Fik’r. “Transmission of the mind” training sessions can develop extra-sensorial faculties and open your “inner eye” commonly referred to as the “Third Eye”.

Comment of Shellee Hale: I would like to share my thoughts on this.  I believe that our first experiences with Fikr is in-utero when we "hear" through our skin and bones, our mother's skin and bones to the external sound.  This in-utero connection is our first experience with atoms (that are mostly blank but carry some intelligence) with the external world and what we will one day know as sound (something the mind interprets and reacts to).  In some ways it is this internal first connection with the external world that some call being telepathic but science is proving that we can actually hear the thoughts of others before they are spoken through skin and bone energetic transmission. - I hope I did this justice (Left brain explanations are not always easy for me) - Shellee Hale


 Photo: Shellee Hale.

92-Shelle Hale website: I know you are familiar with the site hosted by Shellee Hale (who I wish to vote for) please note - there are some very good, true psychics on that site. Some not so good. It is worth a read through some of their solved cases to find who is actually very good remote viewing, psychic experiences, etc.  http://www.psychiccrimefighter.com/forum/solved-cases-successes-26/  -Becky Laney


93-Source or life? God, a Woman extraterrestrial or Hayyah? Dear Mr. De Lafayette in your recent conference you described Hayyah as the source of energy in the universe. I remember perfectly what you said, Hayyah created everything not the God of the Bible.- Clementine. Rostand, Berlin, Germany

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The word Hayyah has numerous derivations and written differently according to various schools of thought, such as An-Hayya’h “A-haYA, Aelef-hayat”. 1-Origin: Derived from the Anakh A.Ha.YA. 2-Numerical value: 1111, also Al-Lef 111. 3-Meaning: As defined in the “Anunnaki Encyclopedia”; “An-Hayya’h” could be the most important word in the whole literature of the Anunnaki Anakh, and Ulema, as well as in the written history of humanity, because it deals with: 1-Origin of man on earth; 2-How humans are connected to the Anunnaki; 3-Importance of water vis-à-vis humans and Anunnaki; 4-The life of humans; 5-Proof that it was the “Woman” who created man, Adam and the human race via her Anunnaki identity; 6-The return of the Anunnaki to earth; 7-Humanity salvation, hopes, and a better future for all of us; a gift from our ancestors and creators, the Anunnaki. I will try to explain the whole concept as clear as possible, because it is extremely difficult to find the proper and accurate word or words in our terrestrial languages and vocabularies. The word An-Hayya’h” is composed of: 1-“An” or “A” (Pronounced Aa), or “Aelef “(Pronounced A’lef). It is the same letter in Anakh, Akkadian, Canaanite, Babylonian, Assyrian, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Moabite, Siloam, Samaritan, Lachish, Hebrew, Aramaic, Nabataean Aramaic, Syriac, and Arabic. All these languages are derived from the Anakh. (Note: The early Greeks adopted the Phoenician Alphabet, and the Latin and Cyrillic came from the Greek. The Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek scripts all came from the Phoenician.  Arabic and most of Indian scriptures came from the Aramaic. The entire Western world received its languages from the Phoenicians, the descendants of the Anunnaki).

Photo: Hebrew Alef. It contains lots of esoteric secrets and hidden powers. It was used  in  medieval times as a magic "Tool" by Kabbalists, mediums, seers and psychics.


An” in Anakh (Anunnaki language), means one of the following: 1-Beginning; 2-The very first; 3-The ultimate; 4-The origin; 5-Water. On Earth, this word became “Alef” in Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac and Arabic. Alef is the beginning of the alphabet in these languages. In Latin, it’s “A” and in Greek is “Alpha”. In Hebrew, the “Aleph” consists of two yuds (Pronounced Yood); one yud is situated to the upper right and the other yud to the lower left. Both yuds are joined by a diagonal vav. They represent the higher water and the lower water, and between them the heaven. This mystic-kabalistic interpretation was given to us by Rabbi Isaac Louria. Water is extremely important in all the sacred scriptures, as well as in the vast literature and scripts of extraterrestrials and Anunnaki. Water links humans to the Anunnaki. In the Babylonian account of the Creation, Tablet 1 illustrates Apsu (male), representing the primeval fresh water, and Tiamat (female), the primeval salt water. In the Torah, the word “water” was mentioned in the first day of the creation of the world: "And the spirit of God hovered over the surface of the water." In the Chassidut, the higher water  is “wet” and “warm”, and represents the closeness to Yahweh (God), and it brings happiness to man. The lower water is “cold”, and brings unhappiness because it separates us from Yahweh (God), and man feels lonely and abandoned. The Ten Commandments commences with the letter “Alef”: "Anochi (I) am God your God who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage." The letter “Alef” holds the secret of man, its creation and the whole universe (Midrash). In Hebrew, the numeric value of “Aleph” is 1. And the meaning is: 1-First; 2-Adonai; 3-Leader; 4-Strength; 5-Ox; 6-Bull, 7-Thousand; 8-To teach. According to Jewish teaching, each Hebrew letter is a spiritual force and power by itself, and comes directly from Yahweh (God). This force contains the raw material for the creation of the world and man. The Word of God ranges from the Aleph (the very first letter) to the Tav (the last letter) in Hebrew. In Revelation 1:8, Jesus said: "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.” In John 1:1-3, as the Word becomes Jesus, the Lord Jesus is also the Aleph and the Tav, as well as the Alpha and the Omega. In Him exists all the forces, and spiritual powers of the creation. Jesus is also connected to water, an essential substance for the purification of the body and the soul, this is why Christians got to be baptized in water. In Islam, water is primordial and considered as the major force of the creation of the universe. The Prophet Mohammad said (From the Quran): “Wa Khalaknah Lakoum min al Ma’i, koula chay en hay”, meaning: And WE (Allah) have created for you from water everything alive.” The Islamic numeric value of Aleph and God is 1. To the Anunnaki and many extraterrestrial civilizations,  the “An” or “Alef” represents number 1, also Nibiru, the constellation Orion, the star Aldebaran, and above all the female aspect of the creation symbolized in an Anunnaki woman “Gb’r” (Angel Gabriel to us) have the humeric value of 1. Hayya’h (Also A-haYA, Aelef-hayat) means: a-Life; b-Creation; c-Humans; d-Earth, where the first human (female human was the first created human on earth) was created. In Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Turkish, Syriac, and so many Eastern languages, the Anunnaki words “Hayya’h” and “Hayat” mean the same thing: Life. Quite astonishing! But the most striking part of our story is that the original name of Eve is not Eve, but “Hawwa” derived directly from Hayya. How do we know this? Very simple: Eve’s name in the Bible is “Hawwa”, also “Chevvah”. In the Quran is also “Hawwa”, and in every single Semitic and Akkadian script, Eve is called Hawwa or Hayat, meaning the giver of life; the source of the creation. Now, if we combine the 2 words: An +Hayya’h or Hayat, we get this: Beginning; The very first; The ultimate; The origin; Water + Life; Creation; Humans; Earth, where the first was created; Woman. And the whole meaning becomes: The origin of the creation and first thing or person who created the life of humans was a woman (Eve; Hawwa) or water. Amazingly enough, in Anakh, woman and water mean the same thing, because woman represents water according to the Babylonian, Sumerians and Anunnaki tablets, as clearly written in the Babylonian-Sumerian account of the Creation, Tablet 1. And I have more surprises to share with you: The Anunnaki who created us genetically some 65,000 B.C. lived on earth with us, in Iraq (Sumer, Mesopotamia, Babylon) and Lebanon (Loubnan, Pheonicia, Phinikia). They taught our ancestors how to write, how to speak, how to play music, how to build temples, how to navigate, as well as geometry, algebra, metallurgy, irrigation, astronomy, you name it. But the human races disappointed them, for the early human beings were cruel, violent, greedy and ungrateful. So, the Anunnaki gave up on us and left earth. The few remaining Anunnaki living in Iraq and Lebanon were killed by savage military legions from Greece, Turkey and other nations of the region. The Anunnaki left earth for good. Other extraterrestrial races came to earth, but these celestial visitors were not friendly and considerate like our ancestors the Anunnaki.

The new extraterrestrials had a different plan for humanity, and their agenda included abduction of women and children, animal mutilation, genetic experiments on human beings, creating a new hybrid race, etc…The Anunnaki did not totally forget us. After all, many of their women were married to humans, and many of our women were married to Anunnaki. Ancient history, the Bible, Sumerian Texts, Babylonian scriptures, Phoenician tablets, and historical accounts from around the globe recorded these events. You can find them, almost intact, in archeological sites in Iraq and Lebanon, as well as in museums, particularly the British Museum, the Iraqi Museum and the Lebanese Museum. So, before leaving us, the Anunnaki activated in our cells the infinitesimally invisible multi-multi--microscopic gene of An-Hayya’h. It was implanted in our organism and became a vital composition of our DNA. Humans are not yet aware of this, as we were not aware of the existence of our DNA for thousands of years. As our medicine, science and technology advance, we will be able one day to discover that miniscule, invisible, undetectable An-Hayya’h, exactly as we have discovered our DNA. An-Hayya’h cannot be detected yet in our laboratories. It is way beyond our reach and our comprehension. It is extremely powerful, because it is the very source of our existence. Through An-Hayya’h, the Anunnaki remained in touch with us, even though we are not aware of it. It is linked directly to a “Conduit” and to a “Miraya” (Monitor, or mirror) on Nibiru. Every single human being on the face of the earth is linked to the outer-world of the Anunnaki through An-Hayya’h. And it is faster than the speed of light. It reaches the Anunnaki through “Babs” (Star gates). For now, we will call it “molecule” or “bubble”. This molecule travels the universe and reaches the “Miraya” of the Anunnaki through a “Conduit” integrated in our genes and our brain cells by the Anunnaki some 65,000 years ago. But what is a “Conduit”? I will explain below.  Does every human possess a “conduit”? The answer is yes. All humans have a “Conduit” just like the Anunnaki, because it is part of our DNA. It is impossible to explain how a “Conduit” works inside the human brain, and/or how it works for a human being. I will explain it in the Anunnaki’s context. The creation of the “Conduit” is the most important procedure done for each Anunnaki student on the first day of his or her entrance into the Academy. A new identity is created for each Anunnaki student by the development of a new pathway in his or her mind, connecting the student to the rest of the Anunnaki’s psyche. Simultaneously, the cells check with the “other copy” of the mind and body of the Anunnaki student, to make sure that the “Double” and “Other Copy” of the Mind and body of the student are totally clean. During this phase, the Anunnaki student temporarily loses his or her memory, for a very short time. This is how the telepathic faculty is developed, or enhanced in everyone. It is necessary, since to serve the total community of the Anunnaki, the individual program inside each Anunnaki student is immediately shared with everybody. The Anunnaki have collective intelligence and individual intelligence. And this is directly connected to two things: the first is the access to the “Community Depot of Knowledge” that any Anunnaki can tap in and update and acquire additional knowledge. The second is an “individual Prevention Shield,” also referred to as “Personal Privacy.” This means that an Anunnaki can switch on and off his/her direct link, or perhaps better defined as a channel, to other Anunnaki. By establishing the “Screen” or “Filter” an Anunnaki can block others from either communication with him or her, or simply prevent others from reading any personal thought. “Filter” “Screen” and “Shield” are interchangeably used to describe the privacy protection. In addition, an Anunnaki can program telepathy and set it up on chosen channels, exactly as we turn on our radio set and select the station we wish to listen to. Telepathy has several frequency, channels and stations. When the establishment of the Conduit is complete, the student leaves the conic cell, where the procedure has taken place, and heads to the classroom. Now, the second question is: How does an Anunnaki receive the content of a “Conduit” to allow him/her to watch over us? The Anunnaki created the “Conduit”, the “Miraya” and the “An-Hayya’h” to watch over us, even though we do not deserve it. The Anunnaki have been watching us, monitoring our activities, listening to our voices, witnessing our wars, brutality, greed and indifference toward each others for centuries. But they did not interfere. But now, they will, because they fear two things that could destroy earth and annihilate the human race: 1-The domination of earth and the human race by the Greys; 2-The destruction of human life and planet Earth on the hands of humans. The whole earth could blow up. Should this happen, the whole solar system could be destroyed. For we know, should anything happen to the Moon, the earth will cease to exist. This is an absolute truth and a fact accepted by all scientists.

Photo: Grand Master Jacques de Molay of the Knights Templar

An-Hayya’h” is our umbilical cord, our birth cord that attaches us to the Anunnaki. No matter how silly and crazy this concept might look to many of us, one day, we will accept and possibly we might understand its mind-boggling mysteries, when our science, technology and mind explore wider dimensions, and reach a higher level of cosmic awareness and intelligence. But this is not the whole story about An-Hayya’h; the most delightful and comforting aspect of it, is the hope, peace, a brighter future,  and a better life we can accomplish and reach when we discover how to use it without abusing it. Every one of us can do that. If in your lifespan, you remain unable to attain these results, your An-Hayya’h will always be there for you to use before you depart this earth. It will never go away, because it is part of you. Without it you couldn’t exist. Just before you die, your brain out of the blue wills active it for you. Seconds before you leave earth (Not your body, not your soul) your mind will project the reenactment of all the events and acts (bad and good) in your life, past, present and future, and “zoom” you right toward your next nonphysical destination, where and when you judge yourself, your deeds, your existence and decide whether you wish to elevate yourself to a higher dimension, or stay in the state of nothingness and loneliness. No, you will not return to earth, nor your soul will migrate to another soul or another body, because the Anunnaki do not believe in reincarnation or a return to earth. Earth is the lowest sphere of existence for humans. Thus, you are always connected to the Anunnaki in this life and the next one. 4-Code/Use according to mythology and esoterism: Because it is the source of life, An-Hayya’h as a word entered the sacred language of the “Intellect” and communication medium of the enlightened teachers. It was pronounced 7 times at the beginning of each “Ij-Ti.Mah” (Reunion) of the elders. Some believe that the first letter of this word “Heh”, not An, had supernatural healing powers. Talismans were created to hold the “Heh”. The Knights Templar of the Island of Malta honored it and engraved on their swords. The Phoenician-Jewish-Aramaic-Arabic “Heh” if illustrated as two letters, it creates the shape of an esoteric rose. And the rose was the early secret and esoteric symbol of many secret learned societies, and Crusaders who were searching for the Philosophical Stone in Palestine. 5-Benefits: No pragmatic visible application. However, it could facilitate negotiations between sympathizers of the occult and practitioners of “Al Sihr”. The legendary alchemist Nicholas Flamel used it in many of his metal transmutations formulas. Allegedly, the letter “Heh” was found on a measuring tape retrieved at the UFO crash site in Roswell. If you join the two ends of the letter, you get the sign of infinity. You can do that just by drawing a straight line between the top and bottom of the letter. Many historians believed for centuries, that the infinity sign was a Greek symbol. The truth is, the infinity sign is a numerical form for 2 parallel words. The Ulema used it as a mental stimulus for extraterrestrial entities plasmic apparitions. According to the Book of Rama-Dosh, the converted “Heh” letter…in the possession of an honorable person creates wealth, and opportunities for prosperity. In tarot, the magician begins to work under the sign of infinity. Using the infinity sign, the magician of the Tarot make financial difficulties disappear. If you draw the “HEH” twice side by side on a candle, you will increase your chances of financial success. It appears as a ridiculous story for the rational person, and I totally agree. Ironically, 3 out 4 “scientific” persons I knew and who ridiculed the whole idea, tried it at least once.

94-Do the Extraterrestrial Anunnaki who created us genetically 60,000 years ago believe in GOD? And how about their own god, who created their GOD? Ulema Maximillien de Lafayette I am asking this question because scientists believe there is no GOD, the Mighty Creator of the universe we studied in school. The universe created itself by an explosion.-Constantine Lambrakis, Athens, Greece

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The Anunnaki’s god is not the same “God” we worship on Earth. The grand leader of the Anunnaki (Called the creator of energy), and other Anunnaki kings and commanders of the first three expeditions to earth were worshiped by the early human races as gods. The Anunnaki do not believe in a God in the same way we do, even though they were the ones who created and originated the early forms of all our religions on earth. However, those Anunnaki who brought religion to earth were of a lower class of the Anakh (Anunnaki). The god (Yah-Weh) they brought to earth and planted in the mind of primitive humans, was a vengeful and terrifying god; a fact the Gnostics and early scholars of the Coptic Church in Egypt were fully aware of. Their doctrines show their disdain for such a god, and consequently, they called him the ‘Creator of Evil and Darkness.’ Later on in history, the Gnostics began to spread the word that this earth was not created by the God of the Church, but rather by an evil demi-god. The more advanced human beings who interacted with the Anunnaki shared similar beliefs. Today, if humans would learn about all this, the religious aspect of our beliefs would be most difficult to reconcile. Members of an early Anunnaki expedition to Phoenicia taught the Phoenicians how to develop their language, and revealed to them the secret powerful names and attributes of Baalshalimroot. They instructed them not to use these words for ill purposes. Particularly, the word ‘Baalazamhour-Il’ is never to be pronounced or written. Later on in history, the Habiru (Hebrew) religiously observed this instruction, and thus, pronouncing the name of God became forbidden in Jewish tradition. However, the Anunnaki did reveal to the Phoenicians and Sumerians seven positive and powerful names/attributes of the Grand Leader (Call him God in terrestrial terms). If well used, these words can bring prosperity, good health, and salvation in moments of difficulty and despair. The prophet Mohammad learned these seven words from an early Christian ascetic, a Sahara hermit called Raheb Bouhayra. Today, Muslims all over the world are aware of these seven words or names. They call them in written Arabic ‘Asma’ Al Lah Al Sabha’ Al Housna,’ meaning the seven lovely names of God. These names do not have numerical value or secret meanings as many scholars claim, simply because they were not originally written in a geometrical form, and did not correspond to a “true god”. 

Photo: Did a UFO crash nearby Roswell?

(Note: None of these words appeared on the alleged hieroglyphic measuring tape that the Americans found at the UFO crash site in Roswell. The symbols and geometrical signs Americans found in Roswell were biochemical symbols.) Also, early names of the Hebrew God were of an extraterrestrial origin. It is true that the ancient Sumerian texts and records mentioned names of some of the Anunnaki leaders such as Utu, Ningishzida, Ninki, Marduk, Enki, Enlil, Inanna, but the greatest name of all was Baalshalimroot, also referred to as “Baalshalimroot-An’kgh.” He was not depicted by the Anunnaki as a god. Terah, the father of Abraham, mistakenly worshiped Baalshalimroot-An’kgh as “God”.



Photo: On the cross, Jesus said in Aramaic: “Eli, Eli, Lama Shabaktani”, meaning: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Early Semites made the same mistake when they worshiped the leaders of the Anunnaki as gods, later to be called Bene Ha-Elohim, meaning the children of the gods. The Anunnaki never introduced themselves as gods. The Jewish words “El Elyon” and “Yahweh” (Jehovah) were taken directly from the Anunnaki’s written language. The original word was “Yah’weh-El’ Ankh” and El Elyon was “Il Ilayon-imroot.” Some scholars equated the Anunnaki with the Nephilim. This is not totally correct. The lower class of the Anunnaki are the Nephilim, although many historians call them sometimes Ana-KIm or Elohim. Elohim was interpreted by the early human race including the Hebrew as “GOD” or “My Lord”. Elohim is the plural of Eli. And Eli became “god” in many Semitic languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic. It has the same meaning in Aramaic, Hebrew, Phoenician, Akkadian and Arabic. And it was frequently used in reference to God. Even Jesus Christ used it. On the cross, Jesus said in Aramaic: “Eli, Eli, Lama Shabaktani”, meaning: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? The higher class of the Anunnaki (RafaaTH) is ruled by Baalshalimroot, and his followers or subjects are called the ‘Shtaroout-Hxall Ain,’ meaning the inhabitants of the house of knowledge, (Mistakenly, the Aramaic and Hebrew texts refer to as: House of God) or ‘those who see clearly. At one point in ancient times, the Anunnaki told the Phoenicians that there is no god (One God) ruling over the entire universe. However, the high priest of Melkart (Chief god in Tyre, Carthage and many regions in the Near and Middle East) instructed the temple’s priests to mislead the people, and spread the word that the Anunnaki were celestial gods visiting earth and were constantly working with the Phoenician gods.


Photo: The Phoenician Kadmos killing the Dragon. In Christianity, Kadmos became St. George!!!

In the early tales about Kadmos (Kadmus), the Phoenician prince who lived around 2,000 B.C. according to Herodotus of Halicarnassus (482-B.C.-426 B.C.), the concept of one god instead of many gods began to surface. It was based upon the belief that the Anunnaki followed one supreme leader who created the entire human race. But even then, the term “god” did not mean the “God” we worship today. Kadmos was the first Phoenician scholar and thinker who knew that “God” did not create mankind, and that the universe was not created by the supreme god or gods of the Phoenicians, the neighboring Near Eastern civilizations or the Anunnaki. Kadmos was and still is one of the brightest minds in the history of humanity; he was recognized by the ancient Greeks (Hellenes) as the creator of the Alphabet. Kadmos founded the legendary city of Thebes and built the first acropolis in ancient Greece. The Greeks called him Kadmos, and to honor him, they called the city of Thebes “Kademeia” (From Kadmos) after him. Many words and letters from the Phoenician alphabet derived from the Anunnaki language (Anak’h). Kadmos wrote down its final format according to the instructions of the Anunnaki. So, he knew what he was talking about; he knew from the Anunnaki that there is no such thing as one god (Judeo-Christian God) who created Adam, Eve, and all of us, because he was one of their students.

95-We don’t understand the Anunnaki and the aliens languages and symbols. But do the Anunnaki understand and speak our languages? I think they do because they created us according to your theory and your translation of the Sumerian tablets. Could you please Max elaborate on this? No other authors seem to write about it. Jim Townsend

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: Languages on Earth: All our spoken languages derived directly from extraterrestrial languages. And all terrestrial languages derived from the Phoenician Alphabet. Many of the Phoenician linguists and early creators of their Alphabet borrowed numerous words and expressions from the higher class of the Anunnaki. Ancient Phoenician texts and poems, recorded on tablets found in Tyre, Sidon, Ugarit, Amrit, and the Island of Arwad included reference to symbols and words taken from the written language of the upper class of the Anunnaki. The first genetically created race could not speak, and the concept of language was completely unknown to humans. Thousands of years later, the Anunnaki taught the new race of humans how to speak, read, and write. Members of an early Anunnaki expedition to Phoenicia taught the Phoenicians how to create their language, and revealed to them the secret powerful names and attributes of Baalshalimroot. They instructed them not to use these words for ill purposes. Particularly, the word “Baalazamhour-Il” is never to be said, spelled, or written. Later on in history, the Hebrews religiously observed this instruction, and pronouncing the word of name of God became forbidden. The language of the Anunnaki was taught to the early Phoenicians who lived in the ancient cities of Tyre, Sidon, Byblos, Afka and Batroun. Phoenicia borrowed her Alphabet from the Anunnaki The 7 powerful names and attributes of the Anunnaki’s grand leader were given to the early Phoenicians in a ritual ceremony in Tyre. Yes, extraterrestrials are capable of speaking and understanding many languages, including our own. They assimilate and “compute” words and sentences with mathematical formulas and numerical values. Some extraterrestrials have limited vocal chords capabilities, but they can very quickly acquire additional vocal faculties by rewinding sounds and vibes. Contrary to what many contactees and others said, extraterrestrials from higher dimensions do not talk like computerized machines. They have their own language but also they can absorb and assimilate all the languages on earth in a blink of an eye via the reception and emission of a “spatial memory.” At first, the voice of an alien from a higher dimension sounds like an old record that was played at the wrong speed – fast, squeaky, scratching. Then the sound adjusts itself, and the voice becomes a normal human voice. A very pleasant human voice. Many of the Anunnaki’s letters cannot be pronounced by Westerners because of the limitation of their vocal chords.

Photo: One of the tablets of the Enuma Elish.

Anunnaki’s language used by Americans: The American top military scientists who work in secret military bases and aliens’ laboratories on earth have an extraterrestrial lexicon, and use it constantly. In that lexicon, or dictionary, you will find variations of Phoenician and Sumerian symbols. Some letters represent maritime and celestial symbols and measurements. The fact that the Americans are still using this extraterrestrial language should be enough to convince you that the US deals with extraterrestrials, and Zeta Reticuli descendants, live among us, otherwise why would anyone learn a language that cannot be used to communicate with people who speak it and write it? On some of the manifestos of military parts used in anti-gravity secret laboratories underground in the United States, several letters were borrowed from the “Enuma Elish” of Sumeria and regularly appeared on the top right corner of each document. In the eighties, those Sumerian numbers were replaced by an Americanized version. Military personnel at other American military bases in Mexico, Australia and underwater in the Pacific do not use an extraterrestrial lexicon. The original language of the Anunnaki is still intact and is currently being used by top American scientists and researchers who work in secret American-Aliens military bases in the United States and Mexico. In 1947, the first attempt was made by American linguists, who previously worked at the OSS (Precursor to the CIA), to decipher it. They tried to compare it with the Sumerian, Hebrew, Armenian and Phoenician Alphabet, languages which are directly derived from the Anunnaki’s written language. The problem they faced and could not resolve were the geometrical symbols included in the written Anunnaki’s texts. But in 1956, they cracked down the puzzle. Those mathematical figures hold great secrets regarding an alien advanced technology used for peaceful and constructive purposes. The American military intelligence and what’s left from Dr. Fermi’s group at Los Alamos wanted to use this alien technology for military purposes. The Anunnaki have two kinds or styles of languages; one is spoken and the other one is written. The spoken language is the easiest one to learn, and it is used by the Anunnaki’s population. The written one is exclusively used in books and consists of twenty-six letters. Seven of these letters represent the planets that surround their planet.


97-The Double and the Spirit: I would like to ask Maximillien de Lafayette if the DOUBLE he wrote about in his esoteric books is a ghost or a spiritual entity that haunts a person. Is the DOUBLE a spirit or a guide in the other world we can communicate with like mediums and psychics do? Andrew H. San Francisco, California

Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette: The double is made out of electro-magnetic-ecto-plasma substance. It has electricity, magnetism, plasma and ethereal energy called “Rouh”. At the moment, your body expires (At the moment of your death), your Double instantly separates itself from the sphere surrounding your body. Your Double that co-existed with you in your physical dimension was never physically attached to your body. In many instances, and for a very long period, your “Double” has remained distant from your physical body for many reasons. But in general, your “Double” stays very close to you. The distance separating your Double from your physical body depends on your health condition. It is very healthy and even necessary to keep your Double at a close proximity of your body. Miraculous recoveries are sometimes attributed to divine intervention. Sudden recoveries are sometimes attributed to a strong will and one’s determination to be healthy again. And of course, there are other inexplicable recoveries which are attributed to other inexplicable events and phenomena. Everything is possible. But the main reason for a sudden and inexplicable recovery is the sudden re-entry of your healthy Double in your physical body. It reactivates and energizes everything in your body. It is like recharging a dead battery. Your Double knows very well how your body functions, far more and better than any physician. People who die in a brutal accident or commit suicide, their Double becomes instantly impaired and dysfunctional at the time of their death. Suicide is wrong. Tragic death and suicide confuse and disorient your Double. Disorienting your Double is harmful to your mind. And because your mind is your vehicle to the other world, you should avoid anything or anyone that could cause you a tragic, painful and sudden death. The body has its wounds. The mind has wounds too, but you can’t see them.  Your Double does. If you have not caused your own death, but suffered a lot at the time of your death, and your Double was far away from you, your passage to the other world will not be pleasant at all. In normal situation such as death of a natural cause, the passage to the other world takes its normal course, at the end of the Double’s self-judgment and assessment of deeds, actions and thoughts of the deceased. When a bad person dies, he/she immediately faces his/her Double. In this instance, the Double acts as a conscience and as a judge. The Double is the real persona of the human being. Everything we have in our body and mind came from our Double. Even though, some of our mental and physical faculties and properties are usually damaged on Earth for various reasons, such as illness, malnutrition, fear, prejudices, tortures, confusion, etc., the original faculties in our Double are immune, because the physical cannot affect the non-physical, nor reach any dimension beyond the “Zinar” (Belt of Earth). As soon as the deceased becomes one with the Double, the mind enters the Ba’ab on its way to the Fourth dimension.

98-The Afterlife: I read a lot of books on the after life but no spiritual teacher or a psychic could describe exactly and in plain English what is life after death. Aleister  Crowley and the Theosophical society description of the afterlife is theoretical. It is confusing to say the least. Mr. de Lafayette how would you describe life in the other world? Is it physical or etheric and do people continue to live like they did while they were alive. Bahjat Safad, Michigan

 Answer of Maximillien de Lafayette:“The afterlife begins, seconds after you were born…” said Anunnaki Ulema Govinda. Let me share the following with you:

·         1. The parallel dimension is so close to us.

·         2. The sphere and frontiers of the afterlife begin in the parallel dimension which is so close to us, but we are unable to see it, to feel it and to understand it, because:

a-Our Conduit is not fully activated,

b-We are contaminated by earthy elements,

c-Our mind has not been yet purified,

d-We do not know how to ascend to the Ba’abs,

e-We do not know how to locate Al Madkhal,

f-We have not established a direct rapport with our Double,

g-We have not liberated our mind from physical bondage,

h-We have not freed ourselves from many caprices, lust, greed and attachment to physical possessions.

·         3. In fact, the afterlife does not necessarily begin after we die, because death does not exist; it is simply a transitory stage.

·         4. Within our physical world exist so many other worlds. And far away, and deep in the fabric of the universe, distances are reduced, even eliminated, if we zoom into our Double.

·         5. Matter and anti-matter are de-fragmented in the parallel dimension.

·         6. The initiated and enlightened ones can transport themselves to the other world, and visit the far distant corners of the universe through their Double.

·         7. Those who are noble in their thoughts, intentions and deeds can accomplish this after an Ulema initiation.

What do we see when we enter the afterlife zone? And by the way, what do we call this zone? Is it the realm of souls and spirits? Or the zone of the dead? Where is it?

 This is what you will see first, when you enter the other world:

Note: Those who are interested in learning more about this subject are encouraged to read my other book “Ulema: Code and Language of the World Beyond.”

 Entering a different dimension after you have passed away:






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